Water Shortages? You Better Believe it! What Are You Going to do About it?

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Two billion people across the globe don’t have fresh water and yet; water is the source of all life.   In places like Mexico City, people spend as much as 30% of their annual income buying enough water just to keep them alive. Will America be next?

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t give water a second thought.  As long as we can turn on the tap and clear water comes out we believe all is well with the world.  We spend $640 per year per person (on the average) buying bottled water that we’ve convinced ourselves is healthy in spite of the health warnings.  When will American’s get off of their high-horse and stop wasting water as if there is no end?

What’s The Problem?

There are two major problems with our water.  First and foremost, there is only so much of it to go around.  In fact, if we didn’t recycle sewage to be used as tap water America would already be “tapped out” of water.  To further compound our problem, each time you purchase commercially bottled water you’re contributing to the depletion of our water supply.  Did you know that it takes 5 liters of water to produce a 1 liter bottle of water?  With only so much of it to go around, allowing companies (like Nestle,  Coke and Pepsi) to tap our water resources only to resell water back to us makes absolutely no sense.  It’s time to wake up and trade your desire for convenience for a good dose of common sense!

What Do The Experts Say?

Our second problem with water is health.  In Reducing Environmental Risk of Cancer the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that we need to work with our tap water source (making it as healthy as possible) instead of opting for bottled water in order to reduce the risk of cancer.  There are numerous health risks associated with the consumption of  bottled water.  In addition to being stored in plastics that are known to cause cancer and disrupt hormones, most bottled water is reverse osmosis water that has been cleared of most chemicals and robbed of all vital minerals.  Water must be naturally laced with minerals to be beneficial to the human body.  Without minerals, water can’t conduct the electrical impulses necessary for health and functionality.  A lot of our health problems can be directly attributed  to the water we’re drinking!

So…we’re spending approximately $6.00 a gallon on water that is hazardous to our health and detrimental to our water supply.  Does that make any sense to you?  Our arrogance and our willingness to waste is shameful.  Maybe we need to spend a week or two in Mexico City to gain a better understanding of the value of water?

Nobel Prize Worthy!

I may not have all of the answers but I definitely have the answer for our water problems.  In fact, my answer should be Nobel Prize worthy based on Kennedy’s definition.  I don’t contribute to water waste nor do I throw hard-earned money at water in plastic bottles that I know is bad for me.  I follow the advice of NIH.  I restructure my tap water to return it to the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  I ionize my water with the very best equipment money can buy.  My health is worth it….my family is worth it and (to me)  the planet is worth it.  No more tap water laced with chemicals or $6.00 a gallon in plastic containers.

As a result of changing my water source I sleep better at night.  Partly because I’m being socially responsible and partly because I’m (finally) giving my body the water that it’s been craving all along.

When are you going to do your part to resolve our water problems?



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Who Cares if the Well Runs Dry? That’s Not MY Problem!

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  • It takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 single liter of bottled water
  • Last year 17 million barrels of oil were used  to produce plastic bottles
  • Countless barrels of oil are used to transport plastic water bottles

In 2009 the National Institute of Health (NIH) produced a study in conjunction with the President’s Cancer Panel entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…What We Can Do Now”.  Here’s an excerpt from the study that addresses water:

Filtering home tap or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Unless the home water source is known to be contaminated, it is preferable to use filtered tap water instead of commercially bottled water.

If you want to reduce your risk of cancer you’ll clean up your home water source and STOP using plastic “commercially bottled water“.

How long will you continue to be a part of the problem by consuming bottled water?   There is a lot of talk about sustainability without enough focus on the problems we’re creating with bottled water.  The well is running dry and every bottled of water that you purchase is adding to a bigger problem.  Stop looking for somebody else to fix it…take action NOW.

I purchased a Kangen Water ionizer 2 years ago and it has been  one of the best investment I’ve ever made!   I took action for health and wellness (my health has been restored) but I have to confess that I feel pretty good about the fact that I’m doing my part to protect our resources.  I am able to return my water to its original state before we managed to pollute things and I carry my OWN glass or stainless water container.  The real plus is that I’m saving THOUSANDS of dollars on bottled water that was bad for me and my family in the first place!

When are you going to do YOUR part?  Every single bottle counts.




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