Still Suffering With Migraines…Seriously????


With an estimated 28 million Americans suffering with migraines, it should come as no surprise that at least some of them will turn to very bizarre treatments for relief.  I can’t say that I blame them. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to live with debilitating headaches.  I can still remember my mother hunkered down in a dark room because she couldn’t bear to see light in the midst of an “attack”.  The pain is consuming and this “condition” is often thought to “run in the family”, but what generally runs in the family are bad habits that lead to migraines and not the predisposition toward migraines at all!

Barring a (un)diagnosed neurological problem, getting rid of migraines isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Unfortunately most migraine sufferers are looking for help in all the wrong places.  Here are a few of the desperate measures some people turn to for help.

Eyelid Surgery

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another migraine protocol pops up.   One of the latest and greatest procedures being recommended today is upper eyelid surgery;  also known as an eye lift   Apparently an eye lift is intended to “target” (kill)  specific nerves in hopes of providing migraine relief.  Obviously there is no science to back-up this procedure for migraine relief,  but the fringe benefit of looking younger would definitely get rid of my headache. Since this “migraine relief” falls under the category of plastic surgery, it is not (nor will it ever be) covered by insurance companies.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. the average cost of eyelid surgery is $2,818.


Another migraine protocol with fringe benefits is Botox.   Apparently people are being convinced (or they’re just using the excuse) that “freezing” facial muscles will decrease migraines right along with the wrinkles!  I guess if you can’t frown as much as you used to then perhaps a headache won’t follow? What???   Just in case you’re tempted to freeze your frown lines for migraine (or cosmetic) purposes, read on:

Wikipedia:  Botulinum toxin is a protein and neurotoxin. It is the most acutely lethal toxin known Botulinum toxin (BTX) can cause botulism, a serious and life-threatening illness in humans and animals. Three forms of botulinum toxin type A (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) and one form of botulinum toxin type B (MyoBloc) are available commercially for various cosmetic and medical procedures.

If you’d still consider Botox for migraines (or wrinkles) after reading that, you need the rest of your head examined.

Intravenous Propofol

Probably the most radical (and ridiculously common) protocol for migraines that I’ve heard about is  intravenous  Propofol.  Propofol is the anesthesia that Michael Jackson (ab)used for sleep deprivation and what ultimately lead to his death.

Apparently 95% of the people who have undergone Propofol anesthesia for migraine purposes report that they no longer had a migraine when they woke up. Hello?  Why would anybody be surprised by that?  Not only is the patient taken to a point of near-death relaxation with poison, they’re also given an I.V. full of fluids to assure that they are hydrated throughout the procedure and beyond.  The praise should actually be given to hydration and NOT the dangerous procedure using lethal drugs. By the way, this migraine relief is reportedly good to last a few weeks…just long enough to begin detoxing of the anesthetic and to hit a state of chronic dehydration all over again.

Over-the-Counter “Solutions”

 Some migraine sufferers haven’t gone the radical treatment route (yet) and they treat their symptoms with medications.  But medications come with some long term consequences of their own.  In fact, Tylenol (aka acetaminophen) is the #1 cause of acute liver failure in the United States...not alcohol abuse as some might believe.  Prescription medications for migraine relief can also cause acute liver failure, dehydration and a host of other problems like fatigue,  racing heartbeat, nausea, and difficulty thinking.  There is a big price to be paid for migraine symptom relief even from the most unsuspecting over-the-counter options and it’s sad to think that some people trade their liver in for relief from the pain.  I’m not sure if this is due to desperation or ignorance.  

The Long-Term Solution

It must be nearly impossible for the migraine sufferer to comprehend that their pain could be caused by something as simple as dehydration.  After all, the pain is horrendous and debilitating…how could something as simple as water be the answer?  Perhaps it’s time for a science refresher course.  The body is comprises of 70-75% WATER…the brain is 85% water.  If you starve the brain of water you WILL pay the price and migraines are the least of your long-term worries.    Don’t EVER underestimate the dangers of dehydration!

No offense, but masking the symptoms using any one of these protocols DOES NOTHING to remedy the root problem; so unless you take action of your own to PREVENT the problem, you can expect to suffer the rest of your life!  Who in their right mind would be willing to do that?  I sure wouldn’t!

