Eczema on the rise in U.S. children? Garbage in…Garbage Out!

Based on a household survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.2 million children (33%) have moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.

Dr. Anna Bruckner, one of the authors of a recent American Academy of Pediatrics report on childhood eczema says “We don’t know for certain why that is.” What?  Seriously?  The lack of common sense to connect the dots within the medical community is mind-boggling!  Garbage in…garbage OUT!

Everything that you see on the outside of the body is a manifestation of what’s going on inside the body.  From acne to eczema…these are signs and signals of an internal challenge.

Our children are in toxic overload and eczema is the least of our worries albeit a devastating (and embarrassing) condition for anyone to contend with.  We’re giving our kids a daily dose of toxicity in their food (and their water) AND THEN we’re looking for an ointment or a pill to fix the problem.  Their food and water has been laaced with pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals and their water has been treated with hundreds of chemicals just to make sewage potable.  How could they NOT show signs of toxicity?  Garbage in…garbage out.

If your child is dealing with eczema, stop running them to the dermatologist for topical creams in hopes of making their signs of a bigger problem disappear.   Start treating the inside and you’ll be amazed at what happens on the outside!   By addressing the root problem you’ll also be avoiding much more serious medical problems for your child down the road.

Avoiding toxicity is not easy in today’s world and it can be overwhelming when you consider all of the changes that you should be making.  Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time.

You can begin by reading labels and purchasing local pesticide-free foods whenever you can.  Stop buying sodas, artificial juices, sports drinks and bottled water housed in  toxic plastic containers and introduce LOTS of healthy, clean and clear water instead.  Healthy, clean water DOES NOT INCLUDE bottled or tap water (if you know anything about toxins at all).  The amount of toxins that you can eliminate just by changing your water will blow your mind!

If you decide to be proactive with eczema and you’re willing to follow a serious water protocol, your non-toxic water options are seriously limited for all of the reasons previously mentioned.  Your best bet is to invest in the best water ionizer that you can get your hands on so that you’re sure to be drinking healthy, non-toxic water.  An added benefit to owning your own medical-grade ionizer is that you’ll have access to various pH level water that will equip you to eliminate other toxic chemicals from your food and your home.

At first glance you might nix the quality ionizer concept because of the price.  Unfortunately some people grasp the concept of alkalized, ionized, electrically charged water but they opt for cheap instead of quality.  When it comes to your health (and your skin) it doesn’t pay to be cheap.   After all, if you needed to have surgery you surely wouldn’t go out bargain hunting for a discount surgeon…why would you go cheap when it comes to health and wellness?

I am eye-witness to dozens of cases of serious eczema (and acne and psoriasis) problems that were remedied just by introducing a water protocol using the leader of all ionizers.  Flushing toxins and balancing the body’s pH is “just what the doctor ordered”.   Your steroid creams may be masking your symptoms, but they’re worthless when it comes to treating the root problem of your eczema.

If eczema is a problem for you or your child maybe it’s time to stop the suffering and get serious!  Try alkalized, ionized, electrically charged water for 30 days.  If you don’t see serious improvement in your eczema just send your ionizer back for a full refund.  It can’t get any easier than that.



We’re in the midst of a MASSIVE HEALTH crisis!

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Washington, DC Area Highest U.S.Colon Cancer Death Rate


Dirty-little-secrets about what goes on in Washington, DC hit the news daily and the mud-slinging seemingly never ends.  What we know is overwhelming enough…I’m not sure I want to know all of what goes on in the most powerful city in the world!

Unfortunately there is one BIG secret about the Washington metropolitan area that most people don’t know and need to hear.   If you peel back the underbelly of the beltway you’ll find that the Washington metropolitan area has the highest death rate for colon cancer of any place in the United States.

When you ask the “experts” why the colon cancer rate is so high in the Washington area, they’ll claim that the problem is that we slack on colon cancer screening. Screening for cancer DOESN’T STOP CANCER it just opens the door for costly diagnostics and ultimate “treatments”. Sadly, colon cancer for people under the age of 30 is the hardest hit demographic in the United States AND IT’S TIME to focus on the problem instead of the solution!

