Is Convenience Killing Your Children? Ask Mercola!

Mercola Headlines:

“Worst Endocrine Disruptors Revealed AND They Could Be Raising Your Family’s Cancer Risk”


Here are a few of the highlights:

  • A number of common chemicals in your home and environment are known as endocrine disruptors, many of which are found in plastic products
  • Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are similar in structure to natural sex hormones such as estrogen, thereby interfering with their normal functions. Children are at greatest risk for adverse effects
  • 12 worst endocrine disruptors are: BPA, dioxin, Atrazine, phthalates, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury, arsenic, PFC’s, organophosphate pesticides, and glycol ethers
  • The connection between endocrine disrupting chemicals and cancer is of particular concern. Children who are exposed to these chemicals from a young age may be predisposed to cancer at increasingly earlier ages
  • A recent report co-produced by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Program suggests a ban on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may actually be needed to protect the health of future generations

Top 3 Action Items to Protect Our Children

1.  GET RID OF PLASTIC!!!  All of it.  Most of what you have access to DOES CONTAIN BPA and there isn’t a plastic on the planet that isn’t harmful to  human life.

2.  While you’re eliminating plastics you’ll need to make decisions about THE MOST IMPORTANT component to health and LIFE…WATER!   By changing your water you CAN profoundly change your health.  In addition to going GREEN, you’ll stop contributing to the pollution of the planet and the poisoning of your children and your grandchildren.  Garbage in/Garbage out applies to toxins too.  Everything you’re exposed to is passed on for generations to come.  You can’t begin to detox of the harmful chemicals until you STOP being exposed to them and start “flushing’ them out with lots of HEALTHY water.  Bottled water is OUT.  Municipal tap water is OUT.  My family is leading by example – we use a commercial grade/medical grade ionizer to produce our own healthy, chemical free water at home and we REFUSE to use plastics.  No need for us to travel to Lourdes, France to get healing water!  It’s right in our kitchen!

3.  AVOID CHEMICALS AT ALL COSTS!  Many of the products that you use around your home and for personal hygiene are highly toxic.  For instance, dryer sheets contain very high levels of MERCURY.   Who knew? They may smell good BUT by wearing clothes laced with mercury your children are exposed to mercury 24/7.  Don’t look now but there are a whole lot of people protesting the use of vaccines due to the  risk of  mercury exposure – all the while they refuse to give up the convenience (and good smell) of dryer sheets.  Go figure.

There are healthy cleaning and hygiene products that won’t break the bank.  If you understand the science behind what makes these products effective (the pH level of the product itself) then you’ll be able to make healthy GREEN changes!   By modifying the pH of your water source you can replace MOST products.  Blue is the new green IF you have access to a commercial grade/medical grade water ionizer.

Children are at greatest risk and they deserve better than what we’re giving them.   By exposing our children day after day, year after year to harmful toxins, we are willingly jeopardizing their health.  Our need for convenience is costing our children life and health.   Making changes truly is a matter of life and death!  I believe our children are worth every sacrifice.  What about you?




Water Shortages? You Better Believe it! What Are You Going to do About it?

kennedy quote

Two billion people across the globe don’t have fresh water and yet; water is the source of all life.   In places like Mexico City, people spend as much as 30% of their annual income buying enough water just to keep them alive. Will America be next?

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t give water a second thought.  As long as we can turn on the tap and clear water comes out we believe all is well with the world.  We spend $640 per year per person (on the average) buying bottled water that we’ve convinced ourselves is healthy in spite of the health warnings.  When will American’s get off of their high-horse and stop wasting water as if there is no end?

What’s The Problem?

There are two major problems with our water.  First and foremost, there is only so much of it to go around.  In fact, if we didn’t recycle sewage to be used as tap water America would already be “tapped out” of water.  To further compound our problem, each time you purchase commercially bottled water you’re contributing to the depletion of our water supply.  Did you know that it takes 5 liters of water to produce a 1 liter bottle of water?  With only so much of it to go around, allowing companies (like Nestle,  Coke and Pepsi) to tap our water resources only to resell water back to us makes absolutely no sense.  It’s time to wake up and trade your desire for convenience for a good dose of common sense!

