Root Canals…Nothing To Smile About…At Least Not When It Comes To Breast Cancer!

7415bbd5040ea047407647f42a9d9207“Dem Bones” was once a popular spiritual song among children dating as far back as the 1930s.  It was sort of a connect-the-dot version of how the body is made…each piece connected to another….” the neck bone connected to the head bone” and so on.  Although the human body is the most complex design ever Created, and we’ll never fully understand how each piece “connects” to another, there’s more to it than meets the eye and science is connecting some pretty serious dots when it comes to root canals and breast cancer. 

“Root Cause”, a documentary released earlier this year paints a fascinating (and frightening) picture of the correlation between root canals and breast cancer.  With an estimated 25 million new root canals done each year, it might be time to consider the price we’re paying for a pretty smile.

“What if I could tell you that 98 percent of women who have breast cancer have a root canal tooth on the same side as their breast cancer?”  Dr. Dawn Ewing, author of “Let the Tooth Be Known.  Could that be coincidental?  More and more holistic dentists and health practitioners around the world are emphatically saying “absolutely not!”

This compelling documentary caused quite a stir and The American Association of Endodontists (AAE), American Dental Association and American Association of Dental Research requested Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo and Apple’s iTunes remove Root Cause from their platforms, citing a potential for public harm.  Talk about over-kill!  Since when is it “public harm” to consider ALL the possibilities when it comes to things as serious as breast cancer?

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 and we’re no closer to finding a CURE for cancer than we were over 100 years ago.  As far-fetched as it might sound that a common root canal (and all that’s left behind when you have one) could be a root cause of breast cancer,  it’s time to leave NO STONE left unturned.

Along with a breast examine, let’s examine every possibility for harm – and as long as the documentaries exploring the possibilities are removed for the sake of “public safety,” I think we might just be headed in the right direction of truth-for-tooth after all.









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    Thanks for sharing this. My Mom had stage 2 Breast Cancer and she too thought her cancer was from her Root Canal. She had her Root Canal on the right side and her Breast Cancer was on the Right Side. Great article!!!

    1. h2orevival says:

      Smart Mom! Nobody on this side of Heaven totally understands the human body and how it functions – when we see a pattern, it’s time to accept it! Thanks for your comment today.

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