It May Not Be In Your Head But It Could Be In Your Brain!

brain in your head

Did you know that if your brain is dehydrated by as little as 1% you LOSE 10% brain capacity? With epidemic issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, ADD, ADHD, and depression, you SHOULD sit up and take notice of the importance of PROPER hydration before it’s too late!

It is reported that 75% of America is walking around CHRONICALLY dehydrated – despite consuming 1500 bottles of commercially bottled water EVERY SECOND in the USA!  Just imagine how many bottles we’d consume IF we were remaining hydrated!

Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that we can easily (and safely) replace the need for water by swapping it out for another drink-of-choice.  That should come as no surprise since our physicians replaced “drink plenty of water” with “drink plenty of fluids” years ago.   Don’t kid yourselves…THEY KNOW nothing replaces the body’s need for water.  If they didn’t I.V. bags would be full of your drink-of-choice instead of purified water.  If you want to REGAIN or SUSTAIN your health, you NEED plenty of water. Although you may not die of thirst if you continue to consume fluids of one kind or another; you WILL pay the ultimate price with your health for not drinking healthy water.

Your brain (and all of the rest of you) needs water. In fact, water is the most important nutrient for the human body!  So, if water is that important to the body, don’t you think that the quality of the water is equally important?  

Most of us care more about the quality of our wine than we do about the quality of our water.   There is something very sad and very bizarre about that thought process.

No doubt Americans DO need to hydrate the brain.  It seems like we’ve forgotten some pretty basic things about health and the human body.





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Panasonic Blood-Powered Batteries? Makes Perfect Sense!

batteryPanasonic is looking into using human blood to power electrical devices!    The company is researching the possibility of how blood could break down sugars to generate power like it generates energy for the human body. This type of “human batter” could ultimately power nano-devices implanted in the body.

Does that sound far-fetched to you?  It shouldn’t! The body is a miraculous (and intricate) charge of electrical impulses and it makes perfect sense that these internal charges could be used to “fire” a battery. …at least for those being implanted into the body.

Its been a long time since some of us have studied basic science.  This reminder should help “connect the dots” to this type of strategy:


When the body suffers injury and it needs to send a message from one point to another, it opens the gate. When the membrane gate opens, sodium and potassium ions move freely into and out of the cell. Negatively charged potassium ions leave the cell, attracted to the positivity outside the membrane, and positively charged sodium ions enter it, moving toward the negative charge. The result is a switch in the concentrations of the two types of ions — and rapid switch in charge.  It’s kind of like switching between a 1 and 0 — this flip between positive and negative generates an electrical impulse. This impulse triggers the gate on the next cell to open, creating another charge, and so on. In this way, an electrical impulse moves from a  nerve in your stubbed toe to the part of your brain that senses pain.

Since everything relies on these electrical signals, any breakdown in your body’s electrical system is a major problem. When you get an electric shock for instance,  it interrupts the normal operation of the system, sort of like a power surge.  A shock at the lightning level can cause your body to stop because the electrical process doesn’t work anymore — it’s fried.

There are also less dramatic problems, like a misfire that causes a heart palpitation or an extra heartbeat, or a lack of blood flow to the heart that upsets the pacemaker and causes other parts of the heart to start sending out electrical (misfire) impulses. This is sometimes what causes someone to die from coronary artery disease,  or narrowing of the arteries. If the heart is constantly being told to contract, it never gets in a full contraction, and it can’t get enough blood to the rest of body, leading to oxygen deprivation and a possible heart attack or even stroke.

Many health problems can be directly attributed to misfiring of electrical signals.  Much research is being conducted regarding impulse issues that may be the contributing factor behind things like Parkinson’s disease, MS, MD, ALS, epilepsy,  Alzheimer’s and many more.  It would be fabulous to discover the root cause, but what can be done about misfired electrical impulses?

