It May Not Be In Your Head But It Could Be In Your Brain!

brain in your head

Did you know that if your brain is dehydrated by as little as 1% you LOSE 10% brain capacity? With epidemic issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, ADD, ADHD, and depression, you SHOULD sit up and take notice of the importance of PROPER hydration before it’s too late!

It is reported that 75% of America is walking around CHRONICALLY dehydrated – despite consuming 1500 bottles of commercially bottled water EVERY SECOND in the USA!  Just imagine how many bottles we’d consume IF we were remaining hydrated!

Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that we can easily (and safely) replace the need for water by swapping it out for another drink-of-choice.  That should come as no surprise since our physicians replaced “drink plenty of water” with “drink plenty of fluids” years ago.   Don’t kid yourselves…THEY KNOW nothing replaces the body’s need for water.  If they didn’t I.V. bags would be full of your drink-of-choice instead of purified water.  If you want to REGAIN or SUSTAIN your health, you NEED plenty of water. Although you may not die of thirst if you continue to consume fluids of one kind or another; you WILL pay the ultimate price with your health for not drinking healthy water.

Your brain (and all of the rest of you) needs water. In fact, water is the most important nutrient for the human body!  So, if water is that important to the body, don’t you think that the quality of the water is equally important?  

Most of us care more about the quality of our wine than we do about the quality of our water.   There is something very sad and very bizarre about that thought process.

No doubt Americans DO need to hydrate the brain.  It seems like we’ve forgotten some pretty basic things about health and the human body.





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The Long-term Price we Pay for Long Term “Happy”

happy pillsIt’s no secret that America is prescription happy.  There is a pill or procedure for everything under the sun, and if we weren’t so inclined to fill the prescriptions handed over to us,  our healthcare would take on an entirely different look.

Our need to be “pain-free” has ignited an addiction wildfire that we may never be able to contain.  But having some pain is a normal thing, and having some pain doesn’t necessarily warrant a narcotic to cope.

One reason contributing to the popularity of antidepressants is the expansion of their indications. “Many patients are given antidepressants for non-depression diagnoses, such as anxiety, sleep, and neuropathic pain,” Donovan Maust, M.D., M.S., a geriatric psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, told Psychiatric News.

Since older adults tend to have more contact with the health care system than younger adults, they may be more likely to be given an antidepressant prescription by their family physician, internist, or other specialist.

Our need to put a label on our moods and our inability to cope has ignited an antidepressant nightmare and today, 13% of Americans are being prescribed antidepressants that MOST will never be able to live without because of the consequences related to withdrawal.  Included in this staggering antidepressant statistic are children from 0-5 years old.   I’m not sure how it’s possible to “diagnose” moods, anxiety or the inability to cope in an infant, but apparently somebody sees something they consider to be “abnormal” and before you know it, there’s a happy pill to make it better.

kids on antidepressants

 As antidepressant prescriptions increased 270% over 15 years, suicide rates also increased

No doubt, there is a time and a place for antidepressants and without them some people would suffer needlessly.  But just as surely as we abuse every other pharmaceutical antidepressants are abused too.  Although I don’t pass judgment on the use of antidepressants, I DO know that antidepressants are just like any other medication prescribed…they mask the symptoms without addressing the root problem and they ALWAYS come with side-effects.  THERE IS NO CURE FOR ANY DISEASE OR CONDITION WHATSOEVER despite the pills we take.

Sadly, convenience is the #1 seller in America today, and if it’s possible to take a pill without putting in the work for a healthier body or a sound mind- we’ll opt for the quick-fix almost every time.  Couple that with our fixation on doctors and the fact that most Americans do whatever, or take whatever is recommend to them without question makes the use of antidepressants a vicious and costly cycle.

prozac bones

“Women over the age of 50 who have taken Prozac for prolonged periods of time are 80% more likely to have hip and other bone fractures

Many of the people taking antidepressants use them long-term…68% of people ages 12 and up said they had been taking their antidepressant for two years or more. A quarter of people who took antidepressants reported taking them for 10 years or more.

