When Pleasure Outweighs the Pain…


Almost every choice we make in life is motivated by one of two powerful forces….the desire for pleasure and the fear of pain.  Although we say that we don’t want to feel pain if we can help it,  the prevailing force for many is the desire for pleasure regardless of the pain that comes with it.  This explains a lot when it comes to health and wellness.


How many times have I heard “there is no way I’m giving up my sodas” even when I’ve had the opportunity to scientifically demonstrate the dangers associated with their habit?   It doesn’t seem to matter that there will be a long-term price to pay or that their health will eventually be lost because of it.  They’re living for the moment and they chose pleasure over pain almost every time.  Undoubtedly they are addicted to their pleasure (and their sodas).

How many times have I heard “I’m not giving up the convenience of bottled water even when I’ve had the opportunity to scientifically demonstrate the dangers associated with the pleasure that comes with their need for convenience?  It doesn’t seem to matter that there will be a long-term price to pay or that their health will eventually surrender because of it.  They are living in the “fast lane” and they choose the pleasure of convenience over the pain almost every time….regardless of the consequences to their health or weight (and the environment.)

The next generation is suffering because of the pleasure choices we continue to make – exposure to radiation, pesticides, GMO’s, BPA, Aspartame, etc., are just a few of the things that are causing a lot of pain for the next generation.  Whether you can see it or feel it yet is not relevant.…you (and your family) will ultimately pay the price for your pleasure-driven health decisions.  When things like autism, arthritis, kidney disease or cancer strike your family don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There is an old saying that goes like this. – “no pain…no gain”.  Nothing could be truer when it comes to making wise decisions about your health.

Isn’t it time you set aside your pleasures to protect your health and the health of your family for generations to come?

  • You might miss the pleasure you get from a bottle of soda but you’ll be avoiding pain later on and your body will thank you for it!
  • You may suffer with a little inconvenience by refilling your water bottle with water that’s actually GOOD for you,  but you’ll get used to it eventually and your body will thank you for it!
  • You might feel the pain of having to read food labels and look up all of those words you don’t understand but you’ll learn in time and your body will thank you for it!

Will you continue to chose your reckless pleasure over the painful consequences and roll-the-dice on your health or are you ready for a little pain that comes with healthy change?



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Hey Nike…Where’s the Balance?

NIKEThere is no cure for cancer.  I know some people do get “cured” of cancer but you can thank your body for kicking into high-gear and not the treatment itself.   The human body was designed to mend itself IF it is given what it needs.  In many cases if the treatment is radical enough and the body still strong enough the BODY ITSELF will begin to mend.  Save the “thanks” for the Great Physician…the doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can find their thanks in their bank accounts.

Cancer treatment is grossly misunderstood at the expense of the patient (and the insurance companies).   Our cancer treatment involves attacking the cancer cells in an effort to kill them.  Unfortunately we kill the healthy cells right along with the cancer cells and it is reported that more people die from the treatment than from the cancer itself because the body couldn’t endure the trauma of the method(s) used.

(CNN) – Nike co-founder Phil Knight stunned backers of the Oregon Health & Science University’s cancer institute by announcing he and his wife would put up half of a billion-dollar push for cancer research.  The $500 million gift from Phil and Penny Knight is contingent on the Portland university’s ability to raise $500 million from other donors over the next two years.

We have known the root cause of cancer for 90 years.  In fact, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1931 and yet we continue to throw good money toward research and we refuse to acknowledge the power in prevention.  Meanwhile the U.S. cancer rate is  a staggering 1 in every 2 males and 1 in every 3 females.  These numbers call for attention to the root cause, don’t you think?

I think it’s time to find the real balance.   The balance in the body, that is. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and the obvious things are overlooked.   Here is a brief reminder of balance that the human body is dying for (no pun intended):

Avoid harmful pesticides and chemicals at all costs.  Refuse to drink out of plastic bottles.  Avoid acidic foods and eat foods that are alkaline.  Get plenty of rest.  Exercise and spend time in the sun (no, it’s not your enemy) and breathe fresh air.   Last, but certainly not least, drink  ionized, alkalized, restructured, anti-oxidant water and LOTS of it every day… all day to fight free radical damage, to balance alkalinity, to flush out toxins, and to remain efficiently hydrated. 

Now that’s balance.  I think Dr. Warburg would give his stamp of approval on this one and it didn’t cost billions and billions of dollars to figure it out!

Your body is 70% water and unless you believe that this was some sort of “design error”, you need to give the body what it needs!  

If you don’t understand the differences in water then its about time for you to get proactive and do a little research on your own!  Oxidation, dehydration and inflammation are your enemies and healthy water is the biggest component in fighting back!

How is your body supposed to fight for health if you refuse to fight right along with it?  Hmm…