The I.V. Bag Holds a Lot More Than Just Water…It Holds The Answers to LOTS of Questions about Hydration

more IV

If you find yourself admitted to the hospital for just about any reason,  the FIRST “treatment” you’ll get (after you’ve gone through the initial vital signs check) is an I.V.  I don’t think we give enough thought to the need for an I.V. and I believe that a lot of questions about hydration can be found through the I.V. protocol that is followed by hospitals.

Although your doctor may sing a different tune when you’re out-patient (drink “fluids”) they all follow the rule-book for what the body really needs when you’re in-patient…they prescribe water.

The purpose of an I.V. is to supply extra water to a dehydrated patient and/or to assure that the daily water and salt needs or “maintenance needs” are met for patients unable to take them by mouth.  Naturally, there are circumstances through which the patient would not be physically able to drink water but; for the sake of staff convenience AND to enhance the billable goods, the I.V. protocol is followed for almost everybody.  I’m quite sure that the fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated makes an automatic I.V. make a whole lot of sense.

Although the amount of I.V. fluids infused depends largely on size and the needs of the patient, according to Web MD it is typically between 1.5 and 3 liters (50-100 ounces)  a day for the average adult.  Rest assured, the medical professionals KNOW that we need 50-100 ounces of water just to hydrate in a sedentary state.  Funny how physicians fail to emphasize the need for lots of water OUTSIDE of the walls of the hospital.  When was the last time you drank 50-100 ounces of water?  If you need 50-100 ounces of water just to sustain hydration in a SEDENTARY state, imagine how much more water the body needs when it’s actually moving around living life!

Many patients “lose” their symptoms when they’re (finally) hydrated using I.V. fluids!  Hmm…

Whether you’re getting your water through an I.V. bag or you’re drinking it out of a bottle, it ALWAYS matters what KIND of water you consume and what’s “in” or NOT in your water makes a huge difference for your health.  For example, I.V. fluids aren’t just purified water, they contain saline to balance the electrolytes and here’s why according to Wikipedia:

If the {I.V.} solution were pure water you would die. When blood cells are exposed to pure water the increased salts in the cell cause the water to flow in and would cause the red blood cells to burst (this is called lysis). The blood itself is a little salty (which is why you rinse your eyes with saline). The IV bags are usually plain saline, sometimes they are saline mixed with a form of sugar. The sugar provides energy for the body. (it is not table sugar)

So you see?  The I.V. protocol holds the key to answers about proper hydration with the “right” kind of water.  IT MATTERS how much water we consume to maintain a healthy state and IT MATTERS what kind of water we drink to properly hydrate the human cells….in and OUT of the hospital.

If the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of your I.V. water matters….

don’t you think the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the water you

consume by mouth does too?

HEALTHY drinking water won’t come from a bottle of your favorite “purified” water or from your tap. You can’t get healthy water by running it through a Brita-type filter or though the water dispenser on your fridge.  You CAN get healthy water from places like the fountains of Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico (or a few other exotic places in the world) if you’re willing to move there to get it.  Otherwise your best option is to return your water to its original state (aka “healthy”) by restructuring it using a quality water ionizer that produces “ELECTROLYZED REDUCED WATER”.   More and more medical professionals across the globe are recommending electrolyzed reduced water after tens of thousands of scientific studies have proven that it IS beneficial to the human body.  Water isn’t “just water” any more than food is “just food.”



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Toilets, Taps & Trash!

Just because it’s clear doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.  If you’re curious about what the buzz about water is all about, this one’s for you!  Now available on Amazon – digital or paperback.  Read it a WEEP!

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Is Your Water GREEN? If You’re SMART It Is!

greenIt’s hilarious to look into the eyes of someone as they arrogantly proclaim that they would NEVER EVER consider drinking something as unhealthy as sodas or a sports drinks. They usually have an air of superiority as if they’ve figured out the secret to life while most of the world is stuck in the dark ages.  Many of these know-it-all’s gave up gluten long ago and they can tell you more about juicing than the manufacturers of the juicers can.  They refrain from anything with a hint of GMO and they can read (and understand) the labels on all containers.