If the problem wasn’t so serious (and so deadly), the “expert” explanation would be laughable.  Screening for cancer has nothing at all to do with the cancer rate and it’s certainly not the answer to reducing it. It IS the answer for lots of billable expenses.  PREVENTION is the key and that’s something that most physicians won’t even talk about.  In their defense, they’re trained to test and treat and NOT to help you avoid the problems in the first place.  That part is up to you.

What causes colon cancer?  There are a number of lifestyle problems to blame. Obviously diet has a tremendous impact on the rate of colon cancer.  Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the leading colon specialist in the world and best selling author of The Enzyme Factor states that your diet and your water are the two key factors in maintaining colon health.

How to Keep Your Colon Healthy

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, a balance of grains, reduced protein intake and eliminating dairy products pretty much sums up the “healthy colon diet”.  By the way, dairy products aren’t the real problem…its what’s in the dairy products these days that is wreaking havoc on your colon health.  Keep in mind that you can’t lose eating within any of the food groups if you’re eating fresh, local, non-GMO food.  Since most of us don’t have access to farm fresh milk, it’s best to nix the dairy all together.

Water is just as important to your colon as your food is!

First, you need to be properly hydrated in order to flush out the dangerous cancer-causing toxins. Chronic dehydration and chronic constipation go hand-in-hand.  Did you know that 90% of Americans are considered to be chronically dehydrated?  It’s no wonder we’re in the midst of a health crisis!

When you refuse to give your body the water that it needs to sustain hydration, it will tap your colon for fluids.  Not only is that a disgusting thought…it leads to chronic constipation. If you have a potty problem then DRINK LOTS OF WATER.   By the way, water is interchangeable with nothing in spite of what the beverage marketers tell you….not coffee…not sodas…not juices..not alcohol.  Nothing replaces the body’s need for healthy water.

Healthy Water?

If the quality of your food is a factor, then surely you must understand that the quality of your water is a factor too!  If you take your health seriously then you need to clearly understand how to define “healthy” water.

Healthy water is  as free and clear of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride and parasites as we can get!  That definitely rules out municipal water options and private wells.

Healthy water should be naturally rich in minerals in order to conduct electrical impulses within the body the way it is intended to do.  This rules out 99% of all commercially bottled (“purified”) water and reverse osmosis or distilled water systems.

Healthy water is considered to be “water with life”.  Water that comes gushing out of the glacier mountains or rushing through the springs of Lourdes, France is electrified through its journey, much the same as water is electrified when lightning strikes it. This “charge” causes a molecular restructuring (known as dissociation in the world of science) and it produces an anti-oxidant/anti inflammatory benefit for the human body. That rules out municipal water, well water and bottled water.  You won’t find negatively charged water there, that’s for sure!

Now that we’ve ruled out what 99.9% of America

is drinking what now…

Your only healthy option is ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, antioxidant water!

If you think that the leading colon specialist in the world might know a little about what the colon needs, it’s important to know that Dr. Hiromi Shinya insists that his patients drink only Kangen Water® for colon health.

Kangen Water® is the only “medical grade” ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, antioxidant water worthy of physician recognition, and the only ionizer found in hospitals around the world.  It’s also the only ionized water referenced (specifically by name) in cancer books like Killing Cancer…Not People and Cancer Cure.

It’s your colon…starve it…dehydrate it..ignore it

It’s your call

I think I’ll listen to the leading colon expert in the world.  Not just because I reside in the Washington, DC area, but because I’m taking control of my own health and I’m listening to the prevention experts instead of the test and treat guys.

Thanks, Dr. Shinya!



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“There is No Cure” Doesn’t Mean There is No Hope


Fifty percent (50%) of all males in American will face cancer at some point in their lifetime. Thirty three-percent (33%) of all females will face the same. The odds are seriously against you and your family.

Did you know that there is NO CURE for any disease whatsoever?   Fortunately, no cure does NOT mean there is no hope.  It does mean that you’ll need to  take off your rose-colored glasses, put on your boxing gloves and  be willing to FIGHT BACK for your own health.

Keeping in mind that there is no cure for cancer (or any other disease), what will your strategy be if you (God forbid) get a devastating, life-altering, Big “C” diagnosis?  There are only 2 options:

1.  You can opt for chemotherapy and/or radiation designed to kill the bad cells right along with the good cells.  A fraction of those who opt for this radical treatment (and live to tell about it) will “beat cancer” once and for all.  The vast majority will have a repeat of cancer someplace else in the body at some point in the future.

