Interested in Regenerating Brain Cells? Read on!


The benefits of turmeric are so profound that pharmaceutical firms have repeatedly fought for FDA approval so that this natural spice could be marketed as a prescription drug.  That ought to tell you something!

Fortunately the FDA has refused to categorize this God-given spice as a drug by putting their stamp of approval on it.  Unfortunately many people are missing out on the benefits of this spice because it doesn’t have FDA approval.   Don’t be a fool.  Turmeric is considered to be the most powerful (and impactful) supplement on the planet and the benefits are countless.

Here is a summary of a recent Mercola article on the benefits of turmeric:

  • Curcumin, a bioactive ingredient in the curry spice turmeric, exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities
  • Curcumin is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which is one reason why it holds promise as a neuroprotective agent
  • Recent animal research suggests another bioactive compound in turmeric called aromatic-turmerone can increase neural stem cell growth in the brain by as much as 80 percent at certain concentrations
  • The findings suggest aromatic-turmerone may help in the recovery of brain function in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and stroke
  • Previous research has also shown that curcumin may help inhibit the accumulation of destructive beta-amyloids in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, as well as break up existing plaques
  • Curcumin also has the most evidence-based literature supporting its use against cancer of any other nutrient studied, including vitamin D

As is the case with anything that you consume, you need to have an understanding of the quality of turmeric that you’re counting on to restore (or protect) your health.  Buying low-quality, pesticide enhanced turmeric makes no sense at all when it comes to your health.  You’ll need to invest in the best instead of focusing on the price tag.  How do you put a price tag on your health anyway?  I sure can’t.

Yanbaru (the northern tip of the island of Okinawa) is often referred to as “nature’s treasure” (shizen no takara) in Japanese.  Okinawa is known to be the producer of the finest, the purest and the most “potent” turmeric on the planet due to the climate. the soils and the direction of the sun exposure.  Oh, by the way, there is only one source for this turmeric just in case you’re inclined to buy in to late night infomercials.  Enagic USA (Okinawa based, 40 year old company) owns the exclusive rights to harvest turmeric in this fruitful region of the world.  If you want the best you’ll have to go through them.  Good move, Enagic USA!

There are over 100,000 clinical studies already available on the power of this wonder spice.  If you’re waiting on double-blind studies on human beings don’t hold your breath.  That isn’t likely to happen (due the associated costs) because  there is no promise of FDA approval that would lead to billions of dollars in revenue to pharmaceutical firms.  You’ll have to put your faith in animal testing and human testimonials.

What do you have to lose by introducing quality turmeric into your health protocol?   Buying the best available turmeric will set you back about $5.00 a day…a small price to pay for the benefits you’ll get…about the cost of your daily Starbucks and a whole lot cheaper than moving to Japan.

If you decide that your health is worth $5.00 a day let me know.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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Norman Bates is a Chump! This is Something to Really be Afraid of!


This shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Psycho” was so frightening that it kept people awake at night and caused lots of people to change their shower habits for fear that Norman Bates would pay them a visit too.  One scene in one movie scared people silly and provoked them to make changes!

That was just a movie.  The following real-life list should scare the stew out of EVERYONE and it should provoke you to make changes to avoid danger too:

1 in every 2 males will get cancer at some point in their lifetime

1 in every 3 females will get cancer at some point in their lifetime

1 in every 5 people will get Alzheimer’s by the age of 65

1 in every 50 children have autism

I’ve got my boxing gloves on and I’m fighting back with everything I’ve got! Norman Bates wouldn’t stand a chance with me!   When are you going to WAKE UP, GLOVE UP and FIGHT BACK?  It’s time to take responsibility for your own health and the health of the next generation(s).  Ignoring the threats don’t make them go away no more than ignoring Norman Bates would have made him disappear.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you aren’t invincible.   It doesn’t make sense for you to sit back fat, dumb and happy while expecting to have some medical miracle  “fix” you when you face your own diagnosis.  Modern medicine has NO CURE for any of the these things!   I’m assuming that you’d muster up the courage to fight back if you had an encounter with Norman Bates?   Maybe not.  You’re obviously pretty complacent when it comes to real danger.

There is one very simple change that can have a profound impact on your health and that can get you off on the right track in your FIGHT for health and wellness.  This change is so simple that most people don’t “get it”.  This simple change is 70% of the necessary protocol for your good health!  Without it you die.   Without the right change you rot.   This change addresses THE MOST VITAL  NUTRIENT for the human bodywater.

Change your water source IMMEDIATELY and drink LOTS of it!  Reverse osmosis water (includes most bottled water) is just as harmful to the human body as chemically treated tap water and the BPA is killing you (slow but sure).

It gets a little lonely out here on the island by myself.  Do you want to join me or are you content to “take it lying down”?   Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The health threats that we face today make Norman Bates look like a chump.