Women are prescribed antidepressants 2 times more often than men.  It’s interesting to note that (according to the Mayo Clinic) most people taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications claim to only have dimmed their symptoms and they continue to struggle with depression and anxiety.  Not only that, but more and more studies are being introduced that claim that antidepressants are not effective in children at all!  In fact, some claim that the child is much worse off from having taken them than they were before they began the vicious cycle.

Where Does Depression Come From?

The answer to this question would solve one of life’s biggest mysteries, and it could help avoid a tremendous amount of pain.  Sometimes depression is brought on by real life circumstances and no amount of medication can alter a painful reality.

Sometimes depression is brought on by a chemical imbalance that no amount of antidepressants on their own can overcome.

Sometimes depression is brought on by our environment and our world doesn’t accept our reaction to it as “normal”.

And sometimes depression is brought on by toxicity – since toxicity is not an easy pill to swallow,  most people won’t bother to change their lifestyle, their diet or their water because of it.  Toxicity is nothing to play around with it can lead to disease, depression and death.

The National Institute of Health (N.I.H.) has officially labeled our children as being “pre-polluted”; a clear sign that they know a lot more than they share with us about the dangers of toxicity…from cancer…to depression…to autism…to death.

DEPRESSION IS REAL.  DEPRESSION HAS REAL CONSEQUENCES…and it’s a REAL sign of something bigger going on.  Masking the symptoms with long-term antidepressants leaves no room to get to the root of the problem and it leaves the door wide open for some serious  long-term consequences….from deeper and darker depression, to bone fractures, to death.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from depression get help NOW.  The solution isn’t always as easy as taking a pill, and it might require a lot of work to work through, but there IS HOPE and there is HELP on either side of a prescription bottle.



If you’d like to learn more about how toxicity CAN negatively impact your body and your mind, reach out to me!  Nobody ever won a battle by doing nothing.

Do you or someone you love suffer from depression?


12 steps to help conquer depression






Is BPS Just BS? You Bet Your Sweet Hormones It Is!

baby bottle

There is NO such thing as a safe plastic no matter how good the spin is when it comes to BPA and BSA!  Years after we celebrated the victory to have BPA removed from consumer products (at least those used by small children) we find that the product being used in its place is equally as harmful to our health.

The journal Toxicology In Vitro reports:

“In 2011, the European Commission has restricted the use of Bisphenol A in plastic infant feeding bottles. In a response to this restriction, Bisphenol S is now often used as a component of plastic substitutes for the production of baby bottles. One of the major concerns leading to the restriction of Bisphenol A was its weak estrogenic activity. By using two highly standardised transactivation assays, we could demonstrate that the estrogenic activity of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S is of a comparable potency.”

Bisphenal (BPA/BPS) is a chemical found in hard plastics and the coatings of food and drink cans.  The body reacts to this chemical in a similar way as it does to estrogen and other hormones.  This is why BPA is referred to as a  “hormone disruptor”.

Don’t look now, but small doses from the Bisphenal family over long periods  of time (in the womb and beyond)  and you and your child will  develop HUGE hormonal problems.  If you ever wonder why so many kids today are sexually active in grade school, why so many of our young boys don’t act like little boys,  and why our little girls are beginning the menstrual process as young as age 7 years old,  you can turn to Bisphenal  for answers AND the blame.

Bisphenal  is used to make a multitude of products including water bottles, dental fillings, medical devices and BPA can be found in epoxy resins used as coatings inside of food and drink cans.  It isn’t easy to get away from BPA but it is possible.

Yep…telling us that BPA has been replaced with BPS for safety purposes is just BS.   Start saying  “hell no” to plastics for the sake of the health of  the next generation(s).  The damage done by BPA and BSA last a WHOLE LOT LONGER than the bottle.



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From Colon to Brain? That Ought to be Enough to Make Anybody Drink!

 Don’t expect to sustain good health if you refuse to drink plenty of healthy water!  When the body falls short of water for normal activities like digestion and elimination of wastes, it has a built-in survival mechanism to draw from its own water reserves.  The body miraculously prioritizes the needs.  It will always extract water from “lower priority areas” like the colon and then will transfer it to areas of higher importance like the brain, heart and so on.  Now that’s a nasty thought!  Water from your colon to hydrate your brain?  That alone should be enough incentive for you to be sure you remain properly hydrated with safe, healthy water!

