The Donald Drinks Kangen Water…What Does HE Know That YOU Don’t?


The Donald isn’t alone when it comes to high-profile believers in Kangen Water®.   Kangen isn’t a fashion statement for celebrities, it’s a commitment to  health and wellness.  More and more the “Who’s Who” list is focusing on eating only the best organic food and they are sure to maintain good hydration with the best water money can buy.

These celebrities are smart enough not to overlook the importance of healthy water.  They understand that the body is 70% water and they know that water is the most important nutrient for the human body.  Who in their right mind would overlook the body’s most important nutrient?  Surely not anybody focused on good health!  There are a lot of things that we can do to be healthy but nothing…absolutely NOTHING replaces the body’s need for good water.

What is Kangen Water®?  In Japanese the word Kangen means return to origin.  Kangen Water®   is restructured (using ionization) to mirror water found in just a few places of the world today.   Nature has a way of getting these results on its own but unless you want to travel to Lourdes, France, Tlacote, Mexico or the Himalaya’s you might want to follow The Donald’s lead.

Here are a few of The Donald’s friends that also

drink Kangen Water® 

Bill Gates (he owns 16 units so that he’s never without it!)

Erin Brockovich (she knows a thing or two about about safe water)

Martha Stewart

Jenifer Lopez

Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser – doesn’t go anywhere without her Kangen)

Tiger Woods

The Seattle Seahawks

The White House

Sylvester Stallone

Chuck Norris

Toby Keith

Ricky Scaggs

Christina Aquilera

Elton John

Aerosmith (Steven Tyler)

Tom Cruise

Ron Pearlman

Pat Boone

John Mayer

Conan O’Brien

Angelina Jolie (and crew)

Demi Moore

Magic Johnson

Reggie Jackson

Jennifer Aniston

Carlos Santana

and many more (including me!)

The Donald works hard to maintain good heath.  He works out, gets plenty of rest, he eats right and he drinks Kangen Water®.  We’ll work on the hair next.  One thing at a time!



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Lower IQ? Blame it on the Arsenic in Your Water!


A new  study was just released that correlates exposure to arsenic in well water with a lower IQ.  Who put arsenic in the water?

Arsenic occurs naturally in groundwater, which means that people who get their water from wells may be consuming it.  To make matters worse, inorganic arsenic was used for farming purposes for years and, although it has been banned for use in the U.S. for 2 decades, contaminants can remain in the soil for 40 years or more.  It is no secret that whatever is in the soil will ultimately end up in the water supply.  In fact, ground water contamination is a killer and USGS researchers recommend that people who rely on wells invest in a filtration system.

I talk to a lot of people about water and it never ceases to amaze me how little most  know (and understand) about it.  Most people who rely on well water for their homes have a false sense of security about the safety of their water.   Apparently if it’s clear and clean-looking and it passes their “taste test” they believe that it’s safe and healthy.   Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I live in rural Virginia and I get my water from a well.   The land surrounding my home was farmed for many years before it was sold off and developed. Undoubtedly arsenic was applied to the fields for pesticide purposes for a  long time and when my well was tested I was shocked at the level of arsenic found in my tap water!

Water is the most vital nutrient for the human body and it’s nothing to take for granted.  Whether you rely on municipal water, well water or commercially bottled water you MUST take action to make it safe for you and your family.  My action involves purification and ionization.  Today my family has access to the safest, healthiest (and best tasting) water available anywhere.

What about you?  Will you be taking action to assure that you have safe, healthy drinking water or are you content to keep your head in the sand?  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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Pooh Pooh, Penta. The Best Thing Going For it is Good Marketing

phPlacing a purple label on a plastic bottle and calling “purified” and/or “super hydrating water” does NOT make this fancy water a good choice.  You might like to put forth the image that your lips only pass over the best, most natural, organic, purified substances but you are only fooling yourself AND your checkbook.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

Penta water stations can be found in lots of health food stores these days.   Unfortunately, most people believe that if it is found inside of a health food store it IS healthy.  That’s mistake #1.

The Penta merchandising display is very impressive with hints of purple (the color of high alkaline levels on a pH chart) everywhere.    Unfortunately, independent tests prove that this water is in the 4 pH range…no better than your everyday bottled water. It’s frightening to think that any water bottled in toxic plastic could be touted as healthy.  Apparently all of those warnings about the danger of plastics must be falling on deaf ears.

Penta water is supposed to pass through a 13 point  purification process. Reverse osmosis is a pretty complicated process if you break down the steps involved.    Reverse osmosis water is also VERY bad for the human body.   This process was originally introduced for industrial purposes…not for human consumption.   Water is supposed to contain minerals and these minerals play a HUGE role in your health.   When you remove all of the natural minerals (along with the chemicals),  your body doesn’t even recognize the fluid as water and it is forced to rob your body elsewhere to get what it needs to perform like water is supposed to.  Sad but true.

