The I.V. Bag Holds a Lot More Than Just Water…It Holds The Answers to LOTS of Questions about Hydration

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If you find yourself admitted to the hospital for just about any reason,  the FIRST “treatment” you’ll get (after you’ve gone through the initial vital signs check) is an I.V.  I don’t think we give enough thought to the need for an I.V. and I believe that a lot of questions about hydration can be found through the I.V. protocol that is followed by hospitals.

Although your doctor may sing a different tune when you’re out-patient (drink “fluids”) they all follow the rule-book for what the body really needs when you’re in-patient…they prescribe water.

The purpose of an I.V. is to supply extra water to a dehydrated patient and/or to assure that the daily water and salt needs or “maintenance needs” are met for patients unable to take them by mouth.  Naturally, there are circumstances through which the patient would not be physically able to drink water but; for the sake of staff convenience AND to enhance the billable goods, the I.V. protocol is followed for almost everybody.  I’m quite sure that the fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated makes an automatic I.V. make a whole lot of sense.

Although the amount of I.V. fluids infused depends largely on size and the needs of the patient, according to Web MD it is typically between 1.5 and 3 liters (50-100 ounces)  a day for the average adult.  Rest assured, the medical professionals KNOW that we need 50-100 ounces of water just to hydrate in a sedentary state.  Funny how physicians fail to emphasize the need for lots of water OUTSIDE of the walls of the hospital.  When was the last time you drank 50-100 ounces of water?  If you need 50-100 ounces of water just to sustain hydration in a SEDENTARY state, imagine how much more water the body needs when it’s actually moving around living life!

Many patients “lose” their symptoms when they’re (finally) hydrated using I.V. fluids!  Hmm…

Whether you’re getting your water through an I.V. bag or you’re drinking it out of a bottle, it ALWAYS matters what KIND of water you consume and what’s “in” or NOT in your water makes a huge difference for your health.  For example, I.V. fluids aren’t just purified water, they contain saline to balance the electrolytes and here’s why according to Wikipedia:

If the {I.V.} solution were pure water you would die. When blood cells are exposed to pure water the increased salts in the cell cause the water to flow in and would cause the red blood cells to burst (this is called lysis). The blood itself is a little salty (which is why you rinse your eyes with saline). The IV bags are usually plain saline, sometimes they are saline mixed with a form of sugar. The sugar provides energy for the body. (it is not table sugar)

So you see?  The I.V. protocol holds the key to answers about proper hydration with the “right” kind of water.  IT MATTERS how much water we consume to maintain a healthy state and IT MATTERS what kind of water we drink to properly hydrate the human cells….in and OUT of the hospital.

If the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of your I.V. water matters….

don’t you think the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the water you

consume by mouth does too?

HEALTHY drinking water won’t come from a bottle of your favorite “purified” water or from your tap. You can’t get healthy water by running it through a Brita-type filter or though the water dispenser on your fridge.  You CAN get healthy water from places like the fountains of Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico (or a few other exotic places in the world) if you’re willing to move there to get it.  Otherwise your best option is to return your water to its original state (aka “healthy”) by restructuring it using a quality water ionizer that produces “ELECTROLYZED REDUCED WATER”.   More and more medical professionals across the globe are recommending electrolyzed reduced water after tens of thousands of scientific studies have proven that it IS beneficial to the human body.  Water isn’t “just water” any more than food is “just food.”



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No Wonder Kids Are Hormonal!

Bisphenol  (BPA) was first  invented in 1891 and was intended to be used as an artificial estrogen.   It was quickly replaced by an estrogen enhancer called “DES” with even more potent estrogen properties.   By the way, DES was later taken off the market when it was linked to reproductive cancers in girls born to mothers taking DES during pregnancy.  (Clearly an early warning signal for the similar toxic properties confirmed for BPA years and years later).

No worries…BPA  hasn’t gone to waste!  It may not have lasted long as a prescription hormone enhancer but we get it “over-the- counter” for FREE in hundreds and hundreds of products!  It is used to manufacture our hard plastics, our soft plastic water bottles, epoxy lining of metal food cans, even canned infant formula is laced with BPA in spite of the recent movement to mandate “BPA- free” baby bottles.  Oh..and to be sure that we don’t miss the opportunity to add more toxins to our children you can find BPA in dental sealants that help “prevent cavities”.

