Baby Boomers…Epidemic Alzheimer’s on the Way! What Will You Do to Avoid it?


My Health News Daily “Population with Alzheimer’s disease will triple by 2050

With headlines like this how can you sit back and HOPE for a cure?  There won’t be enough nursing homes or nursing care to handle this upcoming epidemic.  With the average cost of Alzheimer’s care at $120,000 a year, most will depend on family caregivers to see them through.  Are you ready for that?

There are 3 incredibly powerful things that you can begin using if you hope to avoid this dreadful disease.  If you’re waiting for your doctor to prescribe them I wouldn’t hold my breath.  How is waiting for the doctor to tell you about action that you can take to avoid disease working out for you so far?  Let’s not forget, we’ve spent billions of dollars on research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s so far and we’re no closer to finding a cure today than we were 20 years ago.  You’d better start taking action NOW!


Although dehydration isn’t named as a cause for Alzheimer’s, ALL studies that have been based on forensic science make reference to a chronically dehydrated brain!   Furthermore, when the brain remains in a chronic state of dehydration year-after-year it begins to shrink.  As the shrinking progresses, the brain spheres begin to fold.  As they fold, those areas of memory are forever lost.  Is it any wonder that the behavior of people with this “disease” is similar?  As spheres “disappear” so does the memory and/or functionality of that part of the brain.  Hmm.  With that in mind, drinking LOTS of healthy water should be a priority for all beginning NOW!

Although some studies point to excessive amounts of aluminum and other metals in the brain as being the “cause” of Alzheimer’s, there is no concrete evidence thus far that concludes that these metals are the cause of this “disease”.    How can a chronically dehydrated individual with a chronically dehydrated brain ever flush out the metals found within the body?   They can’t.  This is just another valid reason to HYDRATE the body and brain if you want to avoid this “disease” and/or if you want to fight back in the midst of a diagnosis.

Healthy water is key…water that is not laced with chemicals (municipal water), water that is rich in minerals (unlike reverse osmosis, distilled or bottled water) and water that has an electrical charge that way it does in its natural state…the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  Water that is “reduced” or that has smaller water molecule clusters so that you can actually absorb and hydrate at the cellular level.

Your very best option for health is electrolyed, ionized water.  This is as close as you can get to a “fountain of youth” because of the “medicinal” properties of the water.  I consider this to be the single most important investment in sustaining health.  Why?  Because the body is 70% water…the brain is 80% water and the blood is 90% water.  Hook it up to your home water source and you’ll produce an endless supply of healthy water year after year for pennies a day.


Avoid exposure to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, metals, etc. at all costs.  There is definitely a link to toxicity and the brain/brain function.  Buy local organic whenever possible and read labels before you consume a food product.  This process takes time and patience but your body will thank you for it!


Almost every day a new study is released on the benefits of turmeric.  In fact, turmeric is getting so much attention these days that pharmaceutical firms are working on developing a synthetic product.  This powerful spice has been scientifically proven to fight inflammation, enhance the immune system AND it breaks down the plaque build-up in the arteries.  Keeping your arteries plaque-free is huge in fighting things like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.  Naturally, you get what you pay for.  The most potent turmeric in the world is grown in Okinawa (Ukon) at a price of about $5.00 a day.  Consider it an investment in your health.  That’s a far cry from $120,000 a year for Alzheimer’s care!

Consider Yourself Warned!

If you’d rather remain complacent and you’re happy with your head in-the-sand then I guess you may not know the difference anyway at some point.  I’ll bet your caregiver will wish you’d listened!

As for me, I’m working double-time to limit my exposure to environmental toxins.  I’m researching known carcinogens and I’m running from all of them.  I’m drinking gallons of medical grade restructured water to help rid myself of the pesticides, heavy metals and toxins I’ve managed to acquire over the years and I’m feeling less at risk every day. Good luck with your “cure” theory.  I’d rather not get it in the first place.



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If an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure…Why are you Banking on Cures?

alzheimersI don’t want to get diagnosed with any disease but most people my age fear  two of them more than all  the others…cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Both of these diseases are running at epidemic rates and it is enough to make even the boldest worry about the future.