If you decide to try a simple approach to your complicated migraine problem, the amount of water and the kind of water makes all of the difference in the world.  Water isn’t “just water” any more than a headache is “just a headache”. Don’t expect to get results by drinking water that has no minerals (bottled/reverse osmosis) and no ability to effectively hydrate your brain and don’t overlook the impact that chemically-laced (tap) water can have on your headaches.   You need (what some hospitals and thousands of physicians refer to as) “medical grade” water.  Big problems call for big solutions!  After all, you wouldn’t dream of taking a baby aspirin for a migraine and expect it to do the job, would you?

Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) is your answer for reasons too numerous to mention in this blog.  You want “proof”?  No problem!  Do your own research HERE.  The best part?  You can receive a FREE TRIAL of this protocol and see for yourself with no risks and no side effects.  It doesn’t get any better (or safer) than that!

Take a break from the radical treatments and give restructured water a try…thousands and thousands of others can testify to the results.



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Money Stress is a Killer! Why Don’t You Turn on the Tap?

stressA new report from the American Psychological Association finds that “money remains the biggest stressor” in Americans’ lives, despite reports of a healing economy.

Money was found to be “a somewhat or very significant source of stress for 64% of Americans”, overall, but especially for the following subgroups:

  • Parents (77% felt stressed about money)
  • “Gen Xers,” or 36-49-year-olds (76%)
  • “Millennials,” or 18-35-year-olds (75%)

American Psychological Association CEO and executive vice president, Norman B. Anderson, PhD, has this to say about the findings:

“Regardless of the economic climate, money and finances have remained the top stressor since our survey began in 2007. Furthermore, this year’s survey shows that stress related to financial issues could have a significant impact on Americans’ health and well-being,” 

Stress is a killer so worrying about money will definitely lead to impaired health. Stress is nothing to take lightly!  If you have stress related to money then you what you really need is a financial recovery plan.

There are only a few answers to remedy your money stress.  Spend less of it or make more of it.  Chances are,  in this sluggish economy (where many are unemployed or under employed), you’ve already been forced to spend less of it.  That’s a no-brainer.  Now your focus should be on how to make more of it!  Whether you realize it or not, you need another stream of income.

I’m not sure what’s happened to Americans and why we are blown away at the idea of having a second job/source of income.  We have every convenience gadget imaginable and yet;  we CLAIM that we don’t have any extra time to make any extra money. Nonsense!

Americans used to be willing to do whatever it took in order to get ahead and pay the bills.  It used to be pretty common for people to work more than one job or to have a sideline business to supplement their income.  It’s time to get back to that mentality if you want to STOP THE STRESS over money and if you ever want to “get ahead” again.

If you have the time and energy to turn on the tap in your kitchen, then your financial recovery program might be easier than you think.

Just think, when you get rid of the money stress, you improve your health!

Are you ready to start turning things around financially?  Sit back, relax and tune in:

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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What’s So Great About The Miracle Water of Lourdes? Plenty!

lourdesThe spring waters of Lourdes, France have long been recognized for its remarkable healing properties.  Millions and millions of people travel to Lourdes, France each year in hopes of finding healing.  Though many are in search of a spiritual restoration; there are just as many folks hoping for physical restoration.  Thousands upon thousands of visitors get “miraculous” physical results each year when they consume the “healing waters of Lourdes”.

I can’t speak for the spiritual side of the Lourdes experience, but I can address the physical properties of the water consumed at the spring.  It’s certainly not your average, everyday water.  It is known as “miracle” water for more reasons than one.

This “miracle” water is found to be very high in active hydrogen.  Since the spring is fed by high altitude snow melt, some scientist believe that the snow absorbs unusually large quantities of ozone on its way from the upper atmosphere. Strangely, other high altitude springs can’t make the same claim.

Dr. [Kim Young] Kwi (scientist and researcher for 25 years) had the opportunity to test and subsequently  provide insight into the waters of Lourdes, France.  Samples of the water were analyzed and compared to ordinary water.   Here is what Dr. Kim Young had to say about the “miracle” waters of Lourdes:

“The Lourdes water was found to have a higher concentration of activated hydrogen than regular water, which may be responsible for restoring health to cells damaged by oxidation”

I have had the opportunity to test the water from Lourdes that a friend of mine  brought home from his visit there several years ago.  His water was stored in a used plastic water bottle (not commercially bottled or marketed) for 4 years.  When tested the water proved to be high in pH and it proved to have an altered molecular structure.  I’m willing to bet that the mineral content was pretty close to being perfect for human consumption too. No ordinary water.

