Washington, DC Area Highest U.S.Colon Cancer Death Rate


Dirty-little-secrets about what goes on in Washington, DC hit the news daily and the mud-slinging seemingly never ends.  What we know is overwhelming enough…I’m not sure I want to know all of what goes on in the most powerful city in the world!

Unfortunately there is one BIG secret about the Washington metropolitan area that most people don’t know and need to hear.   If you peel back the underbelly of the beltway you’ll find that the Washington metropolitan area has the highest death rate for colon cancer of any place in the United States.

When you ask the “experts” why the colon cancer rate is so high in the Washington area, they’ll claim that the problem is that we slack on colon cancer screening. Screening for cancer DOESN’T STOP CANCER it just opens the door for costly diagnostics and ultimate “treatments”. Sadly, colon cancer for people under the age of 30 is the hardest hit demographic in the United States AND IT’S TIME to focus on the problem instead of the solution!

If the problem wasn’t so serious (and so deadly), the “expert” explanation would be laughable.  Screening for cancer has nothing at all to do with the cancer rate and it’s certainly not the answer to reducing it. It IS the answer for lots of billable expenses.  PREVENTION is the key and that’s something that most physicians won’t even talk about.  In their defense, they’re trained to test and treat and NOT to help you avoid the problems in the first place.  That part is up to you.

What causes colon cancer?  There are a number of lifestyle problems to blame. Obviously diet has a tremendous impact on the rate of colon cancer.  Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the leading colon specialist in the world and best selling author of The Enzyme Factor states that your diet and your water are the two key factors in maintaining colon health.

How to Keep Your Colon Healthy

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, a balance of grains, reduced protein intake and eliminating dairy products pretty much sums up the “healthy colon diet”.  By the way, dairy products aren’t the real problem…its what’s in the dairy products these days that is wreaking havoc on your colon health.  Keep in mind that you can’t lose eating within any of the food groups if you’re eating fresh, local, non-GMO food.  Since most of us don’t have access to farm fresh milk, it’s best to nix the dairy all together.

Water is just as important to your colon as your food is!

First, you need to be properly hydrated in order to flush out the dangerous cancer-causing toxins. Chronic dehydration and chronic constipation go hand-in-hand.  Did you know that 90% of Americans are considered to be chronically dehydrated?  It’s no wonder we’re in the midst of a health crisis!

When you refuse to give your body the water that it needs to sustain hydration, it will tap your colon for fluids.  Not only is that a disgusting thought…it leads to chronic constipation. If you have a potty problem then DRINK LOTS OF WATER.   By the way, water is interchangeable with nothing in spite of what the beverage marketers tell you….not coffee…not sodas…not juices..not alcohol.  Nothing replaces the body’s need for healthy water.

Healthy Water?

If the quality of your food is a factor, then surely you must understand that the quality of your water is a factor too!  If you take your health seriously then you need to clearly understand how to define “healthy” water.

Healthy water is  as free and clear of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride and parasites as we can get!  That definitely rules out municipal water options and private wells.

Healthy water should be naturally rich in minerals in order to conduct electrical impulses within the body the way it is intended to do.  This rules out 99% of all commercially bottled (“purified”) water and reverse osmosis or distilled water systems.

Healthy water is considered to be “water with life”.  Water that comes gushing out of the glacier mountains or rushing through the springs of Lourdes, France is electrified through its journey, much the same as water is electrified when lightning strikes it. This “charge” causes a molecular restructuring (known as dissociation in the world of science) and it produces an anti-oxidant/anti inflammatory benefit for the human body. That rules out municipal water, well water and bottled water.  You won’t find negatively charged water there, that’s for sure!

Now that we’ve ruled out what 99.9% of America

is drinking what now…

Your only healthy option is ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, antioxidant water!

If you think that the leading colon specialist in the world might know a little about what the colon needs, it’s important to know that Dr. Hiromi Shinya insists that his patients drink only Kangen Water® for colon health.

Kangen Water® is the only “medical grade” ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, antioxidant water worthy of physician recognition, and the only ionizer found in hospitals around the world.  It’s also the only ionized water referenced (specifically by name) in cancer books like Killing Cancer…Not People and Cancer Cure.

It’s your colon…starve it…dehydrate it..ignore it

It’s your call

I think I’ll listen to the leading colon expert in the world.  Not just because I reside in the Washington, DC area, but because I’m taking control of my own health and I’m listening to the prevention experts instead of the test and treat guys.

Thanks, Dr. Shinya!



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I’m happy to get you headed in the right direction!










Killing Cancer…Not People? What a Great Idea!

killing cancerRobert Wright, author of Killing Cancer – Not People and Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute has no vested interest when it comes to water ionizers (or any other product).  His ONLY mission is to help others rid themselves (and prevent) the Big “C” naturally by sharing his knowledge with others.  The title of his book says it all and it is a MUST READ!

Below is an excerpt from an email communication between Robert Wright and someone who wrote to him after reading his book.   Keep in mind that Robert is NOT offering medical advice...just his educated opinion of a proven natural approach to a very big problem.  Since we’ve known the root cause of all disease (INCLUDING CANCER) since 1923 when Dr. Otto Warburg discovered (and won the Nobel Prize for) that “no disease, including cancer, can live in an alkaline environment”, I BELIEVE that Robert Wright is absolutely, positively on the right track.

The Kangen Water is the best ionized water (by far) that I have researched – and we recommend it highly.  When you understand that it is very alkaline and the best way to bring the body to alkalinity the fastest, that it is also very hydrating and, most importantly in my opinion, that each 12 ounce glass has more antioxidant capacity that all the organic fruits and vegetables that one could possibly eat in a day, then it becomes more comprehensible.  I would start drinking the 8.5, move to the 9.0, then the 9.5; trying to work up to an ounce per pound of body weight per day.  After a couple weeks on lots of 9.5, I would start to add 4 ounces three times per day of the 11.5.  I would increase that gradually over time up to 16 ounces 3 times per day for a couple of months.  Again, that’s what I would do – and we have seen the fantastic results with people who do that.

Hopefully, this helps.  My only dog in this fight is to see your family get well.  And, I truly believe that with the right protocols, this will happen.  Wishing you and yours the best.”.

Bob Wright, Director – American Anti-Cancer Institute www.americanaci.org



I pray that I never hear the words “sorry…it’s cancer” but I know, beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt, that if I do I will give my body whatever it needs in an effort to kick it into “high gear” in the healing process the way it was designed to do in the first place.  Then again, I’m a fighter by nature and I’m open minded enough to look for alternative answers!  Sadly, that’s not the case with most. Reportedly more people are “killed” undergoing cancer treatment than those who die of the disease itself.  It is also reported that people who forego radical treatment live longer than those who opt for chemo and radiation.   I think I’ll pass.

Kangen Water® is part of my daily protocol and I wouldn’t trade it for all of the money in the world.  I’d rather be proactive in PREVENTING the Big “C” in the first place than to be scrambling for answers in the midst of the storm.

What about you?  Do you want to join me in being proactive or do you prefer to just roll-the-dice with a protocol that clearly isn’t working?  Hmm…


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