Penta water is also proclaimed to be oxygenated which could aid in the body’s ability to hydrate more efficiently.  For those of you who know little about restructured water, rest assured that the results that come forth from ionizing water are temporary.  Drinking ionized water straight from the tap (or very shortly thereafter)  has tremendous benefits to the body but it isn’t possible to bottle the electrical charge and expect it to still be “charged” months or years later.  That’s just science.  It sure sounds good, though!

The most popular size bottle for Penta water is 16 ounces and the price is $2.50+ range.  You can do your own math but from where I’m sitting that means that you’re paying about $20.00 a gallon for trendy water.   Since MOST people should be drinking about a gallon a day of (healthy) water, your Penta habit could set you back $600 per month.  Perhaps you’re just adding a bottle of this trendy water in with all of the other fluids that you drink from toxic plastic bottles each day and expecting the 16 ounces to work miracles.    There you go again…looking for that quick fix.

One bottle of Penta a day cannot hydrate you nor can it make your body more alkaline.   It would take a whole lot more than that to do the job!   But I guess if you look at the bright side, drinking just one bottle a day reduces your expense to a mere $75.00 a month (for the rest of your life).  Ha!  And people criticize me for what I paid for my medical-grade ionizer that will produce an endless supply of healthy water every day for the rest of my life.  Who’s the fool?



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Is the Recession Making You Sick? Google Says It Is!

stressGoogle has been evaluating high-hit searches and they’ve concluded that people are eagerly searching for answers to headaches, stomach aches, ulcer symptoms and symptoms of depression at astronomical rates and that this search pattern directly correlates to the state of the economy.  Stress is a killer.

Definition of “stress”

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

Are you going to let stress kill you or are you going to do something about it?  If you think that the economy is taking its toll on your family now, how will they fair if you’re too sick to work or (God forbid) dead?  With all of those things that add to the stress level these days, it has NEVER been more important to take better care of yourself.  If you don’t,  the consequences may kill you.

How do you take care of yourself when the sky is falling?  It’s not easy but it’s sure not impossible.  You need to find the balance and you need to be committed to surviving the storm.  Life is a balance between your spiritual self, your physical self and your financial self.  They all go hand-in-hand and if you lack one, you’ll pay the price in the other areas.   As a single mother of four with no financial or physical support to raise my children, I became an expert on stress and the balancing act it takes to survive the storm.

Here is my expert advice for you and your stress:

1.  Remember to take time to focus on the good things.  There may be a lot of drama going on right now but there is ALWAYS a lot to be grateful for too.  Don’t let the bad overcome the good.

2.  Take care of yourself.  Exercise, nutrition and HYDRATION go a long way in relieving stress.   Thirty minutes of exercise and LOTS of healthy water are ridiculously simple.  Do your best eat healthy and avoid emotional eating.  These are all very simple steps to take but in the midst of the storm you may be slacking.  Just do it!

3.  If you don’t have enough money to go around make more money.  If that sounds too simple that’s because it is.  You may have to humble yourself when your current job (or unemployment) isn’t doing the trick but there is always something that you can do to increase your income. Get a part time job or better yet,  start your own business.  Starting your own business can be rewarding, lucrative and it offers a lot of  tax benefits too.

When the economy first took a turn I WAS STRESSED so I turned to two of my wealthiest friends for advice.  They are both self-made multimillionaires and they’ve both had their hands in more than one pot over the years.  Surprisingly they both gave me the same advice.  “Find a need and fill it”.   They stressed the fact that there is never an excuse not to make money if you’re willing to work hard and if you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed (not just what you LIKE to do or what you went to school to do)If .  They both warned against working for a paycheck and counting on false security or the “perfect job”.  Neither had sympathy for those not willing to try and both viewed this economy as a great opportunity to build wealth!  Interesting.

I found a major need and I’m filling it.   It’s rewarding, it’s lucrative and I have lots of tax benefits associated with owning my own business.  The  good news is that I’m not likely to “fire” myself and my “income” is totally tied to how hard I’m willing to work.   If you’d like information on what I’m doing just let me know!

These are tough times that call for tough measures but the good news is that we live in a land of opportunity.   There is a cliche that goes like this..When the going gets tough…the tough get going.  STRESSING OUT is not an option.  It’s  bad for your health AND it will get in your way of fighting through (and surviving) these tough times.

Stop going to Google for your ailments and stop stressing out before it’s too late.  Calm down, make a plan and follow my expert advice. Tomorrow can be a better, stress-free day!



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