These folks may run circles around me in some ways, but they never cease to amaze me as they preach about the dangers of our food supply while toting around commercially bottled water as if it’s one more step in their journey toward GREEN.  The only thing good about commercially bottled water is the convenience of being able to drink it up and toss it away so that it becomes somebody else’s problem somewhere down-the-line.  So much for being GREEN and socially responsible.

Most bottled water IS tap water and, in addition to being as oxidative (aging) as one of those sodas that they’d rather die than drink, it is housed in a container that is known to wreak havoc on our health AND our environment.  So much for  going GREEN!

Until we understand that what we drink is just as (even more) important as what we eat, we can’t possibly master the goal to go GREEN.  In fact, as long as we’re eating healthy, organic, non GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free food only to wash it down with unhealthy water housed in toxic containers  we haven’t accomplished anything CLOSE to what we set out to.  So much for going GREEN.

There are socially responsible water options that are healthy for you AND healthy for the environment and that don’t cost (on the average) $12.00 a gallon, and water than can be  defined as “GREEN” and “organic” in every sense of the word.  Of course, you lose the convenience of being able to drink it up and toss it away for somebody else to deal with later on BUT; you AND the planet will be much better off because of it.

GO GREEN once and for all in every way that matters!







WARNING! Sleep Apnea On The Rise…What’s Going On???

sample apnea

Sleep study clinics are popping up all across America.  Today there are almost 3,000 clinics with hundreds more in the works for certification and approval to do sleep disorder diagnostics.

A few short years ago we’d never even heard of sleep apnea and yet millions of people weren’t mysteriously dying in their sleep (as we’re led to believe will happen). Today it is reported that 5% of Americans suffer with some sort of serious sleep disorder (with “many more not yet diagnosed”).   What in the world is going on?

The Mayo Clinic defines sleep apnea this way:

Causes of obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of your throat relax. These muscles support the soft palate, the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula), the tonsils, the side walls of the throat and the tongue.

When the muscles relax, your airway narrows or closes as you breathe in, and you can’t get an adequate breath in. This may lower the level of oxygen in your blood. Your brain senses this inability to breathe and briefly rouses you from sleep so you can reopen your airway. This awakening is usually so brief that you don’t remember it.

Now that we understand the definition of sleep apnea and how this disorder blocks the airways, etc.,  aren’t you even a little bit curious about what causes it in the first place?

For a short season, sleep apnea was considered to be a condition (almost exclusively) of overweight, middle-aged men.  Today we have sleep study facilities exclusively for young children…overweight and otherwise. Clearly this isn’t just a problem of overweight, middle-aged men.  We’ve got a serious problems!

I’m not a physician and I don’t attempt to give medical advice; I’m just a common-sense-kind-of-gal.  In this case, my common sense is thirsting for the root cause of this mysterious 21st century medical condition defined as sleep apnea.


I believe that your complex CPAP breathing unit is serving you well by forcing air into your airway (masking your symptoms) but it sure isn’t helping you identify the root cause of your problem.  The “mainstream medical” community has become experts at masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals and treatments for everything that ails you.  When we can’t put a label on your problem, there’s no need to worry.  We’ll write a prescription for depression and/or a narcotic for pain.   Personally I’d rather know what’s causing my problem in the first place so that I can (hopefully) correct it INSTEAD of managing (and masking)  my symptoms. Darn! There goes my common sense again!


I routinely work with people of all ages on dehydration-related health issues. I introduce a hydration protocol using  lots of ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, healthy water (versus tap, bottled or R/O) and we evaluate changes that they experience as they begin to re-hydrate the body AND oxygenate the cells after years of chronic dehydration with the wrong kind of fluids.  Time and time again I’ve heard amazing reports back that include the following:

  • People no longer snoring (spouses confirm!)
  • No more sleep apnea –  no more need for CPAP (Dr. confirmations)
  • Sleeping peacefully through the night for the first time in years
  • Regained the sense of smell
  • No longer suffering with allergies or asthma
  • A strong and stable voice again
  • Improved hearing – tinnitus gone
  • No more acid re-flux (acid can’t be good on the airways)
  • and on and on…..