Is it really any wonder why our children are suffering from obesity, cancer, and early puberty?  These things are NOT just a generation that has “evolved”…they are the result of exposure to harmful toxins!  It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and to be willing to fight for the next generation.   Lets stop throwing them under the bus for the sake of convenience.

One very simple and yet very powerful thing you can do to protect the next generation is to STOP buying bottled water and STOP drinking tap water loaded with chemicals INCLUDING hormones not filtered out of human waste in the “water treatment” process.


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Mommy…What Did You Eat and Drink 10, 20, 30 years ago? Uh oh…

Research studies report that there are as many as  287 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies.  How sad that our babies are contaminated and biologically aged before we hold them in our arms for the first time!    Here is the risk break down of the chemicals found:

-180 of these chemicals are know to cause cancer in humans

217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system

208 cause developmental problems

Is it any wonder that the cancer rate in America is 1 in every 2 males, 1 in every 3 females and that Autism is striking 1 in every 50 children?  WAKE UP!

The Presidents Cancer Panel study conducted by NIH in 2008-2009 says this:

Page 129 – In addition to exposures that directly or indirectly damage DNA, evidence suggests that some environmental agents may initiate or promote cancer by disrupting normal immune and endocrine system functions. The burgeoning number and complexity of known or suspected environmental carcinogens compel us to act to protect public health, even though we may lack irrefutable proof of harm.

Did you catch that?  Exposures that DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY damage DNA?

Page 111 – It is vitally important to recognize that children are far more susceptible to damage from environmental carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds than adults. To the extent possible, parents and child care providers should choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines, and medical tests that will minimize children’s exposure to toxins.  Ideally, both mothers and fathers should avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and known or suspected carcinogens prior to a child’s conception and throughout pregnancy and early life, when risk of damage is greatest.

Parents and grandparents, its time to take serious action.   Dietary caution throughout pregnancy isn’t enough.   Avoiding harmful exposure AND detoxing of existing contaminants is vital.  Where do you begin?  Start with the basics.  Your body is made up of 70% water…IT MUST BE THE BEST that you can find.    Water in toxic bottles that make claims about being from some natural spring (ha!) is NOT a healthy option.  Tap water that is known to contain up to 300 chemicals just to make it potable is NOT a healthy option.  Brita-type filters that filter out some of the contaminants and leave the water highly acidic is NOT a healthy option.  As for me and my family and all of the generations to come the answer is Electrolyzed Reduced Water.   I sleep better at night knowing that my family is drinking medical grade, restructured HEALTHY and, in my opinion PERFECT water.  How about you?

Disease, behavioral problems, autism, and a multitude of other things will continue to challenge the generations to come UNLESS we take action NOW.  Just by changing your water, you can profoundly change your life!



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Stop Playing Russian Roulette With Our Children!


Toxicity is the root cause of most of the health challenges that we’re having today and yet we continue to turn a blind eye to the problem.  From autism to Parkinson’s, toxins can be blamed for your neurological nightmare.  If you doubt that, then you need to take the time to see what NIH has to say about the dangers of your environmental exposure in Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…a report spearheaded by the President’s Cancer Panel and provided to the White House in 2009.

There are lots of things to blame for your toxic overload.  From pesticides on your food to the mercury in your dryer sheets to the water you drink.   Too much toxicity and you’ll eventually pay the ultimate price for your ignorance.

Avoiding toxicity is a big  job but you can do it.  Here are a few basic steps that you can start taking right away:

1.  Focus on your food.   Where does it come from and how is it grown?  Read labels and begin to build your knowledge base.  Most of what we’re eating today resembles a science project gone wrong.   In an attempt to increase the size and the amount of the food that is grown in the U.S. we use every chemical (and hormone) option known to science.   Your food may look good,  but what you can’t see you will hurt you!   “Don’t judge the book by its cover”.  The way your food LOOKS has nothing to do with how safe and healthy it is to consume.

2.  Focus on your water.  If you ask people OUTSIDE of the U.S. about water, they have a whole different perspective than most Americans.  Water isn’t “just water” any more than air is “just air” or food is “just food”.  If you are on a public water system then you  must know by now that your water is recycled sewage.  It takes a whole lot of chemicals (up to 300) to make sewage potable and most of them wreak havoc on your health.  If you turn your nose up to tap water and exchange it for bottled water instead,  then you’re making a huge mistake.  In addition to spending $10.00 a gallon (on the average), you’re also exposing yourself and your family to harmful toxins PROVEN to cause cancer and disrupt hormones.  If this is all new to you then you’ve flunked the test on  improving health and avoiding disease!

