M.I.T. Understands Electrically Charged Water! What’s Your Problem?

MIT News:

 “Droplets get a charge out of jumping!  Condensation on a metal plate leads to formation of droplets that carry an electric charge”

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered that small water droplets that collect on a superhydrophobic surface and “jump” from it actually possess an electric charge.  In this case the Superhydrophobic surface was metal however, these surfaces  are simply explained as water-resistant surfaces.  Some plant leaves and butterfly wings are good examples of “natural” superhydophic surfaces.

Described as an “unexpected finding,” the ability of the water droplets to carry an electric charge lead these scientists to believe that there may be new ways to harness power using electrically charged water.

“We found that when these droplets jump, through analysis of high-speed video, we saw that they repel one another midflight,” Miljkovic said. “Previous studies have shown no such effect. When we first saw that, we were intrigued.”

MIT is always ahead of the curve.  It is no secret that they use electrically charged water (aka ionized water) in their conference center to replace harmful cleaning chemicals.  The system that they use to modify the pH of their source water also produces high alkaline drinking water for their staff.   If anybody understands the power of restructured, electrified water it’s MIT!

If the ionized water skeptics out there want to argue with MIT, knock your socks off!   I’m happy drinking my electrically charged water in the comfort of my own home and watching MIT put the science behind the amazing health benefits that I’ve been seeing for a long time.



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Get Electrified! You’ll Be Glad You Did!

trampoline hair

Do you ever wonder why you get fly-away hair?  It all comes down to electricity.  Your hair is made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. If the atom has the same amount of protons and electrons, it’s neutral. When electrons move from one atom to another, the atom can become positively charged, causing static.  When positively charged, hair strands “repel” against one other.  Hence, fly away or “electrified” hair.

This visual example of an electrical charge is easily understood. Unfortunately, when the results of an electrical charge is out of sight, it is also out of mind for most people.

When water comes forth from the earth through glacier melting or mountain streams, it is electrified through its journey.  Water that we have access to today has a lot of problems, not the least of which is that it lacks a negative electrical charge beneficial to the human body.  Ionized, alkalized water is the answer to our “dead” bottled water and tap water and it can profoundly change your health if you’ll let it.

One of the most significant benefits of “medical-grade” ionized, alkalized water is the electrical charge.  When we are able to introduce a high enough electrical charge to water; we can produce what scientists refer to as “dissociation of water“.  Dissociation means that the molecular structure of the water has been altered and  the molecule clusters have been reduced to a smaller size (we often  refer to this as “restructured water” or micro-clustered water”).  This electrical charge also causes the water molecules to repel one another in the same way that hair strands repel other hair strands when they are electrified.  So you see?  There is a lot more to ionized, alkalized water than you may have been thinking!

We seem to forget that the human body is one big biochemical reaction and electricity is the key component to all.  Rest assured, electrically charged water (with smaller water molecule clusters) is a big deal when it comes to your body’s ability to adequately absorb the water you’re drinking.  After all, if your water isn’t able to penetrate the human cell through the aquaporin (known as the plumbing system of the human cell), how can you possibly hydrate at the cellular level?

I hope that this short science lesson will inspire you to get electrified Drinking ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water is the single most impactful thing that you can do for your health and the health of your family…at least that what the 30,000,000 million people already drinking Kangen Water® say.



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