Withholding Water From Babies? No Wonder We Have Problems!

Related imageSince the beginning of time babies have been offered water beginning at birth, but someone somewhere has decided that this basic human need is no longer important to our young.  No wonder we have big health problems!

When my babies were born, the hospital staff INSISTED that I offer them a little water along with breast milk.  It wasn’t a recommendation…it was an order! Not being a water drinker myself at the time, I questioned why it was so important that they drink it.  In addition to explaining the importance of water for digestion (and constipation), they also stressed that if my baby didn’t get used to the “texture” of water early on, it would be more difficult to get them to drink it later.  My babies drank water right along with breast milk;  a few sips here, a few sips there NOT a bottle of water!

Today, parents are warned NOT to give their baby water for at least the first 6 months…the irony is that most young parents aren’t arguing it!  It boggles the mind that something so vital for human health would be considered to be harmful to our little ones.  The reason they give for withholding water sounds harmless…they say that breast milk and formula are mostly made up of water so there is no need to offer it to them separately.  Some physicians even go so far as to say that babies can reach water intoxication and die.  Although that’s humanly possible, anyone offering water to an infant knows that its sure not likely.   My medical advisers were sure to tell me that my baby needed a “few ounces of water a day” from birth offered here and there in between feedings.  No baby is going to get water intoxication if those common sense guidelines are followed!

Breast milk and formula ARE mostly water – BUT so is coffee and I wouldn’t feed it to my plants!

 I can see why people fall for this “no water” nonsense, because we gradually changed the tune from “drink 6 -8 ounces glasses of water per day” to a “drink plenty of fluids” message.  Nothing else on earth could tolerate “fluids” instead of pure water, so why do we think the human body is okay with that either?

Pour a little coffee, tea, juice, or milk into your fish aquarium and see how long they thrive!  Those beverages are made up of mostly water too, but your fish won’t buy-in to your rationale…they’ll just get sick an die.

Pour a little soda, wine, or sports drink onto your favorite plants and see how long they thrive!  These things are made up of mostly water too, but your plants won’t buy-in to your ridiculous rationale either…they’ll just wither an die.

I’ve heard plenty of people say that their dog “doesn’t like water” – but their Veterinarian says that wet dog food replaces the need for extra water so they don’t even offer water anymore.  What???  Where are all the animal rights activists over that one!


Withholding water from any living being goes against nature and it WILL lead to chronic health conditions because of it.  These days babies are commonly diagnosed with acid reflux and constipation – real problems  that could so easily be remedied with just a little fresh, clean, safe and healthy water.

You won’t find fresh, clean, safe and healthy water in your tap…in a plastic bottle…or through a refrigerator or pitcher filter!

But when you get your hands on fresh, clean, safe and healthy water you’ll be offering it up to everyone and everything…from birth to the grave…no matter what the “Professionals” are saying these days…



When you’re ready to offer your baby and the rest of your loved ones fresh, clean, safe and healthy water – I  literally wrote THE BOOK on it – reach out to me!

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