I drink electrolyzed, reduced, hexagonal water in my attempt to avoid a “misfire”.   My water is electrically charged and it is restructured to reduce the size of the molecule clusters so that I am able to  hydrate at the cellular level with every drop. You would be shocked (no pun intended) to witness the profound physical improvement that people experience  just by drinking electrolyzed, reduced, hexagonal water.  If you think THAT sounds far-fetched…perhaps you need a lesson on the power (and the electrical charge) of H2O?  That’s for another time….



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Water Shortages? You Better Believe it! What Are You Going to do About it?

kennedy quote

Two billion people across the globe don’t have fresh water and yet; water is the source of all life.   In places like Mexico City, people spend as much as 30% of their annual income buying enough water just to keep them alive. Will America be next?

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t give water a second thought.  As long as we can turn on the tap and clear water comes out we believe all is well with the world.  We spend $640 per year per person (on the average) buying bottled water that we’ve convinced ourselves is healthy in spite of the health warnings.  When will American’s get off of their high-horse and stop wasting water as if there is no end?

What’s The Problem?

There are two major problems with our water.  First and foremost, there is only so much of it to go around.  In fact, if we didn’t recycle sewage to be used as tap water America would already be “tapped out” of water.  To further compound our problem, each time you purchase commercially bottled water you’re contributing to the depletion of our water supply.  Did you know that it takes 5 liters of water to produce a 1 liter bottle of water?  With only so much of it to go around, allowing companies (like Nestle,  Coke and Pepsi) to tap our water resources only to resell water back to us makes absolutely no sense.  It’s time to wake up and trade your desire for convenience for a good dose of common sense!

What Do The Experts Say?

Our second problem with water is health.  In Reducing Environmental Risk of Cancer the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that we need to work with our tap water source (making it as healthy as possible) instead of opting for bottled water in order to reduce the risk of cancer.  There are numerous health risks associated with the consumption of  bottled water.  In addition to being stored in plastics that are known to cause cancer and disrupt hormones, most bottled water is reverse osmosis water that has been cleared of most chemicals and robbed of all vital minerals.  Water must be naturally laced with minerals to be beneficial to the human body.  Without minerals, water can’t conduct the electrical impulses necessary for health and functionality.  A lot of our health problems can be directly attributed  to the water we’re drinking!

So…we’re spending approximately $6.00 a gallon on water that is hazardous to our health and detrimental to our water supply.  Does that make any sense to you?  Our arrogance and our willingness to waste is shameful.  Maybe we need to spend a week or two in Mexico City to gain a better understanding of the value of water?

Nobel Prize Worthy!

I may not have all of the answers but I definitely have the answer for our water problems.  In fact, my answer should be Nobel Prize worthy based on Kennedy’s definition.  I don’t contribute to water waste nor do I throw hard-earned money at water in plastic bottles that I know is bad for me.  I follow the advice of NIH.  I restructure my tap water to return it to the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  I ionize my water with the very best equipment money can buy.  My health is worth it….my family is worth it and (to me)  the planet is worth it.  No more tap water laced with chemicals or $6.00 a gallon in plastic containers.

As a result of changing my water source I sleep better at night.  Partly because I’m being socially responsible and partly because I’m (finally) giving my body the water that it’s been craving all along.

When are you going to do your part to resolve our water problems?



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Baby Boomers…Epidemic Alzheimer’s on the Way! What Will You Do to Avoid it?


My Health News Daily “Population with Alzheimer’s disease will triple by 2050

With headlines like this how can you sit back and HOPE for a cure?  There won’t be enough nursing homes or nursing care to handle this upcoming epidemic.  With the average cost of Alzheimer’s care at $120,000 a year, most will depend on family caregivers to see them through.  Are you ready for that?

There are 3 incredibly powerful things that you can begin using if you hope to avoid this dreadful disease.  If you’re waiting for your doctor to prescribe them I wouldn’t hold my breath.  How is waiting for the doctor to tell you about action that you can take to avoid disease working out for you so far?  Let’s not forget, we’ve spent billions of dollars on research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s so far and we’re no closer to finding a cure today than we were 20 years ago.  You’d better start taking action NOW!