Even though the cancer rate in America is now 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females, I don’t worry about it anymore.  I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.  The biggest key for me was learning that WE ALREADY KNOW what causes cancer so the “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a pretty easy fix for me.  Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg  discovered that acidosis is the perfect environment for cancel cells to thrive so if we are able to maintain an alkaline body, we’re able to fend off cancer.  It really is as simple as that.  Just ask any scientist…cancer CANNOT thrive in an alkaline environment.    So eating alkaline foods and drinking lots of alkaLIZED (NOT alkaline) water are just what the doctor ordered for preventing the Big C!  When all else fails (God forbid) there are various treatments designed to battle the Big C.  That’s not true when it comes to Alzheimer’s.

In all honesty, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s would be more frightening to me.  As a single mother my children have been my world and I’ve been theirs.  I’ve seen the pain in the face of a friend when their own mother (or father) no longer recognized them so I don’t ever want my own children to know that pain.  There are some experimental “treatments” that attempt to slow down the journey to never-never land but there is NOTHING to “cure” it.

We’re no closer to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s than we are in finding a cure for cancer so I think its time to focus more on the ounce of PREVENTION instead of the pound of cure.  There are some very positive (and very promising) steps toward prevention that we can ALL take.  Of course you’ll have to make a few sacrifices but it is well worth it.

Almost every day there are research studies released that show astounding benefits that turmeric has on reversing dementia and Alzheimer’s.  In fact, some of these studies have shown such positive results with turmeric for dementia and Alzheimer’s that they believe that we can avoid it altogether.  Furthermore it is believed that turmeric will one day (soon) be used in mainstream therapies for Alzheimer’s.

I may not be the brightest bulb in the world but when I see what positive results this age-old spice is having on Alzheimer’s, I’m spending my ounce of prevention toward taking the most potent turmeric that I can get my hands on.  Turmeric grown in Okinawa is known to be the very best.  In fact, Okinawa has an astounding number of healthy 100 year-olds AND things like Alzheimer’s are virtually non-existent in their society!   I found a source for Okinawa turmeric (one company has the exclusive rights to the turmeric farms in Okinawa) so for $5.00 a day I am able to give my body the most potent, purest turmeric found anywhere in the world.  That sure beats the estimated $120,000 per year that the average Alzheimer’s victim spends.   I sleep a lot better at night knowing that I am PROACTIVELY fighting against Alzheimer’s and I’m not worried about it anymore either!   Can you say that?

Are you playing Russian roulette and banking on a cure by the time you get a diagnosis?   Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Never mind…you probably won’t remember reading this anyway.

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Norman Bates is a Chump! This is Something to Really be Afraid of!


This shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Psycho” was so frightening that it kept people awake at night and caused lots of people to change their shower habits for fear that Norman Bates would pay them a visit too.  One scene in one movie scared people silly and provoked them to make changes!

That was just a movie.  The following real-life list should scare the stew out of EVERYONE and it should provoke you to make changes to avoid danger too:

1 in every 2 males will get cancer at some point in their lifetime

1 in every 3 females will get cancer at some point in their lifetime

1 in every 5 people will get Alzheimer’s by the age of 65

1 in every 50 children have autism

I’ve got my boxing gloves on and I’m fighting back with everything I’ve got! Norman Bates wouldn’t stand a chance with me!   When are you going to WAKE UP, GLOVE UP and FIGHT BACK?  It’s time to take responsibility for your own health and the health of the next generation(s).  Ignoring the threats don’t make them go away no more than ignoring Norman Bates would have made him disappear.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you aren’t invincible.   It doesn’t make sense for you to sit back fat, dumb and happy while expecting to have some medical miracle  “fix” you when you face your own diagnosis.  Modern medicine has NO CURE for any of the these things!   I’m assuming that you’d muster up the courage to fight back if you had an encounter with Norman Bates?   Maybe not.  You’re obviously pretty complacent when it comes to real danger.

There is one very simple change that can have a profound impact on your health and that can get you off on the right track in your FIGHT for health and wellness.  This change is so simple that most people don’t “get it”.  This simple change is 70% of the necessary protocol for your good health!  Without it you die.   Without the right change you rot.   This change addresses THE MOST VITAL  NUTRIENT for the human bodywater.

Change your water source IMMEDIATELY and drink LOTS of it!  Reverse osmosis water (includes most bottled water) is just as harmful to the human body as chemically treated tap water and the BPA is killing you (slow but sure).

It gets a little lonely out here on the island by myself.  Do you want to join me or are you content to “take it lying down”?   Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The health threats that we face today make Norman Bates look like a chump.