Human Waste…Who’s Waste Are You Drinking Today?

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We have no problem telling our kids not to talk to strangers…but it doesn’t seem to matter if we have our kids drinking, bathing in, and eating food prepared with water that was once flushed down a stranger’s toilet.  In a world where most people don’t even care to know their own neighbors, it’s pretty bizarre to think that they’re okay consuming the waste of total strangers!  Hmm….

Have you ever wondered why we host drug drives to collect unused pharmaceuticals?  It’s not just so that they don’t end up in the “wrong hands,” it’s so they don’t end up in the tap.  Whatever is flushed down the toilet eventually makes its way back to the tap…whether you SEE it with the human eye or not!  So, who’s waste are you and your family drinking (bathing in and cooking with) today?


clear waterMost people admit to being visual learners….I wonder if most people would still drink, bathe in, and cook with their tap water IF they could see with the human eye what’s actually in their water?  What IF you could see the human waste…the pharmaceuticals…the laundry detergent and cleaning products…the lead?  What if you could SEE the chemicals (upwards of 300) used to make water “potable” – some that are known to cause cancer and disrupt your hormones?

What if you could see the journey it makes from YOUR flush where it’s mixed in with waste water and the flush from thousands of strangers? Yuck.  What if you could SEE the toilet paper particles that are admittedly the biggest “contaminant” in our tap water?  What if you could see the bacteria that has become resistant to chlorine or the virus that makes it way through all the chemicals?   Would you still be content to drink, BATHE IN, and COOK WITH it?  Maybe it’s time for the adults to stop playing make-believe.  What you don’t see IS hurting you…slowly and surely.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a study LONG AGO on the umbilical cords of 296 newborn babies and they found hundreds of traces of pharmaceuticals and contaminants in each one.  God only knows what they’d find if the repeated that research today!  Our babies are “seeing” all these things before they’re ever born, and they’re labeled as being “pre-polluted” by the N.I.H. – the leading medical facility in the world.  When is enough of what you can’t see enough?

Isn’t it time take action of your own to STOP your exposure to all those things you can’t see with the naked eye? 

If not, enjoy getting more personal than you ever imagined with strangers from all over town!



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The U.N. Joins Civil Rights Activists in Fight for Water Rights? The Battle Begins…

water rights

“Whiskey is for drinking and water for fighting”

Mark Twain

Before we started collecting sewage, lacing it with chemicals and calling it water we had a whole different perspective on the importance of a reliable water supply.  “Location…location” was mostly determined by the access to safe water.  An ample supply meant that the  needs of the family would be met…an abundance meant that there would be enough for livestock.

Today 27,000 homes in Detroit alone  have been shut off from the public water system due to unpaid bills and the civil rights activists have called in the U.N. to investigate the possibility of the violation of Constitutional (and Civil)  Rights surrounding the water shut off.  With 45% of the city residents with outstanding water bills, Detroit’s water system is reportedly $6 billion in debt.  It looks like a perpetual state of checkmate.  What happens when a city water system goes bankrupt?  I guess we’ll go back to hauling water!

While it’s true that there are sanctions in place to protect our basic human rights to water,  these sanctions are primarily in place to protect us in a time of war.  Although I have compassion for those in financial hardship, tapping the public water system for free is stretching the limits.  Even though the city has proposed a two-year installment plan for outstanding water balances that would allow residents a “fresh start” and immediate access to water, they are refusing the deal and demanding water for free.   Yep…whiskey is for drinking and water for fighting!

 In spite of these dire circumstances, I find a little humor in the fact that some of the protester signs say “Protect Our Health…Water is Life” while the World Health Organization warns against the dangers of drinking tap water laced with up to 300 legally allowable chemicals necessary to make sewage potable.  Many of these chemicals are PROVEN to cause cancer.

Water IS life but the water these Detroit residents are fighting for is a far cry from being anything positive for health.  Mums the word, though.   If Detroit residents figure out that their water is actually recycled sewage we’ll be in for an even bigger Constitutional, Civil Rights battle!

How seriously do you take your water?  If I were you, I’d take steps to be offering my family the healthiest water I could get my hands on.  It isn’t free but it sure beats the cost of disease.

Bottoms-up, Boomers.

Changing the Way the World Looks at Water…

One Life at a Time!

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The Wall Street Journal…Saying NO to Bottled Water

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for reporting on the insanity of buying bottled water.  They almost got it right.  The only problem with their water recommendation is that a simple filter on your faucet (or an inexpensive pitcher filter) isn’t capable of taking care of your drinking water problems. It’s time that we look beyond the focus on merely filtering our water and include the concept of healthy drinking water too.  When it comes to healthy drinking water you’ll need to bring out the big guns!



Ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water is the healthiest water on the planet…unless you live in one of the few places in the world where water is naturally restructured, that is.  Ionized water is created using your source tap water.  First it is filtered through the finest carbon filter on the market AND THEN the real work begins.

Water passes over medical grade titanium plates creating an electrical charge in the water similar to the way nature does when water rushes through the glacier mountains.   This electrical charge serves to reduce the size of the water molecule clusters so that you can actually absorb the water you drink at the cellular level.  Once you’ve experienced true hydration using ionized water, you’ll never be the same again in more ways than one!

The electricity also creates a very strong negative charge of the water which results in the most powerful anti-oxidant benefit that you can get anywhere from anything!  Many consider ionized water to be their very own  “fountain of youth” because if its anti oxidant/anti aging properties.

Lastly,  ionization separates the alkalized water from the acidic water so that you  can drink pure, alkalized water 24/7 and you can access the acidic water that an ionizer produces for a multitude of health, beauty and cleaning purposes.

Using a quality water ionizer is simply the

smartest, most economical, healthiest thing

that you can do when it comes to water

Buying bottled water is frivolous, it’s dangerous and it’s irresponsible in so many ways.  In this case, convenience is a killer.  I wonder when Americans will catch on to the facts?

Bottoms up, Boomers!   Just by changing your water you can profoundly change your health!



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