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Dr. Nhung Brandenburg received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern College of Optometry in 1997, where she graduated magna cum laude, and her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida. After graduation, she joined a surgical practice where she managed a variety of ocular diseases and provided pre and post-operative care for cataract, glaucoma, and refractive surgery patients. Dr. Brandenburg has extensive experience in the treatment of eye disease, red eyes, injuries and specialty contact lenses.

Excerpts from a video testimony of her experiences with Kangen ionized water:

When Dr Nhung first tried the Kangen ionized water, she did so because of her husband’s health problems. He suffered from severe Migraine headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux.  After a month on the Kangen ionized water, he went to his doctor for a check up and found that he had lost weight, his cholesterol numbers were lower, and his blood pressure was down almost 50 points. He also had no more problems with acid reflux and migraine headaches.

Dr. Nhung said she was already very healthy, but after drinking the Kangen water her energy levels improved greatly and helped her at work with her demanding schedule and being constantly on her feet going from room to room to see her patients.

Dr Nhung sees patients of all ages who have diabetes and high blood pressure. Because of the diabetes they need to have medical eye exams to check on signs of bleeding and leakage in the back of the eye. She said that her patients who drank the Kangen ionized water saw reduced blood sugar levels after only 2 weeks and some it took 2 months. Their doctors reduced their insulin because of that. These patients saw less signs of day-to-day fluctuating vision and their night vision was improved. She said that overall their vision was more stable from day to day.

Dr Nhung also believes the Kangen ionized water can help eye health in many other ways because of its unique properties to eliminate waste, enhance metabolism and hydrate the eye.

She says: “ Kangen waters unique properties is a huge enhancement to eye health.  Especially with dry eyes, Macular Degeneration, and Glaucoma.

Dry eye patients reported a reduced need for artificial tears or prescribed medications for dry eyes when they drank the Kangen ionized water. Also, sty’s were resolved quickly when using the Kangen strong acidic 2.5 pH water in the eye.  Sty’s and eye inflammation can be a problem in Atlanta related pollen.” (My Note: I personally have used the 2.5 pH Kangen ionized water in my eyes when I had pink eye and it took care of it in less than 24 hours because it has the ability to kill all bacteria, fungus and virus on contact. 

Dr Nhung also stated: “This water also reduces puffiness of skin around eyelids as well as the sunkeness look of the eye socket when eyes become dehydrated. Because of Kangen ionized water’s antioxidant it has great potential for help inside the eye especially with Macular Degeneration. The center part of the eye breaks down as we age and cannot remove waste products well; these wastes sit on the retina and cause bleeding, scar formation and potential blind spots and central blindness. Research has proven that people with Macular Degeneration can stabilize or slow down this disease with antioxidants and may not lose their vision. Because Kangen ionized water has around 8 to 10 times more antioxidant value than most it can be used as an adjunct to increase antioxidant levels and help eliminate waste from the macula and can potentially improves the vision of someone with Macular Degeneration.”

Regarding Diabetes and Glaucoma, Dr Nhung states: “ Glaucoma is related to blood flow to the eye. Kangen ionized water has the ability to enhance blood flow to the back of the eye and also improve circulation. Diabetes is also related to blood flow.”

“In my opinion, Kangen ionized water has a great deal of potential to help people with eye health problems. I have been recommending it to patients because of its unique characteristics to reduce inflammation and to increase blood flow and thereby enhance their lives”



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Cheers! From Waste Water Treatment Plant To You!

If you are on a municipal water system you are drinking (and bathing in) chemically treated sewage. You wonder why we have health problems?  There is no way to avoid parasites or pharmaceuticals that have been passed through the human body then treated and piped back into your home. This is the reason we find drugs within us that we’ve never consumed!  New York just approved the allowance for up to 20% solid human waste in their water system.  A filter and a few hundred chemicals later; and you’ve got tap water to drink and to bathe in! This image puts it all into perspective. What you can’t see won’t hurt you…right?


It’s time to get serious about the water you drink and bathe in.

It’s time to take care of your water problem once and for all!

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There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question BUT…

question markSince I do a lot of blogging, I pay close attention to the popularity of a topic as well as popular search engine terms so that I can make adjustments and modify my site visibility as needed.  Every once in a while I’m a little surprised at what people are searching for and some of the questions surrounding that topic.  Here are a few of my favorites:

How does water get into your body?

Do people really get pregnant by drinking the wrong water?

Do I get enough vitamins by drinking Vitamin Water?

If I a drink a 6-pack of beer a day do I still need to drink water?

Why do I have to drink water when I’m on a diet?

My, oh my it sure is sad to see how little we understand about water.  No wonder we have a health crisis in America.  The bright side is that people are actually searching for answers.  I guess I have my job cut out for me.



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There Are Many Ways To Describe Water BUT…

There are no words to adequately describe KANGEN WATER…you’ll just have to try it for yourself.   Pure, ionized, alkaline, micro-clustered water the way water was intended to be.  Almost identical to the way it is in the Hunza Valley and in the fountains of Lourdes, France.  Kangen water is often referred to as “water with life” or “miracle water”.

Just in case you’re inclined to dismiss KANGEN WATER  as “utter nonsense” I ask you to consider just one thing.  What if I’m right and you’re wrong?  You’ll never know until you try!



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Autism – I Am Eye Witness To A Miraculous Breakthrough!

Last  August (2011) I took my Kangen water machine with me on family vacation.  There were 19 family members at our beach house ranging in age from 3 to 55.  My 6 year old autistic nephew drank Kangen water along with the rest of the family for the entire week.   His parents were excited to have the chance to offer him Kangen water because their physician in Orlando had recommended this water as part of his therapy.

In January of this year my nephew and his wife sat down to evaluate the various protocols they had tried for their son over the years and they thought about when he had been “at the top of his game”.  They both answered that question with the same response “at the beach when he had Kangen water”.  When they shared this with his grandmother (my sister) she immediately ordered a Kangen machine for them.  They received the machine in February of this year and the entire family has enjoyed this water since then.

Our family witnessed a true miracle in April when this little boy took the lead in a presentation at a Ranger Rick club meeting during “show and tell” time.  He volunteered to do his part, he stood in front of the group and he set out to teach the rest of the kids the continents!  He gave fabulous hints for each continent until the correct answer was given at which time he called the “winner” by name and praised them for providing the right answer!  How thrilling it must have been for his mom to witness this breakthrough!

This session was videotaped and it brings me to tears every time I watch it.   My niece wrote a “thank you” to grandma for blessing them with Kangen water and she went on to say that this is ALL that they’re doing at this time.  “Not gluten free, not dairy free…nothing but pure Kangen water”.

Our family is overjoyed!  Although these results may not be “typical”, we believe that Kangen Water is an absolute necessity as a primary protocol for those struggling with the effects of the autism.  After all, how can hydrating the brain and detoxing the body with the purest water on the planet NOT be a good thing?

The motto for this company is “Change your water…change your life”…nothing could be more true for us as a family.