Although dehydration isn’t named as a cause for Alzheimer’s, ALL studies that have been based on forensic science make reference to a chronically dehydrated brain!   Furthermore, when the brain remains in a chronic state of dehydration year-after-year it begins to shrink.  As the shrinking progresses, the brain spheres begin to fold.  As they fold, those areas of memory are forever lost.  Is it any wonder that the behavior of people with this “disease” is similar?  As spheres “disappear” so does the memory and/or functionality of that part of the brain.  Hmm.  With that in mind, drinking LOTS of healthy water should be a priority for all beginning NOW!

Although some studies point to excessive amounts of aluminum and other metals in the brain as being the “cause” of Alzheimer’s, there is no concrete evidence thus far that concludes that these metals are the cause of this “disease”.    How can a chronically dehydrated individual with a chronically dehydrated brain ever flush out the metals found within the body?   They can’t.  This is just another valid reason to HYDRATE the body and brain if you want to avoid this “disease” and/or if you want to fight back in the midst of a diagnosis.

Healthy water is key…water that is not laced with chemicals (municipal water), water that is rich in minerals (unlike reverse osmosis, distilled or bottled water) and water that has an electrical charge that way it does in its natural state…the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  Water that is “reduced” or that has smaller water molecule clusters so that you can actually absorb and hydrate at the cellular level.

Your very best option for health is electrolyed, ionized water.  This is as close as you can get to a “fountain of youth” because of the “medicinal” properties of the water.  I consider this to be the single most important investment in sustaining health.  Why?  Because the body is 70% water…the brain is 80% water and the blood is 90% water.  Hook it up to your home water source and you’ll produce an endless supply of healthy water year after year for pennies a day.


Avoid exposure to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, metals, etc. at all costs.  There is definitely a link to toxicity and the brain/brain function.  Buy local organic whenever possible and read labels before you consume a food product.  This process takes time and patience but your body will thank you for it!


Almost every day a new study is released on the benefits of turmeric.  In fact, turmeric is getting so much attention these days that pharmaceutical firms are working on developing a synthetic product.  This powerful spice has been scientifically proven to fight inflammation, enhance the immune system AND it breaks down the plaque build-up in the arteries.  Keeping your arteries plaque-free is huge in fighting things like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.  Naturally, you get what you pay for.  The most potent turmeric in the world is grown in Okinawa (Ukon) at a price of about $5.00 a day.  Consider it an investment in your health.  That’s a far cry from $120,000 a year for Alzheimer’s care!

Consider Yourself Warned!

If you’d rather remain complacent and you’re happy with your head in-the-sand then I guess you may not know the difference anyway at some point.  I’ll bet your caregiver will wish you’d listened!

As for me, I’m working double-time to limit my exposure to environmental toxins.  I’m researching known carcinogens and I’m running from all of them.  I’m drinking gallons of medical grade restructured water to help rid myself of the pesticides, heavy metals and toxins I’ve managed to acquire over the years and I’m feeling less at risk every day. Good luck with your “cure” theory.  I’d rather not get it in the first place.



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Either These People Are All Idiots OR They Know Something You Don’t Know!

Thirty million people across the globe understand the importance of giving the body the right water to sustain health.  Isn’t it time for you to consider making changes too?  Just by changing your water, you can profoundly change your health!


If you want to understand more about why the people on this “A-List” drink healthy water, WATCH THIS!

Cannabis Claims to Have Health Benefits But This Powerhouse Plant is Scientifically Proven…And Legal Everywhere

curcuminDid you know that there are more that 500 scientific studies on the benefits of curcumin for the conditions seen on this chart?  In fact, the scientific results of the benefits of curcumin are so profound that pharmaceutical firms have been battling the FDA for approval for this amazing spice for years .  Thankfully this God-given spice is available to all without a prescription…and it’s legal everywhere.

Year-after-year Japan is recognized as being #1 for health and longevity in the world and curcumin is given much of the credit for their good health and long years.  Turmeric is the source of curcumin and the organic turmeric grown in Okinawa is known to be most potent in the world.  The climate and the soils of Okinawa are the keys to turmeric that can profoundly benefit the human body…if you let it.  If you don’t believe that the region where plants are grown makes any difference in the quality of the plant, then you don’t know a whole lot about things like wine, oils or coffee!