If you decide to get proactive and start fighting for your own health then you can take one HUGE step that will kill a lot of birds with one stone…purchase a quality water ionizer.  Here we go again.  An ionizer is not “just an ionizer” any more than a car is “just a car” or a house is “just a house”.  You get what you pay for and you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your health.

There is only one ionizer on the market today that has been used in hospitals and prescribed by physicians for the past 40 years and only one that receives the Gold Seal from the water quality association year-after-year.  The Enagic SD501 is the Cadillac of the line and is recommended by more physicians than any other ionizer on the planet.  You shouldn’t cut corners on your ionizer purchase any more than you should look for a discount surgeon.  Then again, to some people money is more important than health…sad but true.

With the right ionizer, you can benefit from an endless supply of  healthy drinking water, you can easily remove harmful pesticides from your foods, you can never worry about things like eColi, Salmonella, MRSA (or Ebola) again AND you can self- treat many things like strep throat and psoriasis.  The list of benefits is endless.

Stop playing Russian Roulette and get serious about health and prevention. If you don’t care enough about yourself to make healthy changes, do it for the next generation.  It’s never too late to turn things around.

 Urgent message from Environmental Working Group:

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency gave Dow Chemical Company the green light to a toxic combination of the herbicide 2, 4-D and glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, on millions of acres of genetically engineered crops across the United States.

This is a huge step backward that could have perilous consequences for public health; 2, 4-D has been linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, suppressed immune function and other serious health problems.

Advocating for Healthier Children

One Life at a Time

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“Evian” spelled backwards is “NAIVE”

evianIt looks like the joke is on us.  We have had some very NAIVE drinking habits.  Here are some facts about bottled water that you may not know:

  1.  The majority of bottled water is just tap water with the chlorine removed. doesn’t come from some mysterious natural spring somewhere…that’s just good marketing
  2. The chemicals in tap water/bottled water are KNOWN to cause cancer but we gladly buy it and drink it anyway
  3. The toxic chemicals from the recycled bottles leach into the water making it far more dangerous to drink commercially bottled water than regular tap water
  4. No “official” government authority tests the quality of the water – the FDA trusts the providers to only bottle the best water for you and me – now that’s N A I V E!
  5. Each of these water bottle contains approximately 1 cup of oil in the making and if the bottles are not recycled (90% of of all plastic bottles aren’t) it will take approximately 1,000 years to disintegrate by natural means
  6. For each liter of water bottled, it takes approximately 5 liters of water for the reverse osmosis process
  7. The biggest contributor to the pollution of the earth’s water is plastic water bottles…that’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so scary!
  8.  The EPA will confirm that the toxins from water bottles dumped into the ocean are killing our fish but they won’t comment on what those bottles are doing to humans or what eating toxic fish will do for all
  9. The distribution of bottled water consumes approximately 25 billion gallons of oil each year.   It doesn’t make a whole lot of  sense to spend all of that money and to consume all of that oil to move water around that is merely tap water in the first place.  Sounds like a “shell game” to me!

As I ponder these facts I can’t help but wonder….was the name “EVIAN” carefully selected and intended to be a play with letters?

Stop being NAÏVE!  

Stop PAYING to drink toxic water!

The chemicals are killing you and your family and the

aftermath is killing our planet

As for me and my family, we drink only PURE Kangen Water®.  By the way, so does Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, the White House, Leonard DiCaprio, Jillian Michaels, Sylvester Stallone, Angelina Jolie,  Beyoncé and a whole lot more.  We’re not naive.  How about you?

No chemicals, no recycled bottles, no kidding.

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Home Grown Cancer…Now What?

chemicals-and-cancer-hazardous-toxinsWe spend an awful lot of time and money researching the environmental risks affecting our plants BUT what about the environmental impact to the human body?  It may be difficult to face that you and your loved ones have been exposed to toxic chemicals that could very well be blamed for cancer.

Do we “inherit” mutated cells OR do we pass along chemical exposure from generation to generation?  It sure brings new meaning to the term “predisposed”.  Hmm…

The cancer rate in America is 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females.  Don’t you think its time to quit spending all of our resources looking for cures and start looking for answers with a focus on prevention?

The following excerpt is from an article in Rodale News specifically addressing breast cancer, however the consequences of exposure is true for ALL types of cancer (and other diseases).

