The Fountain of Youth? Not as Far-Fetched as You Think it is!


Have you ever wondered what started the search for the “Fountain of Youth”? There are lots and lots of “healthy” things that could have been sought out to slow the aging process.  Why water?

History has proven that legends usually have a glimmer of truth behind them.  The search for the “Fountain of Youth” isn’t nearly as far-fetched as you might think it is.  After all, water is the most important nutrient for the human body.  It only makes sense that somewhere, someone experienced health benefits just by drinking water from a “Fountain of Youth”.

Tales about the “Fountain of Youth” have been recorded across the world for thousands of years.  In 1513 Ponce de León discovered Florida while in search of the  Fountain of Youth.

 “A mysterious water source capable of reversing the aging process and curing sickness” (Bimini)

During the 16th century Bimini was rumored to have water with “restorative powers”.  The health and longevity of the Caribbean people during that time served as confirmation of the “Fountain of Youth” rumors.

In 1767 Jackson Spa in Boston was selling “medicinal water” (aka water from the Fountain of Youth) for $1.75 a pint!  It is reported that people traveled far and wide to purchase this medicinal water – there must have been something very special about that water for people to spend over a month’s wages on a pint of it!

The Hunza Valley tribe has been studied by experts for the past 6 decades because of their amazing longevity, lack of disease and exceptional I.Q.’s.  Although a stress-free lifestyle and a natural diet can’t be overlooked, scientists have concluded that their water source is nothing short of a “Fountain of Youth” and that a lifetime  of this water can be credited for their  health and longevity.

You can find a Fountain of Youth in a few places in the world today.  Millions of people each year flock to Lourdes, France and Tlacote, Mexico to drink water with  healing properties.  Test results have proven that these waters can be considered “water with life” and they positively have “healing properties” due to the active hydrogen naturally present in these waters.

If you’ve got all of the time and money in the world I guess you can set out across the globe  in search of THE Fountain of Youth. – but that plan sure doesn’t work for me!   I have my own Fountain of Youth in my home and I can produce an endless supply of water from it 24/7 for my family and friends.

Too bad Ponce de León isn’t around

to see this!

My water is produced by a high-tech device that restructures my tap water into MIRROR image the healing waters found naturally in just a few places int he world today.  The health benefits to me and my family have nothing short of miraculous and the long-term benefits are immeasurable.  Purchasing a device that takes my source water “back to origin” has been the best investment I’ve ever made for my family.  For the price of one round-trip ticket to Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico I’ve got a solution that will last for decades!

There are already 30 million people drinking my water from a “Fountain of Youth” water device.  Would you like to have access to an endless supply of water from your own Fountain of Youth for you and your family too?   If you answer no”, then you’re overlooking the obvious.  If you answer “yes” then you need to ask me how so that you can begin reversing your aging process just like me!



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If GMO’s Don’t Rattle Your Cage…How do You Feel About Beaver Butt?


Some of us waste a whole lot of time talking to some of you who believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong (or harmful) with your food and water supply.  We can do our best to educate you on the dangers of GMO’s in your food and BPA in your water and you tune us out like yesterday’s news.  Maybe…just maybe, you’ll pay closer attention to what’s in your food IF know more about what additives are used to make your food more appealing to the palette.

Beaver butt, otherwise known as “castoreum”, is one of the most common flavorings used in our food and yet; millions of people eat it everyday without knowing what they’re consuming.

Castoreum  is drawn from the castor sacs within the anus (aka “butt”) of the beaver.  For a beaver, this slimy brown substance is used to mark its territory, but for humans, it is used as a food additive that is labeled as “natural flavoring” – vanilla, strawberry and raspberry are the most common flavors that use beaver butt as an enhancer.

I wonder what deranged minds started emitting slime from the anus of a beaver for food purposes?  I’m assuming it was the same deranged minds that give a “thumbs up” for us to consume pesticides, herbisides, GMO’s, fluoride, BPA and everything else wreaking havoc on our health today.

I’m hoping that beaver butt is a wake-up call for you. There is danger lurking in your food and water and you can’t afford to ignore it anymore. When the food industry adds drainage from a beaver’s butt to enhance the flavor of your food, what else do you think they might be adding to your food and water while calling it “safe” and “natural”.  The list is very long and very scary.

We’ve got big problems and it’s time to take control of your own health.  Start reading labels and KNOW what’s in your food and water.  You’ll be glad you did.



