Sleep Apnea On The Rise & $10 Billion Behind it! What’s Going On?

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Sleep study clinics are popping up all across America.  Today there are almost 3,000 clinics with hundreds more in the works for certification and approval to do sleep disorder diagnostics.

A few short years ago we’d never even heard of sleep apnea and yet millions of people weren’t mysteriously dying in their sleep (as we’re led to believe will happen). Today it is reported that 5% of Americans suffer with some sort of serious sleep disorder (with “many more not yet diagnosed”).   What in the world is going on?

The Mayo Clinic defines sleep apnea this way:

Causes of obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of your throat relax. These muscles support the soft palate, the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula), the tonsils, the side walls of the throat and the tongue.

When the muscles relax, your airway narrows or closes as you breathe in, and you can’t get an adequate breath in. This may lower the level of oxygen in your blood. Your brain senses this inability to breathe and briefly rouses you from sleep so you can reopen your airway. This awakening is usually so brief that you don’t remember it.

Now that we understand the definition of sleep apnea and how this disorder blocks the airways, etc.,  aren’t you even a little bit curious about what causes it in the first place?

For a short season, sleep apnea was considered to be a condition (almost exclusively) of overweight, middle-aged men.  Today we have sleep study facilities exclusively for young children…overweight and otherwise. Clearly this isn’t just a problem of overweight, middle-aged men.  We’ve got a serious problems!

I’m not a physician and I don’t attempt to give medical advice; I’m just a common-sense-kind-of-gal.  In this case, my common sense is thirsting for the root cause of this mysterious 21st century medical condition defined as sleep apnea.


I believe that your complex CPAP breathing unit is serving you well by forcing air into your airway (masking your symptoms) but it sure isn’t helping you identify the root cause of your problem.  The “mainstream medical” community has become experts at masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals and treatments for everything that ails you.  When we can’t put a label on your problem, there’s no need to worry.  We’ll write a prescription for depression and/or a narcotic for pain.   Personally I’d rather know what’s causing my problem in the first place so that I can (hopefully) correct it INSTEAD of managing (and masking)  my symptoms. Darn! There goes my common sense again!


I routinely work with people of all ages on dehydration-related health issues. I introduce a hydration protocol using  lots of ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, healthy water (versus tap, bottled or R/O) and we evaluate changes that they experience as they begin to re-hydrate the body AND oxygenate the cells after years of chronic dehydration with the wrong kind of fluids.  Time and time again I’ve heard amazing reports back that include the following:

  • People no longer snoring (spouses confirm!)
  • No more sleep apnea –  no more need for CPAP (Dr. confirmations)
  • Sleeping peacefully through the night for the first time in years
  • Regained the sense of smell
  • No longer suffering with allergies or asthma
  • A strong and stable voice again
  • Improved hearing – tinnitus gone
  • No more acid re-flux (acid can’t be good on the airways)
  • and on and on…..

It’s amazing to see what the body is capable of doing for itself if you just give it what it needs.  Deprive the body of what it needs and you’ll pay the ultimate price for it!

The need for a CPAP device just might be the least of your problems!

The typical prescribed fix for apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine that pumps pressurized air through a face-mask, forcing the user to breathe throughout the night. Prices for the machines range from less than $200 to more than $5000, with an estimated US market of about $10 billion annually.


Nothing on the planet (in spite of creative advertising efforts) replaces the body’s need for lots of healthy water.  You can’t fill a fish tank with Diet Coke and expect your fish to live nor can you water your plants with Energy drinks and expect them to grow.  So why do you think that there are viable replacements for water for the human body?  Hmm…

Contrary to popular belief, not all water is created equal.  If you want to experience a healthy turn-around, you’ll need healthy water that is structured in such a way that your body can  absorb it at the cellular level the way it is intended to do!  It takes serious water to do that job!

Hydrate your airways (and all of the rest of you) and see what happens!  You never know…you just might be able to retire your CPAP contraption AND keep a happy spouse all at the same time!

Are you willing to try something as simple as changing your water for improved health or are you too closed-minded to consider the possibilities?

Try it for FREE….see for yourself!

The only thing you stand a chance of losing is your CPAP!




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Trading the Pasture for a Petri Dish? Where’s the Beef?

fake cowSergey Brin, co-founder of Google, funded the production of the world’s first lab-grown hamburger aka synthetic beef. Brin said that he was moved to invest in the technology for “animal welfare reasons”.  I think Brin needs to go vegan and give more consideration to the welfare of the human species.

