wheel fanned

Product Presentation Wheel – ALL consumers want options!  Display all of the options of the very best ionization devices on the market today.  CLICK HERE to purchase.  Be sure to view the HOW TO USE video!  This is a valuable tool for your business!  Order for your team!

I believe dvdI Believe

“I Believe” Video – This powerful 6 minute DVD is a game changer.  The challenges with our health issues are factually highlighted with a professional closure leading the viewer to the only logical solution.  Click here to order a downloadable version or a DVD.  Be sure to watch the”I Believe” Trailer before you purchase!

2017 event

 2nd Annual Living Waters Farm Event AND the 1st Annual Ladies Event!  October 6-8 2017.  This is a first of its kind event!  We will have leaders from all over the US at the farm in Virginia for training and for fellowship.  Our business is about PEOPLE…let’s spend some quality time with the best of the BEST in our industry!  Ladies event on Friday – $35.00.  Main event (2 days of training – breakfast and midday meal each day) $150.00.  Limited to 200 and it’s selling out fast!  CLICK HERE to order your tickets today!


We are the worlds leading producer of Electrolyzed Reduced Water for over 4 decades! Your body is comprised of 70% water.  Doesn’t it make sense that water would be 70% of your health protocol?  Just by changing your water you could profoundly change your health.  Click here for the best water options on the market today with over 40 years proven (and studied) history.

Cheers to your health!

Lynn Gardner, Environmental Health Advocate



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