In a Multitasking World Convenience is KING!

multitaskAmericans love convenience.  They want quick ready-made meals, smart phones that monitor their every move, applications that prompt everything from coupons to exercise programs and gyms that are open 24/7 just in case they’re up for a 3:00 AM workout.   Americans flock to convenience stores and pay as much as 30% more for items just for the ease of the trip to the store.   Yep..Americans LOVE convenience and they’ll pay just about any price for it.

More and more Americans are embracing the convenience of owning their own ionizer and not just for the health benefits, although there are hundreds of research articles on PubMed that validate the health benefits of restructured, ionized water.  Instead many are drawn to the convenience that the right ionizer can bring to the table.

No more schlepping cases of bottled water that they already know is not healthy for them.  No more worries about running out of laundry detergent (or other cleaning products), no more inconvenient visits to the doctor’s office for “simple” things like conjunctivitis, no more costly dermatology visits for skin care treatments, etc.  What do these things have to do with an ionizer?  That’s easy.  Just by changing the pH of your water, you can accomplish this much and MORE.  It’s not “magic”…it’s just science.  You might need to review basic chemistry to “get it”.

If you want to ride the wave with others who have embraced this technology, be sure to do your research.  You get what you pay for when it comes to a long-term ionizer.   Getting consistent levels is key to the results and the longevity of your investment.  If you have a “knock-off” mentality it’s probably best to opt-out of this purchase all together as you’d likely be disappointed with the (lack of) results and you may end up spending a whole lot more in the long run.

I bought the top-of-the-line ionizer and I don’t regret it.  In reality I saved a whole lot more in the first year than the price I paid for the unit.  My ionizer is categorized as a medical device (outside of the US) so it has all medical grade (safe and durable) components that are required for this classification.  I’m no groupie BUT it is reassuring to me that the ionizer I use is used by those on the Who’s-Who list.  Nothing but THE BEST for the A-Listers!  Lastly, my ionizer is produced by the leader in the industry…a company that has four decades of track record and they can validate the longevity  of a well-cared-for unit as being in the 20-25 year range.  It will probably outlive me!   How convenient…



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If We Called It “iWater” Would You Drink It?

I’m really glad that you can teach (some) old dogs new tricks.  You may not like to hear me rant about the importance of healthy water and you may not be ready to embrace our high-tech  ionizers, but we’re making the A-List without you.  It’s just a matter of time…

Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, Christina Aquilera, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Leonardo DeCaprio, Magic Johnson, Jillian Michaels and a whole lot of others are making waves without you.  We all know that Kangen Water is key in anti-aging (and anti disease) and  you don’t have to call it iWater to get us to drink it.

new you



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