Brin’s funding was used by a team of scientists led by physiologist Dr Mark Post at Maastricht University (The Netherlands).   This team set out  to grow 20,000 muscle fibers from the stem cells of  cows over the course of three months.  These fibers were extracted from individual culture wells and then pressed together to form “hamburger”.  The objective is to “create meat that is biologically identical to beef” but grown in a lab rather than raised in a field.  I can think of a few things to call this scientific concoction and “hamburger” is NOT on the list.   Have we not learned our lesson about “fake food” yet?

Dr. Post, team leader and physiologist for this project says:

“Cows are very inefficient, they require 100g of vegetable protein to produce only 15g of edible animal protein,” Dr Post told the Guardian before the event. “So we need to feed the cows a lot so that we can feed ourselves. We lose a lot of food that way. [With cultured meat] we can make it more efficient because we have all the variables under control. We don’t need to kill the cow and it doesn’t [produce] any methane.”

The longer I live the stranger the world gets.  Call me old-fashioned but I’m going to keep pushing locally grown (and raised) food and healthy, environmentally friendly water no matter what concoctions they come up with.

I’ll be thinking of Brin every time I eat a sirloin steak that came from one of those “inefficient” cows.  Sue me.



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Is the Recession Making You Sick? Google Says It Is!

stressGoogle has been evaluating high-hit searches and they’ve concluded that people are eagerly searching for answers to headaches, stomach aches, ulcer symptoms and symptoms of depression at astronomical rates and that this search pattern directly correlates to the state of the economy.  Stress is a killer.

Definition of “stress”

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

Are you going to let stress kill you or are you going to do something about it?  If you think that the economy is taking its toll on your family now, how will they fair if you’re too sick to work or (God forbid) dead?  With all of those things that add to the stress level these days, it has NEVER been more important to take better care of yourself.  If you don’t,  the consequences may kill you.

How do you take care of yourself when the sky is falling?  It’s not easy but it’s sure not impossible.  You need to find the balance and you need to be committed to surviving the storm.  Life is a balance between your spiritual self, your physical self and your financial self.  They all go hand-in-hand and if you lack one, you’ll pay the price in the other areas.   As a single mother of four with no financial or physical support to raise my children, I became an expert on stress and the balancing act it takes to survive the storm.

Here is my expert advice for you and your stress:

1.  Remember to take time to focus on the good things.  There may be a lot of drama going on right now but there is ALWAYS a lot to be grateful for too.  Don’t let the bad overcome the good.

2.  Take care of yourself.  Exercise, nutrition and HYDRATION go a long way in relieving stress.   Thirty minutes of exercise and LOTS of healthy water are ridiculously simple.  Do your best eat healthy and avoid emotional eating.  These are all very simple steps to take but in the midst of the storm you may be slacking.  Just do it!

3.  If you don’t have enough money to go around make more money.  If that sounds too simple that’s because it is.  You may have to humble yourself when your current job (or unemployment) isn’t doing the trick but there is always something that you can do to increase your income. Get a part time job or better yet,  start your own business.  Starting your own business can be rewarding, lucrative and it offers a lot of  tax benefits too.

When the economy first took a turn I WAS STRESSED so I turned to two of my wealthiest friends for advice.  They are both self-made multimillionaires and they’ve both had their hands in more than one pot over the years.  Surprisingly they both gave me the same advice.  “Find a need and fill it”.   They stressed the fact that there is never an excuse not to make money if you’re willing to work hard and if you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed (not just what you LIKE to do or what you went to school to do)If .  They both warned against working for a paycheck and counting on false security or the “perfect job”.  Neither had sympathy for those not willing to try and both viewed this economy as a great opportunity to build wealth!  Interesting.

I found a major need and I’m filling it.   It’s rewarding, it’s lucrative and I have lots of tax benefits associated with owning my own business.  The  good news is that I’m not likely to “fire” myself and my “income” is totally tied to how hard I’m willing to work.   If you’d like information on what I’m doing just let me know!

These are tough times that call for tough measures but the good news is that we live in a land of opportunity.   There is a cliche that goes like this..When the going gets tough…the tough get going.  STRESSING OUT is not an option.  It’s  bad for your health AND it will get in your way of fighting through (and surviving) these tough times.

Stop going to Google for your ailments and stop stressing out before it’s too late.  Calm down, make a plan and follow my expert advice. Tomorrow can be a better, stress-free day!



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