No need to rush off to your local Walmart or Costco to purchase turmeric.   Most of what you’ll find is laced with fillers and none of it is made with organic Okinawan turmeric so no matter how cheap you can buy it for, you’ll be wasting your money.  Unfortunately, there is only one source for organic Okinawan turmeric and it will “set you back” for about $5.00 a day.  Is it worth the cost of a Starbucks a day to find relief from (or to prevent entirely) anything on this chart?  Only you can answer that for yourself. It’s a no-brainer for me!

Keep in mind that there isn’t a pharmaceutical on the planet that cures any disease and most of them come with side effects that are sometimes more challenging (and much scarier) than the symptoms you set out to treat in the first place.  If you want serious results then you need to give your body what it needs to do the heavy lifting on its own instead of masking your symptoms with synthetic wanna-be prescriptions.

The question of the day is; do you want to feel better OR do you want to actually BE better?  If you choose to BE better and you’re ready to do battle for your health then I’m ready to help.




You’re Looking at our Next “Agent Orange” (Type) Crisis

agent orangeThere isn’t a good time or a good temperature to consume water out of a toxic plastic water bottle but I believe that we can ALL agree that the danger of BPA in our plastics is skyrocketed at high temperatures.

In spite of the dangers (and a multitude of warnings) we continue to offer bottled water to our troops even though we KNOW it has been stored in high-temperature warehouses throughout the Middle East.  Come on, America!  Is that any way to support our troops?  They deserve much better than that!

Agent Orange is still wreaking havoc on the health of our Vietnam Veterans years after their exposure to it.  A multitude of neurological (Parkinson’s, MS, etc.) conditions are recognized as being the result of exposure to Agent Orange and disability benefits are available to all who had boots-on-the-ground in Vietnam and who are now/still suffering with the aftermath.  Obviously the damage done by chemical exposure is long-term and devastating. Who knew that Agent Orange would end up being chemical warfare against our own troops?

The BPA in the plastics being offered to our troops today will bring forth health challenges that make Agent Orange look like child’s play. The damage done by this chemical exposure will also be long-lasting and devastating.  From neurological issues to cancer; from hormonal challenges to more pronounced PTSD, exposure to BPA will take its toll on our troops and their children for years to come.  Another example of “chemical warfare” that our troops are paying the price for.

Sadly, it took years to acknowledge the damage done to our troops by Agent Orange.   The damage done by BPA exposure may never be acknowledged.  After all, it’s just an innocent little bottle of water, right?

Isn’t it time that we do a little fighting FOR our troops?  What can you do? You can speak up and help raise awareness about the dangers of plastics and you can lead by example and REFUSE to buy water in toxic bottles!

Our troops will thank you…

Your body will thank you…

The environment will thank you…

The generations to come will thank you…




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The Donald Drinks Kangen Water…What Does HE Know That YOU Don’t?


The Donald isn’t alone when it comes to high-profile believers in Kangen Water®.   Kangen isn’t a fashion statement for celebrities, it’s a commitment to  health and wellness.  More and more the “Who’s Who” list is focusing on eating only the best organic food and they are sure to maintain good hydration with the best water money can buy.

These celebrities are smart enough not to overlook the importance of healthy water.  They understand that the body is 70% water and they know that water is the most important nutrient for the human body.  Who in their right mind would overlook the body’s most important nutrient?  Surely not anybody focused on good health!  There are a lot of things that we can do to be healthy but nothing…absolutely NOTHING replaces the body’s need for good water.

What is Kangen Water®?  In Japanese the word Kangen means return to origin.  Kangen Water®   is restructured (using ionization) to mirror water found in just a few places of the world today.   Nature has a way of getting these results on its own but unless you want to travel to Lourdes, France, Tlacote, Mexico or the Himalaya’s you might want to follow The Donald’s lead.

Here are a few of The Donald’s friends that also

drink Kangen Water® 

Bill Gates (he owns 16 units so that he’s never without it!)

