Attention: Parents of Autistic Children – Don’t Overlook the Obvious!

autism-puzzleWorld class, Dr. Corrine Allen is a force to be reckoned with. She has had an unmatched explicit impact on autism. It is at her clinic in Idaho, the Advanced Learning & Development Institute, where parents bring their children for help. Dr. Allen is in a class all to her own she has tirelessly given back to this fight after birthing a daughter with a brain injury herself.

Dr. Allen’s passion, intellect and work with brain challenges, in particular autism, is revolutionary. Where some of her young clients have previously been carted from one specialized autism facility to another with little results, it is here that mothers and fathers have at last found peace of mind and more hope for developmental growth for their beloved child than ever before.

Among the first in the field to publicly step-up to confirm (and authenticate) that “…structured water aids and enhances water’s ability to hydrate cells making cell hydration more efficient”

Dr. Allen goes on to say that “Kangen Water may be the key ingredient to enzyme activity and function.” She also states that brain injury and dehydration go together. Many autistic individuals drink little to NO water. Instead they almost solely drink milk, soda, juice and other artificial drinks. Yet, when Kangen Water is introduced positive results for the brain increases 35%.   In fact, “everything in an autistic’s biology improves”, says Dr. Allen.

There is more hope than ever before for every autistic child and their mother, father, brother, sister and greater family members who love them. Thanks to Kangen Water there is a new tool in the treatment of autism. Autism affects 1 in 5 homes today and it is projected to be 1 in every 2 children by the year 2020.  When is “enough, enough”?

It’s time to stop pointing fingers at the problem and start taking matters into your own hands.  N.I.H.(the leading medical facility in the world) warns both male and female to detox of all toxins (and to refrain from further exposure from toxins) for at least 6 months prior to conception.  This ought to be the biggest red flag for you and yours because it clearly implies that toxins lead to DNA issues.  t’



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Autism…Alzheimer’s…Don’t Forget to Water the Brain!



Though there are so many unanswered questions about conditions like Autism and Alzheimer’s and seemingly endless therapies being used in hopes of  combating the symptoms, many people are overlooking a critical therapeutic component….watering the brain.

There is a lot of focus on dietary restrictions and many who are of the belief that heavy metals are to blame while there is little (or no) concern about hydration of the brain and natural “flushing” of toxins.   Although refraining from exposure to more heavy metal toxicity by opting out of immunizations can be a wise decision, there is a strong probability that the body is already in heavy metal overload and it needs “help” to flush the metals out.  Did you know that if the brain is dehydrated by as little as 1% that we lose 10% brain capacity?  NONE of us can afford to lose that much brain power!   

Its time to pay as much attention to what we drink as we do dietary  needs.  Water isn’t “just water” no more than food is “just food” or air is “just air”.   Don’t let the fact that your water is clear and clean looking fool you.  You  may not die of thirst if you’re drinking juices or filtered water BUT your body and brain are absolutely suffering from the lack of  hydration and the benefit of ionized, alkalized, restructured water to ensure efficient hydration at the cellular level.

Dr. Corrine Allen, world-renowned specialist in brain related issues and founder of the Advanced Learning & Development Institute has changed the water source for her patients and testifies that she has seen an increase in her therapeutic results by 30%!  We can’t afford to ignore proven results this powerful!

I am eye-witness to astounding changes in people suffering with Autism, ADHD, dementia  and just plain “brain fog” that so many of us are challenged with,  just by changing the source of their water from “dead” water to ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water.  Don’t believe it?  Try it for FREE for 30 days and see for yourself!

Give your body what it needs…give your brain what it needs…give your loved one what is desperately needed for the body to work at full capacity. Don’t shoot the messenger…your body was wired that way!

Water is the key component to the effectiveness of all other therapies and we have the science to prove it!




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Reckless Advertising or Hidden Agenda? BOTH!

Responsible parents encourage responsible habits.  When your child was born he/she was 90% water….not soda and sports drinks.  Give the body what it needs and nix the irresponsible drinking habits.  You’ll be amazed to see what happens.



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Ask The Flight Crew About Toxic Fumes…They Know


A US Airways flight from Venice to Philadelphia was diverted to Dublin after its crew fell sick mid-flight. While crossing the Atlantic, seven of the nine crew members began complaining of nausea and dizziness. According to the Irish Mirror, a fume gas leak in the plane’s galley is to blame.