It is important to understand that when water reserves have been exhausted from a low priority area like the colon, it will then draw from the next lowest priority areas such as the joints, skin and so on.  Over time, if the body is forced to draw upon its own reserves because its water needs are not being met, a range of seemingly unconnected symptoms will begin to manifest.  Symptoms of dehydration can include aches and pains such as headaches and joint pain, constipation, digestive imbalances like acid re-flux, skin issues, asthma and even depression as the brain is deprived of water.

Dehydration is nothing to take lightly.  Before you rush off to treat your symptoms with medication, get serious about giving your body what it needs to maintain proper hydration.  Absolutely nothing takes the place of water.  If you doubt that, try filling a fishbowl with your favorite energy drink or water your plants with a Starbucks coffee.  The human body is NO different…nothing replaces the need for water, no matter how much “water” is a part of what you’re drinking!  

If you’re committed to drinking water for your health and wellness, doesn’t it make sense that you understand a little more about what kind of water you’re drinking?

I think they’re worth it.

Do YOU think you’re worth it?



Learn more about your safe, healthy water options BEFORE you drink it!

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Udderly Ridiculous! Thanks, Monsanto!


Back in my day, dairy cows could live to be 20 years old.  Today they’re lucky if they make it to their 5th birthday.

Back in my day, milk was a primary staple in the American home.  It was known to be healthy and our children were encouraged to drink lots of it for the development of strong bones and teeth.  Today milk is laced with chemicals and hormones and lots and lots of Americans are mysteriously “allergic” to it.

Back in my day, we didn’t talk much about hormones unless we were in the presence of a menopausal woman.   Thanks to Monsanto our food chain sounds more like a bad science fiction movie.  We consume foods filled with hormones and our children are ingesting endocrine disruptors in plastics and other toxic substances  on a daily basis.

Monsanto’s answer to boosting milk production is to inject dairy cows with growth hormones.  Apparently the selling point to the commercial dairy farmer is that these hormones will increase milk production by 30%.  I don’t know if I feel sorrier for the cows or the humans.

The Japanese have a different (and healthier) answer to increasing milk production.   After extensive research involving 19 commercial dairy farms, they studied the outcome of offering cows only electrolyzed reduced water to drink.  What they found was shocking.  Their research concluded that the cows drinking  electrolyzed reduced water (ionized water) produced on the average of 25% more milk.  Furthermore, these cows had no mastitis which is the most common and most costly challenge for dairy farmers.

By the way, this study was duplicated in the USA and the results were the same.

Who needs Monsanto when you can increase milk production just by offering cows the RIGHT kind of water?

When is enough enough?  How did we become so greedy that we’re willing to throw human (and animal) life under the bus for the sake of bigger profits? Our children and our children’s children deserve better than that, don’t you think?

I vote for the Japanese way of increasing the milk supply udders hands down!  

It’s safe, healthy, more affordable and it’s humane.  

Is it any wonder that japan is #1 in the world for health and longevity while America is # 40?



Water isn’t “just water” any more than food is “just food” or milk is “just milk.” This #1 Best Seller on Amazon will walk you through the journey of water…chances are you’ll never look at water the same again!


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The U.S. Consumes 1500 Bottles of Water Per Second…That’s Enough to Make Anybody Choke!

Plastic bottles are a BIG problem in more ways than one and the odds are that you’re a major contributor.  Being part of the problem is being part of the problem, no matter how conscientious you are about your pretty blue recycling containers!  If you could wrap your head around how BIG the problem is;  you should have trouble sleeping at night!  The bottled water trend is enough to make anybody choke!