It’s amazing to see what the body is capable of doing for itself if you just give it what it needs.  Deprive the body of what it needs and you’ll pay the ultimate price for it!  The need for a CPAP device just might be the least of your problems!


Nothing on the planet (in spite of creative advertising efforts) replaces the body’s need for lots of healthy water.  You can’t fill a fish tank with Diet Coke and expect your fish to live nor can you water your plants with Energy drinks and expect them to grow.  So why do you think that there are viable replacements for water for the human body?  Hmm…

Contrary to popular belief, not all water is created equal.  If you want to experience a healthy turn-around, you’ll need healthy water that is structured in such a way that your body can  absorb it at the cellular level the way it is intended to do!  It takes serious water to do that job!

Hydrate your airways (and all of the rest of you) and see what happens!  You never know…you just might be able to retire your CPAP contraption AND keep a happy spouse all at the same time!

Are you willing to try something as simple as changing your water for improved health or are you too close-minded to consider the possibilities?

Try it for FREE.  See for yourself!  The only thing you have a chance of losing is your CPAP AND saving your marriage.

Bottoms-up, Boomers! 


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Heart Disease and Cholesterol…Boy, Have You Been Fooled!

heart disease

There seems to be no end to how we are fooled into accepting bad health accompanied by every kind of radical treatment recommended to us. We get a test result and almost immediately run for whatever pill or procedure is thrown our way and we do it out of fear.  Every once in a while a physician will come to his senses with a conscience that inspires him to speak out boldly,

Dr. Dwight Lundell, has this to say….5,000 open heart surgeries later. It should come as no surprise that his license to practice medicine was jeopardized as is the case with every outspoken medical professional:

We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong.. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries,today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact.   

Simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended. It is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped.

Inflammation is not complicated — it is quite simply your body’s natural defense to a foreign invader such as a bacteria, toxin or virus. The cycle of inflammation is perfect in how it protects your body from these bacterial and viral invaders. However, if we chronically expose the body to injury by toxins or foods the human body was never designed to process,a condition occurs called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is just as harmful as acute inflammation is beneficial.

The “real” enemy in every health challenge in the world is INFLAMMATION.  How do you fight inflammation?  It’s pretty simple.

  1.  Watch what you eat and don’t eat foods that have labels with words you can’t even pronounce or foods that would be better suited for a Sci-fi movie than a human body.  Foods in their natural form are not harmful to the human body.
  2. Watch what you drink.  Many of our beverages-of-choice are acidic and the promote inflammation!  Is that soda, sports drink or alcoholic beverage really worth the ultimate price you pay?
  3. Hydrate!  The blood is 90% water and your body needs LOTS of water to fight inflammation.  But not just any water will do.  Water laced with chemicals out of the tap just worsens your state of inflammation as the body fights hard to process what it isn’t equipped to handle.  On the other hand, most bottled waters not only have chemicals from the plastics but they are void of minerals that the body desperately needs.  For inflammation (and lots of other reasons) you’ll want to drink Electrolyzed Reduced Water.  

Whether you believe the findings of this heart specialist or not; I believe we can agree that there is something dramatically wrong with having heart disease, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s, Autism and cancer off-the-charts.  Just ask your doctor.  Everything will come down to inflammation.   It’s time to wake up.

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About the writer:


I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water.  A  mini “Erin Brockovich” …instead of fighting for justice, I have solutions for businesses and families.  Families like the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Seattle Seahawks families, the NY Yankees families and familes like yours and mine.  If you’d like more information about the solutions that I have to offer, reach out to me.

Lynn Gardner, or call 202 241 1542.