What Do The Experts Say?

Our second problem with water is health.  In Reducing Environmental Risk of Cancer the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that we need to work with our tap water source (making it as healthy as possible) instead of opting for bottled water in order to reduce the risk of cancer.  There are numerous health risks associated with the consumption of  bottled water.  In addition to being stored in plastics that are known to cause cancer and disrupt hormones, most bottled water is reverse osmosis water that has been cleared of most chemicals and robbed of all vital minerals.  Water must be naturally laced with minerals to be beneficial to the human body.  Without minerals, water can’t conduct the electrical impulses necessary for health and functionality.  A lot of our health problems can be directly attributed  to the water we’re drinking!

So…we’re spending approximately $6.00 a gallon on water that is hazardous to our health and detrimental to our water supply.  Does that make any sense to you?  Our arrogance and our willingness to waste is shameful.  Maybe we need to spend a week or two in Mexico City to gain a better understanding of the value of water?

Nobel Prize Worthy!

I may not have all of the answers but I definitely have the answer for our water problems.  In fact, my answer should be Nobel Prize worthy based on Kennedy’s definition.  I don’t contribute to water waste nor do I throw hard-earned money at water in plastic bottles that I know is bad for me.  I follow the advice of NIH.  I restructure my tap water to return it to the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  I ionize my water with the very best equipment money can buy.  My health is worth it….my family is worth it and (to me)  the planet is worth it.  No more tap water laced with chemicals or $6.00 a gallon in plastic containers.

As a result of changing my water source I sleep better at night.  Partly because I’m being socially responsible and partly because I’m (finally) giving my body the water that it’s been craving all along.

When are you going to do your part to resolve our water problems?



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“Evian” spelled backwards is “NAIVE”

evianIt looks like the joke is on us.  We have had some very NAIVE drinking habits.  Here are some facts about bottled water that you may not know:

  1.  The majority of bottled water is just tap water with the chlorine removed. doesn’t come from some mysterious natural spring somewhere…that’s just good marketing
  2. The chemicals in tap water/bottled water are KNOWN to cause cancer but we gladly buy it and drink it anyway
  3. The toxic chemicals from the recycled bottles leach into the water making it far more dangerous to drink commercially bottled water than regular tap water
  4. No “official” government authority tests the quality of the water – the FDA trusts the providers to only bottle the best water for you and me – now that’s N A I V E!
  5. Each of these water bottle contains approximately 1 cup of oil in the making and if the bottles are not recycled (90% of of all plastic bottles aren’t) it will take approximately 1,000 years to disintegrate by natural means
  6. For each liter of water bottled, it takes approximately 5 liters of water for the reverse osmosis process
  7. The biggest contributor to the pollution of the earth’s water is plastic water bottles…that’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so scary!
  8.  The EPA will confirm that the toxins from water bottles dumped into the ocean are killing our fish but they won’t comment on what those bottles are doing to humans or what eating toxic fish will do for all
  9. The distribution of bottled water consumes approximately 25 billion gallons of oil each year.   It doesn’t make a whole lot of  sense to spend all of that money and to consume all of that oil to move water around that is merely tap water in the first place.  Sounds like a “shell game” to me!

As I ponder these facts I can’t help but wonder….was the name “EVIAN” carefully selected and intended to be a play with letters?

Stop being NAÏVE!  

Stop PAYING to drink toxic water!

The chemicals are killing you and your family and the

aftermath is killing our planet

As for me and my family, we drink only PURE Kangen Water®.  By the way, so does Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, the White House, Leonard DiCaprio, Jillian Michaels, Sylvester Stallone, Angelina Jolie,  Beyoncé and a whole lot more.  We’re not naive.  How about you?

No chemicals, no recycled bottles, no kidding.

Ask me how at



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Cheers! From Waste Water Treatment Plant To You!