Image result for water bottle recycling images

  1. Out of the 80 billion bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in the landfill despite our “recycling” efforts.  Though recycling programs do exist, most bottles don’t end up there.  You may not be throwing them into the streets and streams yourself, however what you place in the recycling container rarely goes where YOU THINK it goes.  Why not, you ask?  Because there is no longer a market for it…at least not much of one.  Plastic that isn’t RESOLD to someone else (primarily China) for recycling purposes goes directly into our landfills!
  2. 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic water bottles EACH YEAR.   This doesn’t include the cost to transport water from one side of the planet to the other.  So much for our oil crisis.  Apparently plastic bottle production takes priority over driving cars and heating homes If you believe that we have an unlimited supply of natural resources, THINK AGAIN! 
  3. The cost of bottled water is 1,000 times more than tap water, and yet – most of it IS tap water under a different label.   How does it feel to be suckered?
  4. The plastic leaches toxins into the water…period.   In fact, the process used to “purify” this water requires temperatures high enough to cause the plastic to leach into the water the minute the bottle is filled! These toxins have been proven to cause cancer and disrupt hormones.  Is it any wonder we have kids hitting puberty in the first grade OR that the #1 cause of death of children under the age of 14 is cancer?  When I was a child the leading cause of death in children under the age of 14 was accidental drowning.
  5. The average number of bottles used per person in the U.S is 167.   In 2015 Americans consumed the equivalent of 1.7 billion half-liter bottles of water every week!  
  6. Despite the massive volume of bottled water Americans are buying, they aren’t consuming enough to sustain hydration.   Statistics suggest that each American is consuming 15 gallons of water each year.  It’s no wonder Americans are sick!   You should be consuming 15 gallons inside of a few weeks…NOT a year!  It looks like your bottled water costs are about to double if hydration is your goal.
  7. If tap water cost the same as you’re paying for bottled water,  the average American water bill would be $9000 per month!

The most interesting point to be made here is that most people choke when they hear what I paid for my solution to this problem  despite the fact that mine will last 20 years while theirs will last 20 minutes a bottle.  Not only do these people need to go back to the drawing board for a solution of their own; they need a simple lesson in math too.  I’m saving thousands of dollars PER YEAR and they’re part of a bottomless pit that will last FOREVER.

1500 bottles every single second?

How long will you keep adding to the problem?

Until then…how do you sleep at night?



About the writer:

“I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water…a “mini Erin Brockovich”…instead of fighting for justice, I have solutions for businesses and solutions for families.  Families like the Erin Brockovich family, the Bill Gates family, the Donald Trump family, the  Martha Stewart family, the Oprah Winfrey family, the Jennifer Lopez family, the Chuck Norris family and a host of others…and I have a solution for yours too!  

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Withholding Water From Babies? No Wonder We Have Problems!

Related imageSince the beginning of time babies have been offered water beginning at birth, but someone somewhere has decided that this basic human need is no longer important to our young.  No wonder we have big health problems!

When my babies were born, the hospital staff INSISTED that I offer them a little water along with breast milk.  It wasn’t a recommendation…it was an order! Not being a water drinker myself at the time, I questioned why it was so important that they drink it.  In addition to explaining the importance of water for digestion (and constipation), they also stressed that if my baby didn’t get used to the “texture” of water early on, it would be more difficult to get them to drink it later.  My babies drank water right along with breast milk;  a few sips here, a few sips there NOT a bottle of water!

Today, parents are warned NOT to give their baby water for at least the first 6 months…the irony is that most young parents aren’t arguing it!  It boggles the mind that something so vital for human health would be considered to be harmful to our little ones.  The reason they give for withholding water sounds harmless…they say that breast milk and formula are mostly made up of water so there is no need to offer it to them separately.  Some physicians even go so far as to say that babies can reach water intoxication and die.  Although that’s humanly possible, anyone offering water to an infant knows that its sure not likely.   My medical advisers were sure to tell me that my baby needed a “few ounces of water a day” from birth offered here and there in between feedings.  No baby is going to get water intoxication if those common sense guidelines are followed!

Breast milk and formula ARE mostly water – BUT so is coffee and I wouldn’t feed it to my plants!

 I can see why people fall for this “no water” nonsense, because we gradually changed the tune from “drink 6 -8 ounces glasses of water per day” to a “drink plenty of fluids” message.  Nothing else on earth could tolerate “fluids” instead of pure water, so why do we think the human body is okay with that either?