If you like to think that water is just water, that’s certainly your perogative,  but  I’d be careful not to say that in the presence of people who know better.   I would also advise against  uttering those words in the presence of the millions and millions of people who travel to Lourdes, France each year in hopes of finding healing.  Some have seen such amazing results by drinking this water that they have it shipped directly to their home.

There is a tremendous difference in water and I’m happy to prove  it.  Personally, I don’t feel the need to travel around the world for miracles nor do I need to hoard up the miracle water and drag it across the globe.  My miracles seem to find me wherever I am and I make my own Lourdes-type water aka restructured, hexogonal,”active hydrogen” MIRACLE water in the comfort of my own home.



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Either These People Are All Idiots OR They Know Something You Don’t Know!

Thirty million people across the globe understand the importance of giving the body the right water to sustain health.  Isn’t it time for you to consider making changes too?  Just by changing your water, you can profoundly change your health!


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You’re Looking at our Next “Agent Orange” (Type) Crisis

agent orangeThere isn’t a good time or a good temperature to consume water out of a toxic plastic water bottle but I believe that we can ALL agree that the danger of BPA in our plastics is skyrocketed at high temperatures.

In spite of the dangers (and a multitude of warnings) we continue to offer bottled water to our troops even though we KNOW it has been stored in high-temperature warehouses throughout the Middle East.  Come on, America!  Is that any way to support our troops?  They deserve much better than that!

Agent Orange is still wreaking havoc on the health of our Vietnam Veterans years after their exposure to it.  A multitude of neurological (Parkinson’s, MS, etc.) conditions are recognized as being the result of exposure to Agent Orange and disability benefits are available to all who had boots-on-the-ground in Vietnam and who are now/still suffering with the aftermath.  Obviously the damage done by chemical exposure is long-term and devastating. Who knew that Agent Orange would end up being chemical warfare against our own troops?

The BPA in the plastics being offered to our troops today will bring forth health challenges that make Agent Orange look like child’s play. The damage done by this chemical exposure will also be long-lasting and devastating.  From neurological issues to cancer; from hormonal challenges to more pronounced PTSD, exposure to BPA will take its toll on our troops and their children for years to come.  Another example of “chemical warfare” that our troops are paying the price for.

Sadly, it took years to acknowledge the damage done to our troops by Agent Orange.   The damage done by BPA exposure may never be acknowledged.  After all, it’s just an innocent little bottle of water, right?

Isn’t it time that we do a little fighting FOR our troops?  What can you do? You can speak up and help raise awareness about the dangers of plastics and you can lead by example and REFUSE to buy water in toxic bottles!

Our troops will thank you…

Your body will thank you…

The environment will thank you…

The generations to come will thank you…




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Got Coke, Sprite, Bottled Tap Water or M I L K? Where Does The Madness End?


Coca Cola just announced that it will begin selling a “premium-priced, protein-boosted milk” under its Fairlife label. It will be available nationally next month when their advertising blitz begins. Will you be a victim of good marketing and compelling advertising?  Maybe so!

Bloomberg reports the following:

At a recent conference announcing Fairlife, Sandy Douglas, the president of Coca-Cola North America, said the company expects the premium milk to “rain money” following extensive marketing efforts (which, so far, include a website with pin-up style images of women wearing liquid milk dresses).

Coke says the milk (to be priced in the $4.00 per half-gallon range) will be “cold-filtered so that it has 50% more protein, 50% less sugar and 30% more calcium than conventional milk”.  It will also be promoted as lactose-free and will be displayed in the dairy case right along with all of the other milk products.  Rest assured, there isn’t a cow on the planet capable of producing “milk” as defined by Coca-Cola.  So…what is it?

So far Coca-Cola has managed to convince millions and millions of people year-after-year that Coke is a good hydration option when you don’t feel like drinking water.  When Coca-Cola saw soda sales slipping they tuned-in to the world’s growing interest in water and they brilliantly put a spin on their bottled tap water by calling it “purified” and healthy.  So why would we be surprised that Coke is rolling out an engineered “milk” and promoting it as a viable option as a “dairy” products?  Anything to make a dollar.

This move to capture the milk market comes as carbonated drink sales continue to decline in the U.S.  The good news is that we’re having an impact on soda sales as we preach about the consequences to our health.  The bad news is that companies like Coca-Cola have no limits on the falsehoods that they’ll promote just to hustle products to clueless and careless consumers.