If you are on a municipal water system you are drinking (and bathing in) chemically treated sewage. You wonder why we have health problems?  There is no way to avoid parasites or pharmaceuticals that have been passed through the human body then treated and piped back into your home. This is the reason we find drugs within us that we’ve never consumed!  New York just approved the allowance for up to 20% solid human waste in their water system.  A filter and a few hundred chemicals later; and you’ve got tap water to drink and to bathe in! This image puts it all into perspective. What you can’t see won’t hurt you…right?


It’s time to get serious about the water you drink and bathe in.

It’s time to take care of your water problem once and for all!

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Age of Convenience…A Painful Reminder

convenienceWe don’t want to diet.  We want a pill that miraculously makes us lose weight or we go to a surgeon to have our fat surgically removed.

We don’t want to exercise.  We buy six-pack enhancers from “As Seen on TV” and hope they work in 20 minutes or less.

We don’t want to think about healthy choices.  ”If it feels good”…we do it!

We don’t want to grow old gracefully.  We want a nip, tuck or suck that leaves us scarred but believing that we’re fooling the world.

We don’t want to wait for a call back.  If we send a text message we want an immediate response.

We don’t want to entertain our kids.  We let them teethe on an iPod and call them techi-babies

We don’t want to think about what we eat or drink.  If it looks good and tastes good then it must be good, right?

We don’t want to be bothered refilling a water bottle.  Instead we buy toxic water in recycled bottles and call it “convenience”.

We don’t want to “make it from scratch”.  If it comes in a box it has our name on it.

We don’t want to wait for the luxuries in life.  If we can borrow the money to get a new toy NOW we do it.  (We love plastic in more ways than one).

We don’t want to work hard for nickels and dimes.  We want that “ship” to come in right NOW.

We don’t want to wait for our food to heat up.  Instead we radiate our food in a microwave regardless of the consequences.

We don’t want to cook dinner.  We’ll do fast food drive-thru in a heart beat and convince ourselves that our time is more valuable than our health is.

We don’t want to wait in the grocery line.  Instead we’ll pay a premium to order online and pick it up at the curb.

We don’t want to hear the kids whine.  Instead we hand them our credit card and send them to the mall.

We don’t want to wait for kindergarten.  Instead we put the kids in daycare as early as possible and pretend like we’re socializing them.

We don’t want to take the time to attend a kids’ baseball game.  We’re far too busy for that!  Instead we purchase the best cleats and gloves that we can get our hands on and buy our way out of guilt.

We can’t be worried about being good examples for the kids.  Instead we tell them to “do as I say…not as I do”.

We don’t want to think about preventing cancer.  We choose to live our life any way we want to and bank on a doctor having a miracle cure when we need one.

We don’t want ugly food.  Instead we like the look of perfection that comes from using chemicals and pesticides.

We don’t care about the environment.  Instead we take it for granted and we opt for the convenience of disposable goods at all costs.

We don’t want to take the time to build relationships.  Instead we opt for a “tweet” or a “post” to people we call “friends” and we think that ought to be enough for anybody.

Yep…we live in the Age of Convenience and it’s taking its toll on life in more ways than one.

Go ahead.  Live with a little inconvenience.  It may be a little painful to make some changes BUT you’ll be so glad you did in the LONG run.

Remember, patience is a virtue.



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Urgent Warning Men! What You Drink Could be Killing You!

man-drinking-sodaHey Guys…if you’re partial to sipping your favorite soda,  consider yourself warned!   According to a 15-year study just one carbonated drink a day could raise your chances of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

The study, carried out by Swedish scientists, tracked the health of more 8,000 men aged 45-73 over a 15 year span. All were screened prior to the study’s commencement to ensure they were all in relatively the same good health. Participants were made to track their daily eating habits. At the end of the study this data was analyzed.

What the scientists discovered was VERY alarming. Those men who on average drank just one soda a day appeared 40 percent more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.   The cancer was not picked up during standard screening but was diagnosed after the participants showed symptoms of prostate problems.   Scary stats for the male population!