Getting on The Environmental Bandwagon…And STILL Missing the Boat!

There’s a whole lot more to “going green” than taking steps toward water conservation and energy efficiency; and its never too early to teach the next generation about being good stewards of our environment.  Our children are at the greatest risk of environmental exposure due to their body size and the state of their  development. The environmental “damage” being done to the next generation makes the damage being done to our environment look like child’s play; and the consequences are just as long lasting as the years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose.    Learning disabilities, autism, asthma and cancer are all off-the-charts, and the problem isn’t stemming from efficient energy solutions or water conservation.  The biggest threat to our children comes from environmental TOXINS instead…and most of THAT problem can be directly attributed to the water they’re exposed to everywhere they go!


While Sustainable childcare facilities  is a great step in the right direction, the efforts fall short in protecting our children, because they are designed to protect the environment itself instead.  No matter how much water we save, or how green our building materials are;  if the water our children are exposed to contains toxic chemicals, lead, pharmaceuticals and other things already proven to be dangerous to their health; conservation measures are far too lame to make a difference in their lives environmentally.

green childcare facility


National Geographic recently came up with their own list of things that anybody can do to help ease the load on our environment…recommendations that include everything from ditching straws to eating ice cream out of a cone instead of a cup.   National Geographic is known for sharing the world WITH the world through award-winning photography and words; but they’re sure not up-to-speed on recycling if they don’t know that LESS 20% of our “beverage bottles” are ever making it to a recycling plant.  All those pretty blue recycling containers, and all the well-trained Americans can’t change the fact that there is little to NO market for our plastics these days.  From blue container to landfill!


Even the National Association of Realtors is getting in on the environmental game; a change driven by the demands of the consumers they represent. The real estate industry “solution” comes in the form of an optional “Green Designation”.  Twelve (12) hours and $300 later, and the agent can become a “Green Expert” ready to assist buyers and sellers understand things like the benefits of energy-efficient homes.  While its commendable for real estate professionals to spend the time and the money to be sure that they’re more prepared to represent their green-minded clients; their knowledge falls short in  understanding things much more damaging to the home buyer AND the environment, and it’s time for them to wake up too!  An independent group lead by real estate industry “gurus”  is making great strides in the “movement” they refer to as “Taking a stand for the land”, and they don’t mind reminding the real estate industry that it’s time to care just as much about what’s IN the land, as they do about what’s (built) on the land.   With a Lobby presence as powerful as that of the real estate industry; don’t be surprised to see more and more real estate offices and Realtors “taking a stand for the land” and they’ll be making a big difference in the environmental problem while they’re at it.   Who better to take a stand for the condition and well-being of our land that those making a fortune to represent it?

Although some might argue that the real estate agent “isn’t responsible” for understanding the condition of the water coming into the home, that’s not a position easily defended when they have already been plunged into a world of “exposure” issues over things like lead-based paint, asbestos and mold; and they found themselves forced into full disclosure while doing  their part identify (and mediate) potential problems for their clients and customers.  Today,  WATER is leading the way in terms of exposure and the destruction of health of ALL homeowners (and renters) because the problem in Flint, Michigan isn’t limited to Flint at all.  I’d say “taking a stand for the land” is a pretty good idea for all license-packing real estate agents!  After all, social responsibility begins at the top!


It’s nice to see the world taking steps to protect our environment before it’s too late.  But there is nothing more valuable than human life, and nothing more important than health.  Water is a major commodity, and as Mark Twain once said “Whiskey is for drinking;  Water is for fighting over”.  It’s time to fight for clean, safe and HEALTHY water for all of our children, and it’s time for every home, homeowner and childcare facility to do their part to be sure that the water environment is as good as it can be…a minor detail with major consequences and one much MORE important than conservation.

If you want to learn more about what YOU can do to be sure that your family has access to water that is actually GOOD for them instead of damaging to them; reach out to me.  I’m an environmental advocate…dedicated to protecting our children from unnecessary environmental exposure…AND I’m a “water expert”.  You worry about the doors and windows and reducing the amount of water and energy you use, and let ME worry about the quality of your water!





