Tell Your Boss to “Clean Up Their Act”

WEDNESDAY, May 23 (HealthDay News) –Office kitchens and break rooms are germ “hotspots,” and sink and microwave handles in these areas are the dirtiest surfaces touched by office workers on a daily basis, according to a new study.

Researchers collected nearly 5,000 individual swabs over six months from office buildings with more than 3,000 employees.  The offices included law firms, call centers and manufacturing, health care and insurance companies.

High levels of germ contamination were found on 75 percent of break-room faucet handles, 48 percent of microwave handles, 27 percent of keyboards, 26 percent of refrigerator handles, 23 percent of water fountain buttons and 21 percent of vending machine buttons.

“A lot of people are aware of the risk of germs in the restroom, but areas like break rooms have not received the same degree of attention,” Gerba said in a Kimberly-Clark news release. “This study demonstrates that contamination can be spread throughout the workplace when office workers heat up lunch, make coffee or simply type on their keyboards.” 

It doesn’t have to be this way and you DO NOT need harsh chemicals to maintain a healthy environment in and out of the office.  Kangen Water machines produce 5 different types of water, including a 2.5 pH water that will kill ALL bacteria on contact.

Tell your boss to clean up their act with a Kangen Water machine.  Not only will you have the purest drinking water on the planet for all to enjoy but you’ll also have a germ free environment resulting in a healthier staff.

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What’s To Hold?

I was recently made aware of a policy within a local elementary school that speaks volumes to me.   On the surface it appears to be a rule that will uphold orderliness within the school but the BIGGER picture is frightening.

Apparently this small town elementary school restricts students from using the restroom at any time except during lunch break or “recess”.  Children may not be excused to use the restroom for any other reason outside of those times.    For most kids this doesn’t appear to be a problem, but why isn’t it? Because the parents (admittedly)   are restricting fluids to avoid the  problem.  What?  Have we really deteriorated to point that we would WITHOLD fluids from our children just to placate the school officials?   Apparently dehydration is no big deal to them.  And they wonder why kids can’t focus?  It is reported that if the brain dehydrates by a mere 1% then we lose 10% capacity.  Go figure.

If kids were drinking water and striving to be hydrated then it wouldn’t be possible to “hold it” as they’re being told to do.   Shame on the school(s) and shame on the parents for ignoring what’s best for their children.  Fight back!  Our kids are worth it!