How about a glass of pure, alkaline, ionized micro-clustered water instead?  Kangen water hydrates at the cellular level in a way that NO other water can.    Sounds like a wise choice for ALL!



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Baby Boomers…Epidemic Alzheimer’s on the Way! What Will You Do to Avoid it?


My Health News Daily “Population with Alzheimer’s disease will triple by 2050

With headlines like this how can you sit back and HOPE for a cure?  There won’t be enough nursing homes or nursing care to handle this upcoming epidemic.  With the average cost of Alzheimer’s care at $120,000 a year, most will depend on family caregivers to see them through.  Are you ready for that?

There are 3 incredibly powerful things that you can begin using if you hope to avoid this dreadful disease.  If you’re waiting for your doctor to prescribe them I wouldn’t hold my breath.  How is waiting for the doctor to tell you about action that you can take to avoid disease working out for you so far?  Let’s not forget, we’ve spent billions of dollars on research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s so far and we’re no closer to finding a cure today than we were 20 years ago.  You’d better start taking action NOW!


Although dehydration isn’t named as a cause for Alzheimer’s, ALL studies that have been based on forensic science make reference to a chronically dehydrated brain!   Furthermore, when the brain remains in a chronic state of dehydration year-after-year it begins to shrink.  As the shrinking progresses, the brain spheres begin to fold.  As they fold, those areas of memory are forever lost.  Is it any wonder that the behavior of people with this “disease” is similar?  As spheres “disappear” so does the memory and/or functionality of that part of the brain.  Hmm.  With that in mind, drinking LOTS of healthy water should be a priority for all beginning NOW!

Although some studies point to excessive amounts of aluminum and other metals in the brain as being the “cause” of Alzheimer’s, there is no concrete evidence thus far that concludes that these metals are the cause of this “disease”.    How can a chronically dehydrated individual with a chronically dehydrated brain ever flush out the metals found within the body?   They can’t.  This is just another valid reason to HYDRATE the body and brain if you want to avoid this “disease” and/or if you want to fight back in the midst of a diagnosis.

Healthy water is key…water that is not laced with chemicals (municipal water), water that is rich in minerals (unlike reverse osmosis, distilled or bottled water) and water that has an electrical charge that way it does in its natural state…the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  Water that is “reduced” or that has smaller water molecule clusters so that you can actually absorb and hydrate at the cellular level.

Your very best option for health is electrolyed, ionized water.  This is as close as you can get to a “fountain of youth” because of the “medicinal” properties of the water.  I consider this to be the single most important investment in sustaining health.  Why?  Because the body is 70% water…the brain is 80% water and the blood is 90% water.  Hook it up to your home water source and you’ll produce an endless supply of healthy water year after year for pennies a day.


Avoid exposure to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, metals, etc. at all costs.  There is definitely a link to toxicity and the brain/brain function.  Buy local organic whenever possible and read labels before you consume a food product.  This process takes time and patience but your body will thank you for it!


Almost every day a new study is released on the benefits of turmeric.  In fact, turmeric is getting so much attention these days that pharmaceutical firms are working on developing a synthetic product.  This powerful spice has been scientifically proven to fight inflammation, enhance the immune system AND it breaks down the plaque build-up in the arteries.  Keeping your arteries plaque-free is huge in fighting things like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.  Naturally, you get what you pay for.  The most potent turmeric in the world is grown in Okinawa (Ukon) at a price of about $5.00 a day.  Consider it an investment in your health.  That’s a far cry from $120,000 a year for Alzheimer’s care!

Consider Yourself Warned!

If you’d rather remain complacent and you’re happy with your head in-the-sand then I guess you may not know the difference anyway at some point.  I’ll bet your caregiver will wish you’d listened!

As for me, I’m working double-time to limit my exposure to environmental toxins.  I’m researching known carcinogens and I’m running from all of them.  I’m drinking gallons of medical grade restructured water to help rid myself of the pesticides, heavy metals and toxins I’ve managed to acquire over the years and I’m feeling less at risk every day. Good luck with your “cure” theory.  I’d rather not get it in the first place.