2.  You can focus your time, energy and finances toward giving your body what it needs to mend itself…the way it was miraculously designed to do.  Being willing to make changes that force your body in to healing mode is the truest definition of fighting back for your health.

You Were Made to Mend

Think about it.  When you cut yourself you have every expectation that your cut will heal. You aren’t astounded when it heals because you’ve grown so used to the miraculous healing nature of the human body that you don’t give it a second thought.  You take healing for granted.

The same is true when you break a bone.  You have every expectation that your bone will mend itself.  Notwithstanding a cast and crutches, there isn’t a doubt in your mind that your bone will mend itself.  You take healing for granted.

Why is it that you doubt that (if you give the body what it needs) your body has the ability to mend itself of other things?  Even radical mainstream methods including chemo and radiation rely on the body to mend itself.  Killing off cancer cells (and healthy cells) is just Phase I.  Recovery happens when (and if) your body kicks in to healing mode.  Don’t ever underestimate then power of the  human body to heal itself...IF you’re willing to give it what it needs (and you’re willing to stay away from those things wreaking havoc on your health).

We’ve known the root cause of cancer since 1923.  Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer THRIVES in an acidic environment but it CAN’T survive in an alkaline environment. Acidosis and oxygen deprived cells are the culprit and both of these challenges can easily be overcome with a little work on your part! Has your doctor shared this vital information with you?  I doubt it.

Although there are a few steps that you’ll need to take to get your body in healing mode, none of them are as impactful as drinking ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water.  Balance your body once and for all.  Keep your body i a state of alkalinity and oxygenate your cells…starting today!

What Do The Experts Say?

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discover of penicillin”

Dr. William Kelly author of Cancer Cure

“Water ionization could be one of the most important health breakthroughs in our era”

Dr. Gabriel Cousins author of Conscious Eating

“Now please listen carefully to what I am about to say as it will forever negate the impressions that you have about water.  One 12-ounce glass of ionized water, being chock-full of those pesky little, negatively charged, hydroxyl ions (OH-), has more antioxidant capacity within the human body than all the organic fruits and vegetables that you could possibly eat in one day”

“I made my choice {ionizer} based upon quality, longevity, and the “studied proof” of its ionized water.   I recommend the SD501 made by the Enagic Company”  

“I have no financial interest in the Enagic Company nor do I receive any remuneration for my recommendations”

Killing Cancer…Not People – Robert G. Wright

Ionized water has millions of hydroxyl ions per glass.  No other water has this incredible benefit.  Hydroxyl ions “neutralize” cancer causing and destructive free radicals in the body“.

“One glass of ionized water can hydrate your body better than gallons of any other water”.

Ionized water alkalizes your body better than the only other method (eating 100% organic and raw vegetarian diet).”

Statements from 

 If you think you’re ready to  fight back and take control of your own health, you’ll need the best of the best.   After all, you wouldn’t shop around for the cheapest oncologist or brain surgeon, would you?  It isn’t wise to look for the cheapest way to kick your body into healing mode either!  You’ll need fresh local vegetables, plenty of fresh air, exercise, a good attitude and the best water ionizer that money can buy.

There are plenty of knock-off ionizers on the market today but NONE of the experts endorse anything other than the Enagic SD 501.  It is the Rolls Royce of all ionizers.  It is the only ionizer to be categorized as a medical device (anywhere in the world).  It is the only ionizer that can offer you the highest levels with consistent results which is imperative for your health and healing.  It’s the only ionizer prepared to do battle.

If you’re inclined to believe everything that you read on the Internet then  you’ll probably be just as inclined to fall for an “as seen on TV” miracle pill for $19.99.   On the other hand, if you’re serious about restoring (and sustaining) your health, then you’ll want to give your body the best chance to do battle.  Do not cut corners when it comes to your health.  


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Short list of high-profile people drinking ionized water from the SD501:

Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Chuck Norris, Angelina Jolie, Suzanne Somers, Leonardo DiCaprio, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sylvester Stallone, Tiger Woods, Jillian Michaels, Christina Aquilera, Toby Keith, Ricky Scaggs, Seattle Seahawks and a whole lot more.  They’ve invested in their health.  Will you?

