Roundtrip Airfare For Chickens?

Image result for chicken on an airplane imageThere are countless things wrong with our food chain these days – from the use of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, to the lack of nutrients, and everything in between.  It’s nearly impossible to pick just one thing that poses the greatest threat, but flying a chicken from the USA to China and back again is at the top of my list of madness when it comes to our food supply.  Can chickens get a roundtrip ticket?  Maybe not, but they qualify for sure.

There’s a whole lot wrong with the concept of raising food in our country (using our standards) to send it to another country (NOT using our standards) only to send it back here again.  How can it possibly make financial sense to raise chickens in the USA…ship them to China for “processing” and then ship them back to the USA for us to buy and eat?  The simple answer is…it doesn’t.

Smithfield Foods slaughters about 10,000 pigs a day – 1 in 4 sent to China

Chickens aren’t the only critters worthy of roundtrip airfare these days.  Virginia-based Smithfield Foods,  the world’s largest hog farmer and pork processor, was bought out by China in 2013 for $4.7 billion.  Today China controls the world’s pork market.

After the hogs are slaughtered in Virginia they are cut into 3 pieces, frozen, and then shipped to China for processing.  Apparently, one reason they don’t get processed in the USA is because China uses the whole hog (ugh) for food while the USA uses discretionary portions. How can it possibly make financial sense to raise and slaughter hogs in the USA only to ship them frozen to China for processing and then back again…regardless of what we’re being told about USDA standards?  I guess pigs CAN fly after all…

Tomatoes from Mexico, “triple washed” spinach from China, milk from Japan?

If you wonder what’s happened to the American farmers…how and why they can’t make a living raising/growing food to be sold to our people…this is a good example.  There’s no need to ship anything around the world for human consumption when we have plenty of people ready to farm and plenty of land available to use to accommodate the needs of the American people.  WE should be the ones to process and sell to other countries…if we have more than we need for our own people…NOT the other way around.

The Bible tells us to plow our own fields.  Though this advice is addressing minding our own business and not somebody else’s…it sure fits when it comes to shipping critters all over the world and back again.

Will America ever plow it’s own fields again?

Buy local or live without.


China has BIG problems…not the least of which is WATER.  What do you know about water and how it impacts your health…in and out of the USA?  


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