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Autism…Alzheimer’s…Don’t Forget to Water the Brain!



Though there are so many unanswered questions about conditions like Autism and Alzheimer’s and seemingly endless therapies being used in hopes of  combating the symptoms, many people are overlooking a critical therapeutic component….watering the brain.

There is a lot of focus on dietary restrictions and many who are of the belief that heavy metals are to blame while there is little (or no) concern about hydration of the brain and natural “flushing” of toxins.   Although refraining from exposure to more heavy metal toxicity by opting out of immunizations can be a wise decision, there is a strong probability that the body is already in heavy metal overload and it needs “help” to flush the metals out.  Did you know that if the brain is dehydrated by as little as 1% that we lose 10% brain capacity?  NONE of us can afford to lose that much brain power!   

Its time to pay as much attention to what we drink as we do dietary  needs.  Water isn’t “just water” no more than food is “just food” or air is “just air”.   Don’t let the fact that your water is clear and clean looking fool you.  You  may not die of thirst if you’re drinking juices or filtered water BUT your body and brain are absolutely suffering from the lack of  hydration and the benefit of ionized, alkalized, restructured water to ensure efficient hydration at the cellular level.

Dr. Corrine Allen, world-renowned specialist in brain related issues and founder of the Advanced Learning & Development Institute has changed the water source for her patients and testifies that she has seen an increase in her therapeutic results by 30%!  We can’t afford to ignore proven results this powerful!

I am eye-witness to astounding changes in people suffering with Autism, ADHD, dementia  and just plain “brain fog” that so many of us are challenged with,  just by changing the source of their water from “dead” water to ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water.  Don’t believe it?  Try it for FREE for 30 days and see for yourself!

Give your body what it needs…give your brain what it needs…give your loved one what is desperately needed for the body to work at full capacity. Don’t shoot the messenger…your body was wired that way!

Water is the key component to the effectiveness of all other therapies and we have the science to prove it!




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Take 2 Pills and Don’t Call Me In The Morning!

quick fixIt is reported that the average doctor visit in the U.S. is 7 minutes long and the average patient walks out with 2 prescriptions.  Although I don’t presume to have their knowledge-base nor do I necessarily question their authority; I DO question precisely how much these guys can possibly get to know about us and our “problems” within those 7 minutes.  Clearly we spend a lot more time flipping through magazines in the waiting room than we will ever get to spend with the doctor.  Sad but true.

My mechanic spends more than 7 minutes with me to get a thorough understanding of what my car is doing or not doing. My hairdresser spends more than 7 minutes with me discussing what I want to have done to my hair. I never once spent less than 7 minutes talking with a teacher at school about one of my children so it is troubling that the very person who holds my life (literally) in his/her hands apparently has no desire to look for, or to adequately evaluate, the root cause of my problem.  Apparently they’re happy with the Reader’s Digest version of the symptoms.  It’s so much easier to write a prescription or two.

With all of the focus on the environmental issues and the relative impact to our health, it seems logical that we would at least be asked about our potential exposure to toxins and our general lifestyle.  It sure would be nice to know that the doctor is actually looking for the CAUSE not just the most profitable TREATMENT.   I don’t particularly want to take a pill to do away with my symptoms…I’d rather address the root cause of my symptoms and avoid it completely!!

Almost every week of this year I have received an email requesting prayer and support in finding a CURE for cancer THIS YEAR.  Don’t get me wrong…of COURSE I want us to find a “cure” for cancer BUT if we already know the root cause of cancer (we’ve known since 1923) so why aren’t we focusing on that?  When is the last time that your doctor talked to you about that one? Oops.  What was I thinking? He probably didn’t have time.


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Go Ahead! Drink up! What’s One More Bottle?

1500 bottles of water are consumed every second in the US

Of the 50 billion bottles consumed each year 80% end up in landfills

17 million barrels of oil are used to produce bottled water each year

Cancer causing toxins leach into the water from plastic bottles


Under different circumstances this would be considered criminal



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