Blood Thinners? How About a Good DIY Approach?

blood clotThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved what they consider to be  a “very promising” anti-clotting drug for high-risk heart patients in spite of severe opposition over potential side affects.

The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Sold as Zontivity (vorapaxar), the medication is said to be designed to lower the chances of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death. It also claims to lower the need for procedures to restore blood flow to the heart or to blocked arteries in the legs.  The study that supported the drug’s approval reports that Zontivity lowered these risks from 9.5 percent to 7.9 percent over a three-year period.  That doesn’t seem like much of a drop over a 3-year period to me but what do I know?

What is the cost of Zontivity?  Drum roll please…the average wholesale price is $320.76 for a 30 tablet bottle, $962.28 for the 90 tablet bottle, and $1069.20 for a 100 tablet bottle.  The average unit price is $10.69 per tablet.  That sure is a high price to pay for not-so-promising results!

The bigger “price” to pay comes with the known side effects of taking any blood thinner:

  • Bleeding that is severe or that you cannot control (assuming it’s not too late)
  • Pink, red, or brown urine (signs of internal bleeding)
  • Vomiting blood or your vomit looks like “coffee grounds” (sign of internal bleeding)
  • Red or black stools that looks like tar  (sign of internal bleeding)
  • Coughing up blood or blood clots (time to call 9-1-1)

The Wiser Alternatives

Before you stand in line to get this “very promising” anti-clotting drug (or any of the others by a different name) at the modest price of $10.69 per tablet, I suggest that you spend a little time educating yourself on ways to get your arteries to cooperate without the need for dangerous drugs.

The first order of business for sustaining healthy arteries is to  properly hydrate.  Your blood is 90% water and as you continue in a dehydrated state, the blood will begin to thicken and plaque will begin to build up. It really isn’t rocket-science…doctors just make it seem like it is.  Stay hydrated!

Since water is a very important part of the equation the amount of water you drink and the kind of water you drink should be a priority for you.  You may be assuming that you’re not dehydrated because you drink some sort of fluids throughout the day but it is reported that most American’s are chronically dehydrated which can easily explain so many of our health problems.  Never, EVER merely count on feeling thirsty.  Thirst is the warning signal on your “dashboard” that comes on when you’re already seriously dehydrated.  Since we lose our sense of thirst as we age, it’s not a good idea to count on feeling thirsty as a signal to drink water.

You’re probably already spending a small fortune on other beverages or, worse yet, bottled water (at the rate of $5.00+ a gallon).  It’s time to bite-the-bullet and purchase a quality water ionizer that will produce (what some countries consider to be) “medical grade water“.  Why medical grade? Because restructured water has amazing benefits for the human body.  Buy it once…drink for years…feed your arteries!  If you buy the best ionizer on the market to produce the best water results for the next 20 years or so, you’ll be paying a good price for this investment in your health.  Then again, not nearly as much as you’ll be paying for Zontivity AND you’ll have NO SIDE EFFECTS!

The Next Order of Business

The next recommended order of business is to take a quality supplement that has been proven to reduce plaque in the arteries.    There are hundreds of studies confirming the countless benefits of turmeric.  In fact, the  turmeric studies are so compelling that pharmaceutical firms are working hard to come up with a synthetic alternative that they can charge an arm and a leg for.   The finest turmeric on the market today will cost about $5.00 a day.   A small price to pay for healthy arteries AND NO DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS!

I guess if you want to sit back in your recliner and wait for the next “very promising” pharmaceutical to hit the market then that’s your prerogative.  You may experience less out-of-pocket expenses by sticking with whatever potion your physician tells you to take but you’ll sure pay a bigger price for it in the long run.  Don’t forget, there is no cure for whatever ails you…your doctor is merely treating symptoms.  Your best defense is natural prevention.  You’ll be amazed to see what the body can do with a little help!

The human body is a miraculous creation and it is designed to “mend” itself IF we give it what it needs.  Don’t you think it’s time to be more in-tune with what your body NEEDS instead of relying on high-priced, “highly recommended” pharmaceuticals that come with a whole lot of serious risks?