Have you ever smelled “stinky feet” on an airplane?  Before you ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat READ THIS!

Engine oil fumes can contaminate the cabin and flight deck air supply systems on  any commercial plane.  It is vitally important to limit your exposure because the fumes are highly toxic and can cause both acute and chronic health problems.

These toxic fumes don’t necessarily smell like oil fumes.   Many people think they smell like “stinky feet” while others describe this toxic smell like “old cheese” or “wet dog”.  The important thing to remember is that these odors are not “normal” inside the aircraft and, although they are extremely toxic, the flight crew will not inform or warn you of the dangers (for liability reasons).

Exposure to neurotoxins is serious business that leads to potentially serious neurological health problems.   Symptoms of neurotoxicity are often misdiagnosed because neurotoxic exposure is not understood, reported or considered in diagnostic testing.   Symptoms of exposure often mimic Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, depression and many more.

Here is how the Encyclopedia of Occupation Health & Safety defines a neurotoxin:

A neurotoxin is any substance capable of interfering with the normal function of nervous tissue, causing irreversible cellular damage and/or resulting in cellular death

A friend of mine has been a pilot for a major airline for many years and knows first-hand the consequences of neurotoxic syndrome.  This Captain smelled the “stinky feet” on a flight nearing landing and she knew immediately what had taken place.  The plane was landed safely but the entire crew was so overcome by the toxins that wheelchairs were necessary to exit them all off of the plane.  Clearly the last resort for an airline concerned about bad press.

Fortunately my friend understood the damage caused by her exposure so after 2 years of detoxing and natural remedies to remove toxins and repair damage this pilot is back in the air again.  Had mainstream medical been relied upon for the diagnosis she would most likely have been diagnosed with MS or Parkinson’s.  Don’t count on physicians to acknowledge (or give credit to) toxicity.  They are very good at treating symptoms but they “stink” at addressing the root cause of any condition.

This pilot still thinks about the passengers on her flight that day and wonders how many of them were stricken with a chronic “condition” with no knowledge of their toxic exposure on that flight.  Most were probably too busy complaining about “stinky feet”  to realize that they had just been poisoned.  I wonder how many of the passengers on this recent U.S. Airways toxic flight will encounter neurological health challenges with no idea that they were poisoned in flight?

If you’re ever on a flight and you smell “stinky feet” make your own “stink” about it with the flight crew and RUN to report the problem.  The consequences are a whole lot bigger than the threat of being offensive and everyone exposed should be informed.



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There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question BUT…

question markSince I do a lot of blogging, I pay close attention to the popularity of a topic as well as popular search engine terms so that I can make adjustments and modify my site visibility as needed.  Every once in a while I’m a little surprised at what people are searching for and some of the questions surrounding that topic.  Here are a few of my favorites:

How does water get into your body?

Do people really get pregnant by drinking the wrong water?

Do I get enough vitamins by drinking Vitamin Water?

If I a drink a 6-pack of beer a day do I still need to drink water?

Why do I have to drink water when I’m on a diet?

My, oh my it sure is sad to see how little we understand about water.  No wonder we have a health crisis in America.  The bright side is that people are actually searching for answers.  I guess I have my job cut out for me.



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Dr. Corinne Allen Validates Micro-ionized Water In Autism Protocol

Dr. Corrine Allen is a force to be reckoned with. She has had a profound impact on autism and she has become known throughout the world for her intense brain clinics where lives are being dramatically changed.   People from all walks of life, with various brain related conditions visit her clinic in Idaho, the Advanced Learning & Development Institute where results are nothing short of miraculous. From light therapy to trampolines…from organic food to ionized water attendees are remarkably “improved” in just a matter of days.

Inspired by her own child who was born with severe brain injury, Dr. Allen has made it her life mission to make a difference in the lives of all who suffer from brain related challenges.  Testimonials and recommendations from her clients are living proof that she is accomplishing her goal.  Hope is renewed one family at a time.

Dr. Allen boldly steps out to affirm and confirm that “…structured water (specifically  Kangen Water) aids and enhances water’s ability to hydrate cells making cell hydration more efficient,” Dr. Allen goes on to say, “[Water] may be the key ingredient to enzyme activity and function.” She also states that brain injury and dehydration go together. Many individuals suffering with autism drink little to no water.  Furthermore, “it isn’t possible to fully hydrate with regular water”.  Yet, when Kangen Water™ is introduced positive results for the brain increases by 35%. In fact, everything in an individual with autism spectrum disorder improves.

