Honey Without Pollen Isn’t Honey at all! Who Took The Pollen Out?

Ultra filtering is a high-tech procedure where honey is heated, sometimes watered down and then forced at high pressure through extremely small filters to remove pollen, which is the only foolproof sign identifying the source of the honey. It is a spin-off of a technique refined by the Chinese, who have illegally dumped tons of their honey – some containing illegal antibiotics – on the U.S. market for years.

Richard Adee, whose 80,000 hives in multiple states produce 7 million pounds of honey each year is quoted as follows:

“Honey has been valued by millions for centuries for its flavor and nutritional value and that is precisely what is completely removed by the ultra-filtration process. There is only one reason to ultra-filter honey and there’s nothing good about it,” he says.  “It’s no secret to anyone in the business that the only reason all the pollen is filtered out is to hide where it initially came from and the fact is that in almost all cases, that is China,” Adee added.

So…it looks like China can be blamed for filtering the pollen out of our honey.  Just another VERY good reason to buy American and buy local!




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Hand Sanitizer or Flavored Moonshine?

Moisturizing-Hand-SanitizerLast week a 5-year-old girl almost died from getting drunk on hand sanitizer.  Here is what her mother had to say to the press:

 “She told me that she tried tasting several different flavors and the strawberry chocolate was her favorite

Chocolate cupcake, vanilla strawberry, buttered popcorn, bubble gum, watermelon, even bacon scented hand sanitizers?  It’s a very sad day if Americans won’t use a hand sanitizer unless it smells like food.

Just in case you’re wondering how in the world someone could drink that slime,  rest assured that’s what you get when you mix 140 proof alcohol with irresistible “food flavors” and put it in pretty packaging.  One ounce of this potent flavored slime would be enough for an adult to be considered “legally drunk”.    So is it really a  surprise that drinking hand sanitizer has become a “trend” among teens across America?  Its readily available, its cheap, its 140 proof and it smells like food!  Let’s not forget that kids are encouraged to clip it to a backpack and take it to school with them!   Over-the-counter moonshine for all ages!  Brilliant!

Shame on the manufacturers of flavored 140 proof slime and shame on us for buying into their merchandising.  I remember when the primary focus wasn’t on making consumer products smell good.  We were more focused on whether or not they worked.  Today we attempt to camouflage chemicals and we throw the vulnerable kids under the bus while we’re at it.

My family doesn’t use food-scented slime in an attempt to kill germs.  We use 2.5 pH water that is scientifically proven to kill  germs (including things like MRSA and eColi) within 30 seconds of contact and its 100% natural and completely harmless.  Of course we don’t get to walk around smelling like cupcakes or bacon but we’re still happy to GO GREEN!



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Autism Rate Off The Charts!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just reported that 1 in 88 American children have an autism spectrum disorder, a 23 percent increase since the agency’s 2009 review. 

“These stunning new figures are a call to action among our elected leaders to minimize our children’s exposures to mercury and other toxic chemicals,” said Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook. “Nothing less than an all-hands-on-deck approach to this mounting epidemic is required by Congress, the President and industry.”

According to the CDC, though the cause of autism is yet not known, a  growing number of independent scientific research suggests that one factor that may be in play is environmental exposure to  neurotoxic chemicals most notably mercury.

Stop looking for a quick fix…a pill…a shot…an easy answer.

Change your water…change your LIFE!

What’s To Hold?

I was recently made aware of a policy within a local elementary school that speaks volumes to me.   On the surface it appears to be a rule that will uphold orderliness within the school but the BIGGER picture is frightening.

Apparently this small town elementary school restricts students from using the restroom at any time except during lunch break or “recess”.  Children may not be excused to use the restroom for any other reason outside of those times.    For most kids this doesn’t appear to be a problem, but why isn’t it? Because the parents (admittedly)   are restricting fluids to avoid the  problem.  What?  Have we really deteriorated to point that we would WITHOLD fluids from our children just to placate the school officials?   Apparently dehydration is no big deal to them.  And they wonder why kids can’t focus?  It is reported that if the brain dehydrates by a mere 1% then we lose 10% capacity.  Go figure.

If kids were drinking water and striving to be hydrated then it wouldn’t be possible to “hold it” as they’re being told to do.   Shame on the school(s) and shame on the parents for ignoring what’s best for their children.  Fight back!  Our kids are worth it!