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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Good Heroin versus Bad Heroin? Is That a Joke?

heroinIsn’t it just like America to dodge responsibility and point fingers at everyone else when something goes wrong?  Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically overdosed on illegal drugs and we got busy trying to place blame on the drug dealers that sold him “bad” heroin?  If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical.  I wonder where drug enforcement is when a “nobody” overdoses on “bad” heroin?  Bad heroin didn’t kill Philip Seymour Hoffman…he killed himself.

We have a lot of heroin users in the U.S. and the number of users is growing every day.  In fact, heroin is fast becoming the drug-of-choice for our young people.  When I was a kid  heroin users were categorized as the lowest of the lowest drug addicts.  Desperate drug addicts doing desperate things to obtain their “fix”.   Today heroin is readily accessible  and more affordable than some alternatives.   Heroin has crossed class barriers and it is running rampant through our schools.  The cost is often deadly…”bad” heroin or not.

So what’s happened to draw our young people to heroin?  The answer might be as close as Mom & Dad’s medicine cabinet.   As more and more Americans look to pharmaceuticals for solutions for their aches and pains, more and more young people are dipping into the medicine cabinet for their own thrills.  What most people don’t consider is that heroin is processed from morphine which is derived from the opium poppy, the same opium poppy from which many of the legal prescription narcotics are derived.  So you see Mom & Dad…your legal heroin could be getting your kid off on the right track for their own heroin addiction down the line.

When Mom & Dad’s supply is gone, kids will often go to the streets and then it all comes down to economics.  Dealers charge anywhere from $50-$80 per Oxycotin pill while heroin costs $3 to $10 a bag.   Since heroin doesn’t have the same time-released thrill as Oxycotin does, many young people who use heroin start off snorting the drug, and within weeks most start shooting up. Don’t look now but it could be happening to your own child.

There are dozens and dozens of pieces of advice that can be offered to parents concerned about their children using drugs.  At the top of my list would be STOP FILLING YOUR MEDICINE CABINET FULL OF YOUR OWN NARCOTICS and start looking for healthier solutions to your problems.   You may think that your legal narcotics are helping you but they are only numbing the pain for an underlying problem that could be addressed by making a few changes in your lifestyle.

Take it from one who knows.  I had the pleasure of ingesting powerful narcotics to numb my back pain so that I could “function”.  I wore a neck brace, I slept in a recliner, I downed narcotics and I ran from surgery.  The answer to my problem was as simple as drinking LOTS and LOTS of what many refer to as “medical grade” water.  No more pain…no more pills…no more need for surgery.

Stop taking the lazy way out.  It’s easy to fill a prescription but it takes commitment to address the underlying problem.  Look for options before your legal drug habit takes its toll on your own child.



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Food Fraud? Should Be Enough To Start a Food Fight!

olive oilFood fraud is  a HUGE issue worldwide and you could be in the line of fire without knowing it.  Inspired by greed, many manufacturers are cutting corners and deceiving the consumer by adding undisclosed fillers or replacing key ingredients altogether.  With a challenging economy this problem has only just begun as manufacturers battle the shrinking food budget.   Not only is deceit enough to start a food fight with consumers, it could also be dangerous to unsuspecting consumers with allergies to ingredients added and not disclosed.

Here is a short list of common fraudulent food products:

  • Exta virgin olive oil: often diluted with cheaper oils
  • Pomegranate juice mixed with other juice, water and sugar
  • Coffee:  twigs,  roasted corn, ground roasted barley
  • Lemon juice: cheapened with water and sugar
  • Honey:  sugar syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, and beet sugar
  • Fish: Escolar mislabeled as white tuna or albacore
  • Tea: diluted with lawn grass or fern leaves
  • Spices:  paprika and saffron with  food coloring that mimic the colors

If you’re trusting the FDA to “protect” you and your family you need a new plan.  The FDA encourages you to drink municipal water laced with up to 300 cancer causing chemicals.  They give you the official “thumbs up” to toxic bottled water and then argue its safety.  Why in the world would you trust them to be bothered with fraudulent food with filler ingredients?

Take control over what you’re eating and drinking.  Stop buying processed foods and buy local whenever possible.  Stop contributing to “safe” water fraud by buying bottled water stored in toxic bottles by making your own SAFE ionized, alkaline,  restructured water.  Your family will thank you for it.



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