Childhood Obesity…We’ve Got SUPER-SIZED Problems!

Image result for childhood obesity imagesChildhood obesity is out-of-control and it’s time to do something about it!  Little people grow into big people, and their little weight “problems” will grow into bigger problems too.  There’s nothing “cute” about obesity, and there is no foundation that would lead us to believe that if a young child is obese, that they won’t carry that “problem” into adulthood along with a HOST of health problems as a result.  Although beauty, value, and character can’t be measured in pounds, health and well-being sure can be!  Criticism about “healthy weight” has nothing to do with a person’s appearance, and everything to do with how their health will look down the road UNLESS they take control of it now.  With children as young as 3-years-old being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; we’ve got super-sized problems in America that must be addressed!

A recent report by Harvard Medical School has this to say about our childhood obesity problem…

A full 41.5% of 16-to-19-year-olds were overweight in 2015–2016, a jump from 36.7% just two years before. The numbers were even worse for girls in that age group: 47.9% of them were overweight, up from 35.6% in 2013–2014.

That’s not a good trend.

There was another worrisome trend among 2 to 5-year-olds, among whom 26% were overweight. If you look at the percentage that was not just overweight but obese, between 2013–2014 and 2015–2016, the percentage went from 9.3% to 13.7%.

There are countless reasons for childhood obesity and none of it can be directed at the child.  Barring some genetic disorder or undiagnosed medical condition that would cause a child to carry extra weight, the “problem” comes down to Mom and Dad.  It’s not “big bones” or “just the way we are” or “heavy people run in our family” that’s the problem.   Our DNA does not have to become our destiny, and our weight problems are not genetic.  Instead, we pass along poor eating habits (or overeating habits) along to the next generation, and we excuse away their obesity as “normal” in the family.

Here are just a few below-the-surface problems that every parent should evaluate (and consider making some changes to) IF they have a child that is inclined toward obesity:

  • The majority of children in our society have two working parents, and fatigue often drives the food train.  What’s easy?  What’s quick?  What will “go down” without an argument?  What will keep “Johnny” quiet for a few minutes?  It takes time and attention to prepare balanced meals for our children, and it takes discipline to offer them the proper portions.
  • Parents fall prey to good marketing and advertising without even realizing it!  McDonald’s became a leader in our world because they have always targeted our children through Happy Meals and the toys they market along with the food.  From breakfast cereals to yogurt, parents often buy foods based on good advertising and not on good nutritional value.
  • Parents who associate food with happiness or contentment will be more inclined to over-indulge their own children.  Well-meaning as they might be, they’re setting up their children for eating disorders later on.  If misery doesn’t want company, then good eating habits should be a family affair.  Children always follow the lead of their parents…good and bad behavior is taught by example.  “Do as I say…not as I do” doesn’t fare well when it comes to healthy eating habits.

Limited amounts of activity is a close-second to overeating when it comes to obesity.  Technology has taken the place of the playground, and our schools have reduced (or eliminated) recess time.  Children need fresh air, exercise, a well-balanced diet, and proper hydration in order to be healthy.  When all of these things are a routine part of a child’s day; obesity doesn’t stand a chance with a child OR an adult.

“Variety is the spice of life” and a healthy variety in the diet makes for a healthy child.  Large quantities of one food is not the same as reasonable portions of a variety of foods; not when it comes to digestion OR nutrition. As a healthy (and friendly) reminder, here is the recommended food pyramid for children under the age of 5.  When it comes to portions, the recommended rule-of-thumb portion size is one tablespoon per year of age.


There isn’t much any of us can do to force an adult to adhere to well-balanced meals and reasonable portions, but there IS A LOT we can do to be sure that children do.  Our kids are tipping the scales and headed for disaster…physically and emotionally if we fail to do our part to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle.

