Killing Corona Cooties…Not People

Why Your iPhone Case Is Turning Yellow (and What to Do About It)


In America,  all non-essential businesses are closed due to the Coronavirus,  people have been ordered to be on lockdown until further notice, and many of the schools have been canceled until the fall season.  Confirmed cases of the Coronavirus continue to rise across America and scary threats about our future hover in the air right along with the virus.  Grocery store shelves are emptied out almost as fast as they’re stocked, and things like hand-sanitizer are nearly impossible to find.  Americans are in a panic – they’re scrambling around to find something to kill the cooties, AND YET the FDA is armed and ready to take action against anything and everything claiming to have the ability to kill Corona-cooties.  As long as whatever it is isn’t killing people like most germ killers do – what difference does it make to the FDA if people have something they’re not up-to-speed- on yet and they want to shout out to the world so EVERYBODY can kill Corona-cooties too?

There already is a Corona-cootie killer…BUT the FDA won’t like it if we talk about it.  There’s a big difference between talking about cootie-killers and claiming to have a cure for the virus itself!


In Japan,  restaurants (and other businesses serving the public) can no longer rely on things like bleach to kill cooties – Corona or any other kind – now they MUST use hypochlorous acid (aka 2.5 pH) which has been scientifically proven to be 10x’s stronger than bleach and yet it’s NON TOXIC.  If Japanese businesses want to keep their doors open throughout 2020 they’ll switch over from bleach to hypochlorous acid sooner rather than later.  It’s easy for Japanese business owners to abide by this new rule because most of them already have the equipment to produce the results…and so do I.

In Korea, hospital personnel battling the Coronavirus use hypochlorous acid to disinfect themselves – including their clothes….because hypochlorous acid has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful cootie-killer on the planet and yet it isn’t harmful to humans or toxic even if it’s consumed.   When it comes to the Corona (king) virus – it’s time to call in the KING of germ killers...hypochlorous acid.  I made a small investment that can produce an endless supply of the KING of cootie-killer for me and my family and we will never run out – Coronavirus crisis or not.

As of right now, there are over 16,000 research/scientific articles on Google Scholar about the benefits of hypochlorous acid for everything from wound care to killing cooties.  It looks like there will be lots of experts in lots of hot water for talking about killing cooties with hypochlorous acid.

I’m not sure if anybody has officially tested hypochlorous acid with Corona-cooties or not OR if they’re just going on the fact that cooties can’t live in an environment as acidic as 2.5 pH.  So far, E.coli, Salmonella, Typhoid, MRSA, and the AIDS virus have been tested and none of them survived past 30-60 seconds.  Anything powerful enough to kill those cooties within a minute sure ought to have what it takes to kill Corona-cooties too!

My family uses nothing but hypochlorous acid to kill germs.  That’s all we used long before the Corona-cooties came around and I sleep like a baby at night knowing that we have the king of germ killers for any germs floating around.

There is a device that’s been around for decades that can produce an endless supply for you and your family – but there are lots of knock-off scammers out there claiming they can produce hypochlorous acid when they can’t and you can’t prove it.  BE CAREFUL!  If you want to do what my family does, you’ll need to be cautious about what you buy and where you buy it!  Unfortunately, there are plenty of miserable people just waiting to take advantage.  If you want guidance on what you and your family should be drinking and killing Corona-cooties check out my Best Seller book on Amazon and I’ll help you get where you want to go. 

We don’t want or need hand sanitizers because we have and an endless supply of the KING OF GERM KILLERS and we don’t need a hazmat suit to use it.

If one of our children tips the bottle of hypochlorous acid there will be no need for a call to poison control or a visit to the ER because it’s not toxic – yes, that’s been proven too.

Our lungs thank us for it too because there is nothing harmful in our cleaning products.

We won’t ever run out of hypochlorous acid because we “make” it at the push of a button the same way hospitals do!

Am I worried about the FDA?  Of course not!  I’m not making cootie claims – I’m just sharing 16,000 scientific studies already conducted with the world so they can sleep better at night because of the KING of germ killers too!  Of course, they’ll have to invest like I did, but what’s possible for me is possible for them too!

One little ionizer on the countertop in my kitchen and we’re armed with an endless supply of cootie-killer AND the best drinking water money can buy!

Are you ready to buy the KING of Germ Killers to kill all the cooties OR will wait until the NEXT scary thing rolls around and hope your hand sanitizer does the trick…IF you can find it, that is. 

There SHOULD be only ONE right answer!

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