Erin Brockovich (she knows a thing or two about about safe water)

Martha Stewart

Jenifer Lopez

Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser – doesn’t go anywhere without her Kangen)

Tiger Woods

The Seattle Seahawks

The White House

Sylvester Stallone

Chuck Norris

Toby Keith

Ricky Scaggs

Christina Aquilera

Elton John

Aerosmith (Steven Tyler)

Tom Cruise

Ron Pearlman

Pat Boone

John Mayer

Conan O’Brien

Angelina Jolie (and crew)

Demi Moore

Magic Johnson

Reggie Jackson

Jennifer Aniston

Carlos Santana

and many more (including me!)

The Donald works hard to maintain good heath.  He works out, gets plenty of rest, he eats right and he drinks Kangen Water®.  We’ll work on the hair next.  One thing at a time!



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Whatever You Do…Don’t Mess With Mother Nature!


One of the leading researchers of curcumin (derived from turmeric)  is Ajay Goel, PhD, Director of epigenetics and cancer prevention at Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Lab at Baylar University Medical Center in Dallas.  He has studied curcumin for 15 years and notes that “curcumin is the only botanical whose clear efficacy has been demonstrated by science”.  Almost 5,000 peer-reviewed studies now exist to support curcumin’s beneficial effects.

Curcumin has been described by today’s scientific researchers as an “unsung hero”.  While it hasn’t received a lot of publicity (yet), it has been the subject of more study that any other compound, and these studies have been incredibly encouraging about its potential to treat such ailments as:

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and other neuro-degenerative diseases



Cardiovascular diseases



Pharmaceutical companies have been working long and hard to develop a synthetic turmeric/curcumin that will produce similar results.  Did you know that most pharmaceuticals have  natural “roots” but instead of promoting the  natural herbs that don’t promote profits, mainstream medical attempts to mirror the natural for profitable synthetics?   What do you get when you “mess with” mother nature?  High-priced pharmaceuticals with a mile-long list of side effects.   It’s never a good idea to  “mess with Mother Nature”!

If you’re inclined to consider a natural protocol to health, there are two very important things to consider:

First,  low cost (and low quality) substitutes cannot produce the results you’re hoping for.  The studies that you read about were not conducted using Walmart discount vitamins!  There is a huge difference in the quality and performance of discount supplements and you definitely get what you pay for.  If you’re going to take a bold step in relying on a natural supplement for positive results,  you need to bite-the-bullet and take the best that you can get your hands on.

Next, you need to understand that your body didn’t get where it is overnight and reversing your health won’t be a quick fix either.  There may be a pharmaceutical that will mask symptoms quickly BUT reversing health takes a little time and a lot of commitment.  I would recommend documenting your “symptoms” before you begin your turmeric/curcumin journey and then make a minimum of a 6 month (preferably 12 month) commitment of a daily dose (or two).   Revisit your “symptoms” at the end of this trial and you’ll be able to note the difference.  Remember, patience is a virtue.

As for me, Ukon is the only worthy turmeric/curcumin supplement.  Why? Because it is harvested from wild, organic turmeric from Okinawa, Japan which is known to have the most potent turmeric of anywhere in the world.  The Japanese are recognized as being #1 for health and longevity in the world AND they aren’t plagued with chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or cancer.  They attribute their good health to diet, the right water and a daily diet of wild organic turmeric.

Since Japan is #1 in the world, I think I’ll continue following their lead when it comes to health and wellness!  It sounds like we might have a few things to learn from them!



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Weapons of Mass Destruction in The Hands of Americans!



Weapon of Mass Destruction:  A “weapon of mass destruction”  is  nuclearradiologicalbiologicalchemical or other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans. 

BPA laced plastic bottles are known contain harmful endocrine disruptors and carcinogens and yet the average American spends $640 a year on bottled water  alone.  That sure sounds like mass destruction to me and plastic bottles are your weapons!

Water is the most important nutrient for the human body.  Don’t you think  it makes sense to drink water that ISN’T harmful to your health?  Hmm…



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