Pour a little coffee, tea, juice, or milk into your fish aquarium and see how long they thrive!  Those beverages are made up of mostly water too, but your fish won’t buy-in to your rationale…they’ll just get sick an die.

Pour a little soda, wine, or sports drink onto your favorite plants and see how long they thrive!  These things are made up of mostly water too, but your plants won’t buy-in to your ridiculous rationale either…they’ll just wither an die.

I’ve heard plenty of people say that their dog “doesn’t like water” – but their Veterinarian says that wet dog food replaces the need for extra water so they don’t even offer water anymore.  What???  Where are all the animal rights activists over that one!


Withholding water from any living being goes against nature and it WILL lead to chronic health conditions because of it.  These days babies are commonly diagnosed with acid reflux and constipation – real problems  that could so easily be remedied with just a little fresh, clean, safe and healthy water.

You won’t find fresh, clean, safe and healthy water in your tap…in a plastic bottle…or through a refrigerator or pitcher filter!

But when you get your hands on fresh, clean, safe and healthy water you’ll be offering it up to everyone and everything…from birth to the grave…no matter what the “Professionals” are saying these days…



When you’re ready to offer your baby and the rest of your loved ones fresh, clean, safe and healthy water – I  literally wrote THE BOOK on it – reach out to me!

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Hydrogen on the Brain? Hope so!

brainMore and more people are waking up to the need to consume water that is higher in alkalinity than the average bottled water or the kitchen tap.  But there are a few stones being left unturned in the process of becoming more aware about water.  Somehow the focus is getting stuck on merely drinking water that has a higher pH; but that’s just part of the equation!    As awareness is raised about the need for alkalinity, many people are searching for a quick-fix (it’s the American way) and they’re spending a small fortune on disposable plastic bottles filled with water CLAIMING to be higher in alkalinity.   At the average rate of $10.00 a gallon, there isn’t enough money in the world to feed a habit like that IF they consume only high-priced alkaline water to the degree the body demands.  The average person simply doesn’t understand the difference between alkaline water and Electrolyzed Reduced Water and they’re making some pretty irresponsible decisions because of it.

If higher alkalinity is all you’re looking for, feel free to add some baking soda to your tap water (just like the bottled water companies do!) and you’ll be good-to-go…until your body begins fighting back because of baking soda “overload”, that is.  What most people don’t realize is that what separates the “men from the boys” in terms of alkaline water or Electrolyzed Reduced Water from a QUALITY water generator is ACTIVE HYDROGEN.

The “problem” isn’t nearly as simple as raising the pH of your drinking water, so IF you really want to understand what you’re drinking and what the differences are in all of this talk about “alkaline water”;  do some real research of your own.  Don’t rely on opinions posted online or fake consumer reports. – genuine “consumer report” on ionizers does not exist – if you find one along the way it is being made available by an ionizer company trying to steer sales their way Go straight to the source instead.  Research the science behind Electrolyzed Reduced Water … water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN aka “Kangen Water®”.  “Kangen Water®” is a trademarked name for water produced by the highest quality water ionizer device on the planet, and there’s no adding minerals to get the results (unlike most ionizers that require a mineral filter to raise the pH).

Hydrogen therapy has been studied for years, and it is gaining a lot of traction as we learn more and more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen.  Drinking water with a higher alkaline is ONLY PART of the equation.  Drinking water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN is a game-changer for your entire body and one that you might just have to experience for yourself to believe.

Molecular Hydrogen and its Potential Application in Therapy of Brain Disorders was published in December 2014.  In Brain Disorders & Therapy, they state that

“Because of its low molecular weight, hydrogen can easily diffuse across the blood-brain barrier, which allows it protects cells against degeneration and improves brain function.”  furthermore, the protective effects of molecular hydrogen have been reported in many kinds of brain disorders.

If you care enough about your health to spend a small fortune or bottled “alkaline” water, then it’s time to get the entire scoop on water.  There is an affordable option for your family that will produce an endless supply of water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN and there is ONLY ONE company producing medical-grade quality equipment for hospitals for over 4 decades!  Everything else is child’s-play in comparison.  If you want serious health results, it’s going to take serious technology to perform the way you hope it will.

