If water is “no big deal” then why do we die so fast without it?


Medically speaking, most doctors agree that healthy humans can go up to eight weeks without food as long as they have plenty of water.

How long can you go without water? Assuming you’re in reasonable shape and in ideal conditions — that is, not in the heat or cold and not exerting yourself, a human can probably live for about 3  days without water.  Healthier humans might live another day or so longer. This isn’t something you should test!  While people may fast or try a body cleanse without food occasionally, you should absolutely never go without water for more than a day.

The minimum amount of water you should be consuming on a daily basis is 64 ounces.  That’s the amount you would likely be “prescribed” in an I.V. under hospital care…just enough to keep you alive and to keep your organs from shutting down.  If you want to thrive (and not just survive) then you need to be drinking a whole lot more than 64 ounces.  The good news is that consuming the right kind of water is the easiest wellness protocol on the planet!

There is no such thing as a substitute for water.  “Pitching” people that water is a nonessential fluid is one of the most destructive things in our U.S. culture today.  Nothing replaces the body’s need for lots of water.  In fact, some of the fluids that you opt for instead of a glass of water actually create an even bigger need to consume even more water!

In spite of the fact that you won’t die from the lack of fluids so long as you’re drinking somethinganything…you are most likely chronically dehydrated and inviting disease to take up residence.  You have a whole lot more control over disease than you’ve been lead to believe.  Believe it or not, something as simple as the right kind of water can give your immune system a fighting chance at fending off disease.

If your doctor doesn’t talk to you about the importance of hydration for health and the correlation between dehydration and disease, it’s time to get a new one!

Is the pleasure of your soda, sports drink, energy drink or Starbucks beverage (just to name a few)  worth it to you regardless of the price you’re ultimately paying to drink it?

Don’t answer that.  I get discouraged by ignorance.



Get smart about the water you and your family are drinking!

Order your copy today!




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