A well-balanced diet…fresh air…plenty of exercise and LOTS of healthy water!  I’m doing my part!  How about you?





About the Author: Lynn Gardner is a force to reckon with in the environmental world – especially when it comes to our children and all the ways their health is in jeopardy because of environmental toxins in our water, our food, and our air.   If you’d like more information on ways YOU can get involved in changing the world for the next generation be sure to reach out! or 202.241.1542.





Hydrogen on the Brain? Hope so!

brainMore and more people are waking up to the need to consume water that is higher in alkalinity than the average bottled water or the kitchen tap.  But there are a few stones being left unturned in the process of becoming more aware about water.  Somehow the focus is getting stuck on merely drinking water that has a higher pH; but that’s just part of the equation!    As awareness is raised about the need for alkalinity, many people are searching for a quick-fix (it’s the American way) and they’re spending a small fortune on disposable plastic bottles filled with water CLAIMING to be higher in alkalinity.   At the average rate of $10.00 a gallon, there isn’t enough money in the world to feed a habit like that IF they consume only high-priced alkaline water to the degree the body demands.  The average person simply doesn’t understand the difference between alkaline water and Electrolyzed Reduced Water and they’re making some pretty irresponsible decisions because of it.

If higher alkalinity is all you’re looking for, feel free to add some baking soda to your tap water (just like the bottled water companies do!) and you’ll be good-to-go…until your body begins fighting back because of baking soda “overload”, that is.  What most people don’t realize is that what separates the “men from the boys” in terms of alkaline water or Electrolyzed Reduced Water from a QUALITY water generator is ACTIVE HYDROGEN.  The “problem” isn’t nearly as simple as raising the pH of your drinking water, so IF you really want to understand what you’re drinking and what the differences are in all of this talk about “alkaline water”;  do some real research of your own.  Don’t rely on opinions posted online or fake consumer reports.  Go straight to the source instead.  Research the science behind Electrolyzed Reduced Water … water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN aka “Kangen Water®”.  “Kangen Water®” is a trademarked name for water produced by the highest quality water ionizer device on the planet, and there’s no adding minerals to get the results (unlike most ionizers that require a mineral filter to raise the pH).

Hydrogen therapy has been studied for years, and it is gaining a lot of traction as we learn more and more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen.  Drinking water with a higher alkaline is ONLY PART of the equation.  Drinking water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN is a game-changer for your entire body and one that you might just have to experience for yourself to believe.

Molecular Hydrogen and its Potential Application in Therapy of Brain Disorders was published in December 2014.  In Brain Disorders & Therapy, they state that

“Because of its low molecular weight, hydrogen can easily diffuse across the blood-brain barrier, which allows it protects cells against degeneration and improves brain function.”  furthermore, the protective effects of molecular hydrogen have been reported in many kinds of brain disorders.

If you care enough about your health to spend a small fortune or bottled “alkaline” water, then it’s time to get the entire scoop on water.  There is an affordable option for your family that will produce an endless supply of water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN and there is ONLY ONE company producing medical-grade quality equipment for hospitals for over 4 decades!  Everything else is child’s-play in comparison.  If you want serious health results, it’s going to take serious technology to perform the way you hope it will.

When it comes to the well-being of me and my family, there’s no such thing as cutting corners.  There is never a good enough reason for me to “go cheap” and there’s no room for knock-offs.  My family consumes only the best… I recommend only the best, I share only the best and I represent only the best. 

Want to see for yourself?



About the Author:

“I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water…a mini “Erin Brockovich”… instead of fighting for justice; I offer solutions to businesses and families.  Families like the Erin Brockovich family, the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Oprah Winfrey family, the Jillian Michaels family, families of the NY Yankees and the Seattle Seahawks and a whole lot more, and I HAVE A SOLUTION for your family too!”

Lynn Gardner ++ 202.241.1542 ++


No Wonder Kids Are Hormonal!