When it comes to the well-being of me and my family, there’s no such thing as cutting corners.  There is never a good enough reason for me to “go cheap” and there’s no room for knock-offs.  My family consumes only the best… I recommend only the best, I share only the best and I represent only the best. 

Want to see for yourself?



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About the Author:

“I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water…a mini “Erin Brockovich”… instead of fighting for justice; I offer solutions to businesses and families.  Families like the Erin Brockovich family, the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Oprah Winfrey family, the Jillian Michaels family, families of the NY Yankees and the Seattle Seahawks and a whole lot more, and I HAVE A SOLUTION for your family too!”

Lynn Gardner ++ 202.241.1542 ++


The I.V. Bag Holds a Lot More Than Just Water…It Holds The Answers to LOTS of Questions about Hydration

more IV

If you find yourself admitted to the hospital for just about any reason,  the FIRST “treatment” you’ll get (after you’ve gone through the initial vital signs check) is an I.V.  I don’t think we give enough thought to the need for an I.V. and I believe that a lot of questions about hydration can be found through the I.V. protocol that is followed by hospitals.

Although your doctor may sing a different tune when you’re out-patient (drink “fluids”) they all follow the rule-book for what the body really needs when you’re in-patient…they prescribe water.

The purpose of an I.V. is to supply extra water to a dehydrated patient and/or to assure that the daily water and salt needs or “maintenance needs” are met for patients unable to take them by mouth.  Naturally, there are circumstances through which the patient would not be physically able to drink water but; for the sake of staff convenience AND to enhance the billable goods, the I.V. protocol is followed for almost everybody.  I’m quite sure that the fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated makes an automatic I.V. make a whole lot of sense.

Although the amount of I.V. fluids infused depends largely on size and the needs of the patient, according to Web MD it is typically between 1.5 and 3 liters (50-100 ounces)  a day for the average adult.  Rest assured, the medical professionals KNOW that we need 50-100 ounces of water just to hydrate in a sedentary state.  Funny how physicians fail to emphasize the need for lots of water OUTSIDE of the walls of the hospital.  When was the last time you drank 50-100 ounces of water?  If you need 50-100 ounces of water just to sustain hydration in a SEDENTARY state, imagine how much more water the body needs when it’s actually moving around living life!

Many patients “lose” their symptoms when they’re (finally) hydrated using I.V. fluids!  Hmm…

Whether you’re getting your water through an I.V. bag or you’re drinking it out of a bottle, it ALWAYS matters what KIND of water you consume and what’s “in” or NOT in your water makes a huge difference for your health.  For example, I.V. fluids aren’t just purified water, they contain saline to balance the electrolytes and here’s why according to Wikipedia:

If the {I.V.} solution were pure water you would die. When blood cells are exposed to pure water the increased salts in the cell cause the water to flow in and would cause the red blood cells to burst (this is called lysis). The blood itself is a little salty (which is why you rinse your eyes with saline). The IV bags are usually plain saline, sometimes they are saline mixed with a form of sugar. The sugar provides energy for the body. (it is not table sugar)

So you see?  The I.V. protocol holds the key to answers about proper hydration with the “right” kind of water.  IT MATTERS how much water we consume to maintain a healthy state and IT MATTERS what kind of water we drink to properly hydrate the human cells….in and OUT of the hospital.

If the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of your I.V. water matters….

don’t you think the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the water you

consume by mouth does too?

HEALTHY drinking water won’t come from a bottle of your favorite “purified” water or from your tap. You can’t get healthy water by running it through a Brita-type filter or though the water dispenser on your fridge.  You CAN get healthy water from places like the fountains of Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico (or a few other exotic places in the world) if you’re willing to move there to get it.  Otherwise your best option is to return your water to its original state (aka “healthy”) by restructuring it using a quality water ionizer that produces “ELECTROLYZED REDUCED WATER”.   More and more medical professionals across the globe are recommending electrolyzed reduced water after tens of thousands of scientific studies have proven that it IS beneficial to the human body.  Water isn’t “just water” any more than food is “just food.”



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