It’s time to get back to basics and reconsider all beverages.  Your body is 70% water and it needs lots of healthy water to function optimally…not Coca-Cola, Sprite or artificial “milk”.

You won’t find healthy water in your tap.

You won’t find healthy water in a plastic bottle.

You won’t find healthy water in your refrigerator water dispenser or through a carbon filter pitcher.

You’ll find healthy water when you make the decision to produce it yourself using a quality ionizer.  No more parasites, no more pharmaceuticals, no more BPA, no more chemicals, no more oxidative water.  Just pure, ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water.  You know, the way water was in the olden days before we messed things up.  What a novel concept!





The Power of Willful Ignorance Can Not Be Overstated

 If you’ve ever wondered how food suppliers could possibly get by with deceiving the public about what we’re really eating just look in the mirror!  We are their secret weapon.

“The power of willful ignorance can not be overstated” 

Since water is the #1 requirement for health (and life) it’s important to understand what you are (and are not) drinking too!  Don’t let your willful ignorance get in the way of making wise decisions about the water you and your family drink!

The Water Quality Association has awarded Kangen Water® the Gold Seal for water quality (aka healthy water) year after year.

With over 30 million people across the globe already drinking Kangen Water® isn’t it time you got on board too?



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Mariah Carey’s Extreme RV…Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Includes Kangen Water!

final mariah

 The rich and famous can afford almost every luxury in life.  From Gucci bags to luxury homes; they have earned the right to indulge and they (typically) do it very well.

Instead of spending small fortunes on trendy mineral water or convenient bottled water claiming health benefits, why do the rich and famous chose Kangen Water® over all of the other options out there?  Because it is, by far, the finest (and most affordable) water money can buy.    knock-off’s aren’t an option for the rich and famous…only genuine Kangen Water® will do. With an estimated 20 year life-cycle, their quality Enagic ionizers will likely outlast their careers!

Be careful what you wish for.  Most of us couldn’t survive the schedules of the rich and famous. Long hours, endless travel and little sleep year after year after year is a killer.  Unfortunately, some surrender to substance abuse just to keep going and they ultimately destroy their lives and their careers.  Fortunately there are others (Mariah Carey and others listed below) who are fighting hard for their health and stamina to keep going.  Kangen Water® is imperative in the battle for health and wellness for everyone!

You may not be able to afford a Gucci bag or an extreme RV like Mariah Carey’s BUT you can afford to follow the lead of the rich and famous by drinking the healthiest water money can buy instead of spending YOUR small fortunes on unhealthy bottled water year after year after year.

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Here is a short list of the rich and famous who drink only the BEST aka Kangen Water®:

Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Christina Aquilera, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Nicholson, Elton John, Tom Cruise, Magic Johnson, , Demi Moore, Steven Tyler, Earth Wind & Fire, Toby Keith, the White House, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and lots more!  Even Erin Brockovich, notably one of the world’s experts on safe drinking water, opts exclusively for Kangen Water®!  Now THAT ought to tell you something!

This is one time that you should follow the example of the rich and famous.  They are fighting to protect their own health.  What about you?



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“How to Kill Ebola on Surfaces”…Top Internet Search Terms

germsWhether you’re worried about the Ebola virus or not, you need to avoid the germiest surfaces on the planet to avoid even a common cold or the flu.   Here are the top 5 germiest surfaces to avoid:

1.  Grocery store carts

2.  Children’s playgrounds

3.  Sinks in public restrooms (and you thought it was the toilet)

4.  Offices – telephones and desks

5.  Restaurants – table surfaces, high chairs and menus

6.  Escalators – malls, airports

Unless you want to live like a hermit, you need to face germs head-on.  Your favorite (scented) hand-sanitizer-of-the-month won’t cut it.  Even if a can of Lysol could really kill all of the germs on surfaces, you wouldn’t get by with spraying it in public on all of the surfaces that you need to be worried about.  After all, it is toxic.

I carry a spray bottle of the most powerful germ/bacteria/virus killer on the planet with me everywhere I go (2.5 pH water aka hyochlorus acid) and I spray it freely on all surfaces without worrying about complaints!  In addition to killing germs that cause colds and flu, my sanitizer has been PROVEN to kill things like eColi, Salmonella, MRSA, Typhoid, even the AIDS virus within 30-60 seconds of contact.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Although it hasn’t been tested for Ebola yet, I don’t think it will have any trouble with those surface germs either.