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The Power of Willful Ignorance Can Not Be Overstated

 If you’ve ever wondered how food suppliers could possibly get by with deceiving the public about what we’re really eating just look in the mirror!  We are their secret weapon.

“The power of willful ignorance can not be overstated” 

Since water is the #1 requirement for health (and life) it’s important to understand what you are (and are not) drinking too!  Don’t let your willful ignorance get in the way of making wise decisions about the water you and your family drink!

The Water Quality Association has awarded Kangen Water® the Gold Seal for water quality (aka healthy water) year after year.

With over 30 million people across the globe already drinking Kangen Water® isn’t it time you got on board too?



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Lower IQ? Blame it on the Arsenic in Your Water!


A new  study was just released that correlates exposure to arsenic in well water with a lower IQ.  Who put arsenic in the water?

Arsenic occurs naturally in groundwater, which means that people who get their water from wells may be consuming it.  To make matters worse, inorganic arsenic was used for farming purposes for years and, although it has been banned for use in the U.S. for 2 decades, contaminants can remain in the soil for 40 years or more.  It is no secret that whatever is in the soil will ultimately end up in the water supply.  In fact, ground water contamination is a killer and USGS researchers recommend that people who rely on wells invest in a filtration system.

I talk to a lot of people about water and it never ceases to amaze me how little most  know (and understand) about it.  Most people who rely on well water for their homes have a false sense of security about the safety of their water.   Apparently if it’s clear and clean-looking and it passes their “taste test” they believe that it’s safe and healthy.   Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I live in rural Virginia and I get my water from a well.   The land surrounding my home was farmed for many years before it was sold off and developed. Undoubtedly arsenic was applied to the fields for pesticide purposes for a  long time and when my well was tested I was shocked at the level of arsenic found in my tap water!

Water is the most vital nutrient for the human body and it’s nothing to take for granted.  Whether you rely on municipal water, well water or commercially bottled water you MUST take action to make it safe for you and your family.  My action involves purification and ionization.  Today my family has access to the safest, healthiest (and best tasting) water available anywhere.

What about you?  Will you be taking action to assure that you have safe, healthy drinking water or are you content to keep your head in the sand?  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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Criminal Consequences for Water Contamination? Should Be!

water-droplet-iconExposure to contaminated water is wreaking havoc on the health of those who serve our Country.  If this negligence is acceptable treatment for our troops, what do you suppose is acceptable for the rest of us?

Here are just a few to get your blood boiling:

#1 – According to  reports, 376,377 defense contractor employees assigned in 2003 to rebuild a water pumping facility in Iraq and National Guardsmen from several states responsible for their security were exposed to  hexavalent chromium that was left at the site. The chemical was originally used to remove and prevent corrosion in the water pipes.  While on site, many of the exposed individuals suffered skin sores, nose bleeds, nausea, stomach pain, and respiratory problems, including coughing up blood.  Many  still have residual respiratory and other ailments to this day and there is a slow but sure reporting of lung and sinus cancer that can (and should) be directly linked to their chromium exposure.

# 2 –  A new report by the Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease shows that the decades-long case of drinking water contamination at Camp Lejeune is one of the worst on record. Tap water supplied to base housing contains toxic chemicals and known carcinogens including benzenevinyl chloride and trichloroethylene at levels that significantly exceed “legal limits”.  Veterans and there families have been poisoned at Camp Lejeune (and God knows where else) since 1948.  The civilian penalty for this negligence would be  multiple life prison sentences but since this is a government “oversight” we’ll excuse it as a big mistake.  Tell that to the thousands of cancer patients coming out of Camp Lejeune since 1948.  Veterans, fathers, sons, wives,  mothers, children, grandchildren.   What a way to treat those willing to serve our country!

Where is Erin Brockovich when we need her?  Perhaps even Erin isn’t bold enough to take on the U.S. government.

Take control of your water NOW.  Make sure your understand the source, the problems and the solution.  By changing your water you can profoundly change your life.

Join Erin Brockovich and me (and a whole lot of others).   We both understand the problem and potential dangers of water AND we drink only the BEST…Kangen Water.  Of course, our solution is a whole lot more than a simple water filter.  It actually has medicinal properties and it allows us to eliminate other harmful chemicals that are also polluting our water sources.   Hmm….social responsibility.  Now THAT’S a novel concept!  Want to join us?



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