Udderly Ridiculous! Thanks, Monsanto!


Back in my day, dairy cows could live to be 20 years old.  Today they’re lucky if they make it to their 5th birthday.

Back in my day, milk was a primary staple in the American home.  It was known to be healthy and our children were encouraged to drink lots of it for the development of strong bones and teeth.  Today milk is laced with chemicals and hormones and lots and lots of Americans are mysteriously “allergic” to it.

Back in my day, we didn’t talk much about hormones unless we were in the presence of a menopausal woman.   Thanks to Monsanto our food chain sounds more like a bad science fiction movie.  We consume foods filled with hormones and our children are ingesting endocrine disruptors in plastics and other toxic substances  on a daily basis.

Monsanto’s answer to boosting milk production is to inject dairy cows with growth hormones.  Apparently the selling point to the commercial dairy farmer is that these hormones will increase milk production by 30%.  I don’t know if I feel sorrier for the cows or the humans.

The Japanese have a different (and healthier) answer to increasing milk production.   After extensive research involving 19 commercial dairy farms, they studied the outcome of offering cows only electrolyzed reduced water to drink.  What they found was shocking.  Their research concluded that the cows drinking  electrolyzed reduced water (ionized water) produced on the average of 25% more milk.  Furthermore, these cows had no mastitis which is the most common and most costly challenge for dairy farmers.

By the way, this study was duplicated in the USA and the results were the same.

Who needs Monsanto when you can increase milk production just by offering cows the RIGHT kind of water?

When is enough enough?  How did we become so greedy that we’re willing to throw human (and animal) life under the bus for the sake of bigger profits? Our children and our children’s children deserve better than that, don’t you think?

I vote for the Japanese way of increasing the milk supply udders hands down!  

It’s safe, healthy, more affordable and it’s humane.  

Is it any wonder that japan is #1 in the world for health and longevity while America is # 40?



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Cannabis Claims to Have Health Benefits But This Powerhouse Plant is Scientifically Proven…And Legal Everywhere

curcuminDid you know that there are more that 500 scientific studies on the benefits of curcumin for the conditions seen on this chart?  In fact, the scientific results of the benefits of curcumin are so profound that pharmaceutical firms have been battling the FDA for approval for this amazing spice for years .  Thankfully this God-given spice is available to all without a prescription…and it’s legal everywhere.

Year-after-year Japan is recognized as being #1 for health and longevity in the world and curcumin is given much of the credit for their good health and long years.  Turmeric is the source of curcumin and the organic turmeric grown in Okinawa is known to be most potent in the world.  The climate and the soils of Okinawa are the keys to turmeric that can profoundly benefit the human body…if you let it.  If you don’t believe that the region where plants are grown makes any difference in the quality of the plant, then you don’t know a whole lot about things like wine, oils or coffee!

No need to rush off to your local Walmart or Costco to purchase turmeric.   Most of what you’ll find is laced with fillers and none of it is made with organic Okinawan turmeric so no matter how cheap you can buy it for, you’ll be wasting your money.  Unfortunately, there is only one source for organic Okinawan turmeric and it will “set you back” for about $5.00 a day.  Is it worth the cost of a Starbucks a day to find relief from (or to prevent entirely) anything on this chart?  Only you can answer that for yourself. It’s a no-brainer for me!

Keep in mind that there isn’t a pharmaceutical on the planet that cures any disease and most of them come with side effects that are sometimes more challenging (and much scarier) than the symptoms you set out to treat in the first place.  If you want serious results then you need to give your body what it needs to do the heavy lifting on its own instead of masking your symptoms with synthetic wanna-be prescriptions.

The question of the day is; do you want to feel better OR do you want to actually BE better?  If you choose to BE better and you’re ready to do battle for your health then I’m ready to help.