Read it and weep:

Rising breast cancer rates may be a consequence of pesticides, plastics, perfume, and even the flameproofing chemicals on your couch…  

“We now have sufficient data to be seriously concerned about the increased risk for many diseases, including breast cancer, that result from exposures to common environmental factors, especially those that interfere with the endocrine system,” says Janet Gray, PhD, professor and director of the Program in Science, Technology & Society at Vassar College, and the author of a new report from the Breast Cancer Fund that explores the complicated link between chemicals in the environment and breast cancer. “We need to take this data seriously.”

The timing of exposures is critical, says Gray. There are certain periods of a girl’s life during which exposure to problematic chemicals, whether it’s BPA in plastics or the endocrine-disrupting pesticides used on our food, could cause serious damage. “Those periods of high risk are consistent with what we know about breast physiology,” she says. Exposures to chemicals in the womb and immediately after birth are crucial, she says, because that’s when breast tissue is just developing. Similarly, during adolescence and during pregnancy, girls and women are experiencing incredible growth of breast tissue, and their bodies are easily influenced by chemicals and pesticides that act like estrogen.

The influence doesn’t stop at environmental chemicals and pesticides, either. “Radiation is the one unequivocally accepted environmental cause of breast cancer,” Gray says.



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Urgent Warning Men! What You Drink Could be Killing You!

man-drinking-sodaHey Guys…if you’re partial to sipping your favorite soda,  consider yourself warned!   According to a 15-year study just one carbonated drink a day could raise your chances of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

The study, carried out by Swedish scientists, tracked the health of more 8,000 men aged 45-73 over a 15 year span. All were screened prior to the study’s commencement to ensure they were all in relatively the same good health. Participants were made to track their daily eating habits. At the end of the study this data was analyzed.

What the scientists discovered was VERY alarming. Those men who on average drank just one soda a day appeared 40 percent more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.   The cancer was not picked up during standard screening but was diagnosed after the participants showed symptoms of prostate problems.   Scary stats for the male population!

How about a glass of pure, alkaline, ionized micro-clustered water instead?  Kangen water hydrates at the cellular level in a way that NO other water can.    Sounds like a wise choice for ALL!



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The Next Time You Tip That Bottle…..

tipHave you ever seen a dog drink out of toilet bowl?  The mere thought of it is enough to turn even the strongest stomach!   I’d be willing to bet that if you carefully consider what YOU’RE drinking out of, you’d trade it in for the toilet bowl in a heartbeat.

We spend a lot of time and energy battling the environmental impact associated with the DISPOSING of recycled plastic bottles into our landfills.  Millions and millions of dollars in research has been spent on the study of what these bottles are doing to our planet.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this planet and I absolutely care about the environmental future for my children and grandchildren, BUT I care a lot more about what they’re doing to US.  The last time I checked,  human life has more value than a tree.  At least it does to some of us.

Even the U.S. government warns us (in politically correct words) about the dangers of drinking out of recycled plastic bottles.  The long-term consequences are deadly and yet; we’ll purchase “spring water” in a toxic bottle and sell ourselves on the good things that we’re doing to be healthy.  Ha!  Now THAT’S good salesmanship.

Here is a quote from  “Reducing Environment Cancer Risk…What Can We Do Now” report provided by the National Institute of Health and presented to the President of the United States in 2009:

Individuals and families have many opportunities to reduce or eliminate chemical exposures.  For example:

  • Filtering home tap or well water can decrease exposure to many known or suspected carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.  Unless the home water source is known to be contaminated, it is preferable to use filtered tap water instead of commercially bottled water.

Interesting, huh?  Most Americans are already buying bottled water to AVOID drinking from the tap and yet; the government says (in terms of avoiding cancer) we’re better off drinking the tap than a store-bought bottle of water.

Imagine that.  Municipal water laced with hundreds of chemicals to make sewage potable is safer (in terms of avoiding harmful chemicals and cancer) than commercially bottled water.  Hmm…  That ought to tell you something if you’ll just ponder it for a minute or two.

I have a lifetime solution for healthy (and safe) drinking water and I’m no longer contributing to the plastic bottle pollution problem.

I drink Kangen Water® aka  ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water.  Kangen Water® is considered “medical grade” around the world and it has used in Japanese hospitals and prescribed by their physicians for the past 40 years.  You sure can’t say that about tap or bottled water!  Only THE BEST for my family.