Bisphenol  (BPA) was first  invented in 1891 and was intended to be used as an artificial estrogen.   It was quickly replaced by an estrogen enhancer called “DES” with even more potent estrogen properties.   By the way, DES was later taken off the market when it was linked to reproductive cancers in girls born to mothers taking DES during pregnancy.  (Clearly an early warning signal for the similar toxic properties confirmed for BPA years and years later).

No worries…BPA  hasn’t gone to waste!  It may not have lasted long as a prescription hormone enhancer but we get it “over-the- counter” for FREE in hundreds and hundreds of products!  It is used to manufacture our hard plastics, our soft plastic water bottles, epoxy lining of metal food cans, even canned infant formula is laced with BPA in spite of the recent movement to mandate “BPA- free” baby bottles.  Oh..and to be sure that we don’t miss the opportunity to add more toxins to our children you can find BPA in dental sealants that help “prevent cavities”.

Is it really any wonder why our children are suffering from obesity, cancer, and early puberty?  These things are NOT just a generation that has “evolved”…they are the result of exposure to harmful toxins!  It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and to be willing to fight for the next generation.   Lets stop throwing them under the bus for the sake of convenience.

One very simple and yet very powerful thing you can do to protect the next generation is to STOP buying bottled water and STOP drinking tap water loaded with chemicals INCLUDING hormones not filtered out of human waste in the “water treatment” process.


CLICK HERE to find out more!

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Of Course BPA Can Be Found Inside You!

Image result for toxins found in umbilical cord IMAGE

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to understand how toxins from plastics can be found in the umbilical cord of our newborn babies, in our blood and in our tissues.  Generations of exposure to those toxins that can be found in EVERY plastic bottle is always leached into your water, and it always finds it’s way into the body.  When N.I.H (National Institute of Health,  the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and public health research) labels our children as being “PRE-POLLUTED” then you KNOW we have bigger problems than most people want to acknowledge at all.

Most bottled water begins with tap water that goes through the reverse osmosis process before it is “enhanced”.  Reverse osmosis water was designed for industrial use and it was never intended for human consumption!  There are a few things about the process that you should be aware of:

  1. The average temperature of water that is processed through reverse osmosis is 190°.  This means that the source water has already reached temperatures that cause the chemicals to leach out from the plastic BEFORE you buy and refrigerate it!  In other words, the dangers of consuming fluids from a plastic bottle begin at the bottling plant and there’s nothing you can do to prevent exposure to these chemicals whatsoever.
  2. It takes approximately 5 liters of water to produce (and fill) a 1 liter bottle of water using the reverse osmosis process.  If you understand the volatility of our natural resources, this should be of great concern to you!
  3. The reverse osmosis process doesn’t discriminate – is very good at removing the bad things (at least before it hits the bottle, that is) but it removes all of the natural minerals right along with the bad things.  Water without minerals has absolutely NO BENEFIT to the human body whatsoever.  This is true for distilled water too!


Things can get pretty confusing when we’re talking about plastic.  Let’s simplify the message:

  1. It doesn’t matter if the plastic is made with BPA or if it’s BPA-free.
  2. It doesn’t matter if the BPA has been replaced with BSA which has been scientifically proven to be just as bad for you as BPA
  3. It doesn’t matter if the plastic is hard or soft

There is NO such thing as safe plastic…not for you and your family, and not for the environment.  Just say “NO” to all plastics…especially those used for your water consumption!

If you decide to take a positive step in the right direction by making the decision to do away with all those harmful plastics impacting YOUR health (and the health of the future generations) reach out to me.  There is a better, healthier way and it doesn’t involve a toxic water bottle filled with clear fluids. Your body will thank you for it, the future generations will thank you for it AND the environmental will thank you for it too.

On a Mission to Help America GO GREEN

One Home at a Time!

About the writer:

I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water.  A  mini “Erin Brockovich” …instead of fighting for justice, I have solutions for businesses and families.  Families like the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Seattle Seahawks families, the NY Yankees families and familes like yours and mine.  If you’d like more information about the solutions that I have to offer, reach out to me.

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