And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon…


The Japanese don’t discriminate when it comes to ionized alkaline water.  They are #1 for health and longevity in the world.  They obviously take health and wellness much more seriously than we do.

The Japanese have enjoyed the health benefits of restructured water for the past 4 decades.  After evaluating the benefits of ionized water on human life, they moved on to study the benefits/effects on animal life, specifically their dairy cows.

Twenty-seven dairy farms took part in a clinical study where electrolyzed reduced water was used in place of tap water as the SOLE source of water for these dairy cows.   This Japanese Study was overseen by veterinarians and the results are astounding. 

It Doesn’t End in Japan!

The Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has also conducted a formal study on the use of electrolyzed reduced water for dairy cows.  It looks like the Japanese aren’t the only ones taking reduced water seriously…at least when it comes to animal life.  Embracing the benefits of this technology for HUMAN life is taking the US a whole lot longer to get there.  Then again, there’s a whole lot of money at stake if humans become healthier overall and no longer require mounds of pharmaceuticals intended to mask their symptoms.

You may think that “water is just water” but you’ll have to agree that animals don’t lie and they aren’t subject to a placebo.  Below is a summary of the results of dairy cows drinking electrolyzed reduced water.   Don’t look now, but I think the cow DID jump over the moon!

Summarized Results

1. Enhanced milk production by 18% – 28%

2. Significant improvement in the quality of milk

3. Strong feces and urine odors were eliminated

4. Healthier skin condition

5. Decreased injury to the udder

6. Reduced diarrhea

7. Strengthening of the legs by 26 % increased bone density

8. Improved appetite

9. Able to decrease mineral supplements routinely supplemented to the diet

10. As a result of improved health together with denser bone, the productive life of the cows was extended

11. Greater fertility rate and reduced stillbirths

12. A noticeably increased appetite; no new supplements were added to their diet. Increase in appetite noted in older cows as well

13. Food well digested

14. A beautiful sheen on the cow’s hair

15. Higher fertility rate; higher pregnancy rate

16. New-born calves fed with alkaline water matured quicker

17. A dramatic increase in milk production

18. Improved liver condition.

19. Strengthened legs

20. Minimizing of sicknesses; tremendously improved health condition. There were fewer visits by vets

21. No adverse conditions noted from consumption of alkaline water

If dairy cows can see results like this, just imagine what electrolyzed reduced water can do for you!  



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  1. jackstagman says:


    I sent to my daughter and Sylvia. Kerry was without water for three days over Christmas and she commented that her six week old daughter was cranky for three days when she did not drink Kangen water and I said to her there may be a correlation here. My guess is that Kangen will improve the quality of mothers milk and the child’s digestion system. I have asked her to drink fresh Kangen and monitor the babies results. I am sure we are onto something here. Thanks for the article.


    1. h2orevival says:

      I’m glad that you find this to be useful. I witnessed tremendous differences with my own daughter and grandson. Tell Kerry to drinki, drink, drink 🙂 Also, beauty water for the baby’s skin, 2.5 for any diaper rash, etc. She should be taking full benefit to free the baby of chemicals.

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