Is BPS Just BS? You Bet Your Sweet Hormones It Is!

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There is NO such thing as a safe plastic no matter how good the spin is when it comes to BPA and BSA!  Years after we celebrated the victory to have BPA removed from consumer products (at least those used by small children) we find that the product being used in its place is equally as harmful to our health.

The journal Toxicology In Vitro reports:

“In 2011, the European Commission has restricted the use of Bisphenol A in plastic infant feeding bottles. In a response to this restriction, Bisphenol S is now often used as a component of plastic substitutes for the production of baby bottles. One of the major concerns leading to the restriction of Bisphenol A was its weak estrogenic activity. By using two highly standardised transactivation assays, we could demonstrate that the estrogenic activity of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S is of a comparable potency.”

Bisphenal (BPA/BPS) is a chemical found in hard plastics and the coatings of food and drink cans.  The body reacts to this chemical in a similar way as it does to estrogen and other hormones.  This is why BPA is referred to as a  “hormone disruptor”.

Don’t look now, but small doses from the Bisphenal family over long periods  of time (in the womb and beyond)  and you and your child will  develop HUGE hormonal problems.  If you ever wonder why so many kids today are sexually active in grade school, why so many of our young boys don’t act like little boys,  and why our little girls are beginning the menstrual process as young as age 7 years old,  you can turn to Bisphenal  for answers AND the blame.

Bisphenal  is used to make a multitude of products including water bottles, dental fillings, medical devices and BPA can be found in epoxy resins used as coatings inside of food and drink cans.  It isn’t easy to get away from BPA but it is possible.

Yep…telling us that BPA has been replaced with BPS for safety purposes is just BS.   Start saying  “hell no” to plastics for the sake of the health of  the next generation(s).  The damage done by BPA and BSA last a WHOLE LOT LONGER than the bottle.



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Shame on you Fisher Price (and Mom and Dad)!


Nothing makes my blood boil more than to see parents cop-out on parenting by what I refer to as “plugging the kid in”.   There is nothing cute (or smart) about putting your kid in front of a piece of technology for entertainment.  If you understood the development of the human brain you’d know that.  Furthermore, if you could SEE radiation you’d (hopefully) be mortified at how much your baby is already exposed to without you sticking a cell phone or iPad in front of them.  Every remote control…every microwave…every WiFi…every time a text message is sent radiation exposure accompanies it.  Is it any wonder that cancer is the #1 cause of death in children in America today?

Today parents rely on way too many gadgets.  We have slings to hold the baby to replace loving arms.  We have props to hold the baby bottle so that we don’t have  to be bothered with holding the baby at feeding time.   God forbid we should lose that “valuable” time.  Now we have bouncy seats graced with an iPad holder that takes the place of colorful baby toys that make motion each time the baby bounces.  What in the world are we doing?

There isn’t much that you can tell me about raising kids “the right way”.  I’m an advocate for children across the globe and I fight to raise awareness about their health and well-being every day.  I’m not perfect and I’ve made plenty of parenting mistakes of my own along the way but passing the buck wasn’t one of them.  I raised my kids on my own so I was chief cook, bottle washer, adviser, disciplinarian, protector, chauffeur and sole provider to 4 kids.  In spite of the hectic schedule of working, commuting and being so tired that sometimes  it was all that I could do to stand upright, my kids can go on for hours with memories of bedtime stories, playing hide and seek and catching lightning bugs with mom after a long day at at the office. Super Mom?  Not on your life! Just a mom who took her job (and her responsibility) of being a parent very seriously and who didn’t count on Apple or Fisher Price to do my job.  You should try it sometime.  It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

It takes time, energy and commitment to raise kids.  It isn’t always convenient to put everything else on the back burner to spend a few quality minutes playing with your child or to push them on a swing at the park, but time and attention are your greatest gifts to them (not the latest and greatest high tech toys).   How sad to see a mom or dad so busy with their own smart phone or iPad that they don’t even notice their child starving for the attention to share something simple (and precious) with them.  Boy are they missing the boat!

If you’re set on turning the parenting over to a piece of technology or a DVD don’t call me when your kid is later diagnosed with ADD and prescribed medication to “control” the situation.  After all, with all of the over stimulation (and radiation) you’ve fed them since birth, how can you expect them to sit still for a “boring” story from a book or to listen to the average 3rd grade teacher?

Wake up before it’s too late!  Just say “no” to high-tech babysitting and “yes” to a little time with life’s greatest gift.  You won’t regret it.


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