If you owned a quality water ionizer you would also have access to an endless supply of the healthiest water for you and your family AND an endless supply of hypochlorus acid (2.5 pH water) at the touch of a button.  The best part? It’s non toxic and it won’t send anybody into an allergic episode nor will it send a child to the ER if they happen to get access to it.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s just science.

There are lots of  people are out there on the Internet  researching ionizers these days.  Do not be deceived.  As of today, there is only one ionizer on the market that has the power to  produce hypochlorus acid (2.5 pH water). Although many claim to produce “strong acid water” the pH level must be brought down to 2.5  to be effective.  The lab results that I mention were conducted using 2.5 pH water…nothing higher on the pH range can do the job.

When I’m educating people on alkalized, ionized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water, I’ll often hear them say “I can’t afford that”.  Who are they kidding?  Nobody can afford NOT to invest in health and wellness AND they are already paying a huge price for bottled water (known to wreak havoc on health)  and toxic germ killers.  The right ionizer has a proven life-cycle of approximately 15-20 years…could set a record for the most durable,  longest living home appliance!

Good luck out there in the germ battleground.  If you decide to get serious about building your immune system and defending you and your family against germs let me know.  Some things aren’t as simple as scented hand-sanitizer or a flu shot.



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Apparently Johns Hopkins Has a Different Way of Dealing With Sweat

Your skin is your largest organ and it serves an important role just like any other body organ.  I’m getting a little tired of modern science making modifications to a miraculous design system…the human body.  We treat organs like spare parts and we don’t think twice about radical treatment for minor inconveniences.  Sorry folks…we’re supposed to sweat!   I don’t like it any more than you do but I recognize how important sweating is to the human body.

Johns Hopkins recently developed a microwave thermolysis procedure to treat “excessive” sweating.   Apparently these scientific experts don’t think sweating has a purpose OR they’re just willing to offer it to you at the right price regardless of the long-term consequences (that’s certainly nothing new).

Just in case you’re tempted to microwave your sweat glands, here’s a reminder of the importance of sweating:

  • Sweating helps maintain proper temperature and keep you from overheating
  • Sweating helps expel toxins, which supports proper immune function and helps prevent diseases related to toxic overload
  • Sweating helps kill viruses and bacteria that cannot survive in temperatures above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sweating helps clean the pores…since your skin is your biggest organ, clean pores is a big deal!

We are born with anywhere between 2 million and 4 million sweat glands and the number of glands you have will determine, in part, how much you sweat. I think 2 to 4 million of anything is an indicator that it’s a pretty big deal! While women generally have more sweat glands than men, men’s glands tend to be more active and produce more sweat.

Here is important input from Dr. Mercola on the topic of sweating and the release of toxins:

One of the most ubiquitous chemical contaminants of the 21st century is BPA. BPA is an endocrine disrupter, which means it mimics or interferes with your body’s hormones and “disrupts” your endocrine system. The glands of your endocrine system and the hormones they release are instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes.

Some of the greatest concern surrounds early-life, in utero exposure to BPA, which can lead to chromosomal errors in your developing fetus, causing spontaneous miscarriages and genetic damage. But evidence is also very strong showing these chemicals are influencing adults and children, too, and leading to decreased sperm quality, early puberty, stimulation of mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles and ovarian dysfunction, cancer, and heart disease, among numerous other health problems.

Research has shown that BPA is often detected in human sweat, sometimes even when it is not found in blood or urine testing. The study concluded that not only should sweat analysis be considered as a tool for monitoring bioaccumulation of BPA, but also that induced sweating may be a potential method of elimination for this widespread toxin

So you see?  Sweating serves a very healthy purpose!

I have learned a lot about issues pertaining to health, wellness and toxins over the past couple of years and I’m doing my best to give my body what it needs to sustain health.   It’s one thing to sustain life.  It’s a whole different ballgame to sustain health!

In addition to drinking ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, restructured water to hydrate and flush out toxins, I’ve traded deodorant for 2.5 pH water instead.  Water at this pH level kills bacteria (the culprit behind body odor) better than anything you have in your cleaning or beauty supply arsenal and yet;  it’s toxin free.  Go H2O…oops –  H3O2!  You can try it for yourself for FREE!  What in the world are you waiting for?



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