I’ll pass on the toilet bowl but thanks for asking.

How about you?



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Reckless Advertising or Hidden Agenda? BOTH!

Responsible parents encourage responsible habits.  When your child was born he/she was 90% water….not soda and sports drinks.  Give the body what it needs and nix the irresponsible drinking habits.  You’ll be amazed to see what happens.



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N.I.H. Says Detox Before Conception…Little Known Secret?

Pregnancy--pregnant-2-jpgThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services completed a comprehensive study on the known (and “suspected”) causes of cancer  entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…What We Can Do Now”.  This report is FREE and is available to anyone who requests it.   The problem is that most people don’t even know that this report exists.   Does that seem a little odd to you at a time when the cancer rate in America is off-the-charts?  Hmm…

Most of what you’ll read in this report is terrifying  however, since cancer is the #1 killer of children under the age of 14 in America today, it is shocking to see what our Government has to say about their risk and how much is being “kept” from us.

Here are just a few of the highlights from this report pertaining to children:

Page 98:

Children Are at Special Risk for Cancer due to environmental contaminants and should be protected.  Opportunities for eliminating or minimizing cancer-causing and cancer-promoting environmental exposures must be acted upon to protect all Americans, but especially children. They are at special risk due to their smaller body mass and rapid physical development, both of which magnify their vulnerability to known or suspected carcinogens, including radiation.

Numerous environmental contaminants can cross the placental barrier; to a disturbing extent, babies are born “pre-polluted.”  Children also can be harmed by genetic or other damage sustained by the mother (and in some cases, the father).  

Page 111:

It is vitally important to recognize that children are far more susceptible to damage from environmental carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds than adults.

To the extent possible, parents and child care providers should choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines, and medical tests that will minimize children’s exposure to toxins.  

Ideally, both mothers and fathers should avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and known or suspected carcinogens prior to a child’s conception and throughout pregnancy and early life, when risk of damage is greatest.

Both mother AND FATHER play a role in “pre-polluting” our children with carcinogens?

Environmental contaminants can cross the placental barrier?

In simple terms, this means that all the things that mothers AND FATHERS have been exposed to OVER THE YEARS are polluting the next generation.  I remember the day when we were primarily focused on  not drinking or smoking while pregnant.  In reality we needed to look at ALL exposure since our own birth.  Today we live in a very toxic world and it will take serious action to avoid harmful exposure.  I think our kids are worth it.  Do you?

How are we exposed to chemicals that disrupt our hormones and cause cancer?  The answer to that is pretty simple (and pretty scary).    Water resistant pesticides on our food,  recycled plastic bottles, municipal drinking water laced with (up to 300)  “safe” chemicals, arsenic in our chicken, mercury in our dryer sheets…  just to name a few  Is it any wonder our cancer rate in America is the highest in the world?

What can we do about it?   It may appear to be overwhelming when we consider how drastically we have to change “the good life”  in order to assure that our children are not born “pre-polluted”.  Take it one step at a time and AVOID exposure wherever/whenever you can.   Buy local, organic food whenever possible…STOP BUYING BOTTLED water stored in toxic recycled bottles…read labels…get involved!

 In addition to avoiding exposure, we also need to DETOX of the chemicals that we’re already carrying around to the extent possible.   They won’t just go away on their own.  You must take action!

The easiest and the most logical step  ANYONE can take  is to start drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water immediately!

Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become 

the most important advancement in health care 

since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin”

Dr. William Kelly author of Cancer Cure

Drinking water not laced with chemicals and washing everything you eat with water made to dissolve harmful pesticides is just “what the doctor ordered”  to flush the toxicity out and to STOP adding in more from your water and food sources.  The ultimate prescription for a healthier tomorrow.

It boggles my mind when I speak with groups about our health crisis and I introduce Electrolyzed Reduced Water aka Kangen Water as a viable and proven step toward a healthier tomorrow…I often hear “BUT THAT’S SO EXPENSIVE!”   Really?  Compared to what?   Think about the problem, consider the changes you and your family need to make and you’ll see things a LOT differently than you do right now.   Good health is PRICELESS.

Drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water is the single most profound thing anybody can do for their health!

Our kids deserve a fighting chance.  Will you do your part to give it them?


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Abby B. Sandler, Ph.D.
Executive Secretary
President’s Cancer Panel
6116 Executive Boulevard
Suite 220, MSC 8349
Bethesda, MD 20814-8349