There are a multitude of ionizers on the market BUT there is only one alkaline ionizer that is being endorsed by medical experts AND there is only one that has been in used as a medical device in hospitals throughout Japan for almost 40 years.  Dr. Corrine Allen and MANY others exclusively recommend Kangen Water.  

There is more hope than ever before for every child afflicted with autism.  For more information about Kangen Water and/or to receive testimonials about the results of Kangen Water for autism (and other conditions) email us at

Change Your Water…Change Your LIFE!

Autism – I Am Eye Witness To A Miraculous Breakthrough!

Last  August (2011) I took my Kangen water machine with me on family vacation.  There were 19 family members at our beach house ranging in age from 3 to 55.  My 6 year old autistic nephew drank Kangen water along with the rest of the family for the entire week.   His parents were excited to have the chance to offer him Kangen water because their physician in Orlando had recommended this water as part of his therapy.

In January of this year my nephew and his wife sat down to evaluate the various protocols they had tried for their son over the years and they thought about when he had been “at the top of his game”.  They both answered that question with the same response “at the beach when he had Kangen water”.  When they shared this with his grandmother (my sister) she immediately ordered a Kangen machine for them.  They received the machine in February of this year and the entire family has enjoyed this water since then.

Our family witnessed a true miracle in April when this little boy took the lead in a presentation at a Ranger Rick club meeting during “show and tell” time.  He volunteered to do his part, he stood in front of the group and he set out to teach the rest of the kids the continents!  He gave fabulous hints for each continent until the correct answer was given at which time he called the “winner” by name and praised them for providing the right answer!  How thrilling it must have been for his mom to witness this breakthrough!

This session was videotaped and it brings me to tears every time I watch it.   My niece wrote a “thank you” to grandma for blessing them with Kangen water and she went on to say that this is ALL that they’re doing at this time.  “Not gluten free, not dairy free…nothing but pure Kangen water”.

Our family is overjoyed!  Although these results may not be “typical”, we believe that Kangen Water is an absolute necessity as a primary protocol for those struggling with the effects of the autism.  After all, how can hydrating the brain and detoxing the body with the purest water on the planet NOT be a good thing?

The motto for this company is “Change your water…change your life”…nothing could be more true for us as a family.

Autism Rate Off The Charts!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just reported that 1 in 88 American children have an autism spectrum disorder, a 23 percent increase since the agency’s 2009 review. 

“These stunning new figures are a call to action among our elected leaders to minimize our children’s exposures to mercury and other toxic chemicals,” said Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook. “Nothing less than an all-hands-on-deck approach to this mounting epidemic is required by Congress, the President and industry.”

According to the CDC, though the cause of autism is yet not known, a  growing number of independent scientific research suggests that one factor that may be in play is environmental exposure to  neurotoxic chemicals most notably mercury.

Stop looking for a quick fix…a pill…a shot…an easy answer.

Change your water…change your LIFE!

Enough is Enough! Fight for Kids!

Headline news this week reported that the rate of autism in America has increased by 78% since 2006.  Cancer is now the #1 killer of children in the U.S.  It used to be drowning.  Kids in America don’t have a fighting chance UNLESS WE wake up and make changes to protect them and all future generations.  Below is an excerpt from the 2008-2009 GOVERNMENT report entitled “Reducing Environmental Risk of Cancer…What Can We Do”.  It should curl your toes.

It is vitally important to recognize that children are far more susceptible to damage from environmental carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds than adults. To the extent possible, parents and child care providers should choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines, and medical tests that will minimize children’s exposure to toxics. Ideally, both mothers and fathers should avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and known or suspected carcinogens prior to a child’s conception and throughout pregnancy and early life, when risk of damage is greatest.

What?  Both mother AND father should avoid danger prior to conception?  Even tap and bottled water contain “endocrine-disrupting chemicals”!!!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that if BOTH male and female play a role in the well being of the life of their child, then exposure/toxicity is being passed on  genetically through the umbilical “nutrients”.  YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!  The final paragraph of the government report says:

Each person can become an active voice in his or her community

When is enough enough?  Won’t you fight back?  Stop looking for a quick fix through the latest “wonder drug” or a surgery!  Take responsibility for your yourself and your family.   You’re worth it.