Hydrogen on the Brain? Hope so!

brainMore and more people are waking up to the need to consume water that is higher in alkalinity than the average bottled water or the kitchen tap.  But there are a few stones being left unturned in the process of becoming more aware about water.  Somehow the focus is getting stuck on merely drinking water that has a higher pH; but that’s just part of the equation!    As awareness is raised about the need for alkalinity, many people are searching for a quick-fix (it’s the American way) and they’re spending a small fortune on disposable plastic bottles filled with water CLAIMING to be higher in alkalinity.   At the average rate of $10.00 a gallon, there isn’t enough money in the world to feed a habit like that IF they consume only high-priced alkaline water to the degree the body demands.  The average person simply doesn’t understand the difference between alkaline water and Electrolyzed Reduced Water and they’re making some pretty irresponsible decisions because of it.

If higher alkalinity is all you’re looking for, feel free to add some baking soda to your tap water (just like the bottled water companies do!) and you’ll be good-to-go…until your body begins fighting back because of baking soda “overload”, that is.  What most people don’t realize is that what separates the “men from the boys” in terms of alkaline water or Electrolyzed Reduced Water from a QUALITY water generator is ACTIVE HYDROGEN.

The “problem” isn’t nearly as simple as raising the pH of your drinking water, so IF you really want to understand what you’re drinking and what the differences are in all of this talk about “alkaline water”;  do some real research of your own.  Don’t rely on opinions posted online or fake consumer reports. – genuine “consumer report” on ionizers does not exist – if you find one along the way it is being made available by an ionizer company trying to steer sales their way Go straight to the source instead.  Research the science behind Electrolyzed Reduced Water … water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN aka “Kangen Water®”.  “Kangen Water®” is a trademarked name for water produced by the highest quality water ionizer device on the planet, and there’s no adding minerals to get the results (unlike most ionizers that require a mineral filter to raise the pH).

Hydrogen therapy has been studied for years, and it is gaining a lot of traction as we learn more and more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen.  Drinking water with a higher alkaline is ONLY PART of the equation.  Drinking water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN is a game-changer for your entire body and one that you might just have to experience for yourself to believe.

Molecular Hydrogen and its Potential Application in Therapy of Brain Disorders was published in December 2014.  In Brain Disorders & Therapy, they state that

“Because of its low molecular weight, hydrogen can easily diffuse across the blood-brain barrier, which allows it protects cells against degeneration and improves brain function.”  furthermore, the protective effects of molecular hydrogen have been reported in many kinds of brain disorders.

If you care enough about your health to spend a small fortune or bottled “alkaline” water, then it’s time to get the entire scoop on water.  There is an affordable option for your family that will produce an endless supply of water with ACTIVE HYDROGEN and there is ONLY ONE company producing medical-grade quality equipment for hospitals for over 4 decades!  Everything else is child’s-play in comparison.  If you want serious health results, it’s going to take serious technology to perform the way you hope it will.

When it comes to the well-being of me and my family, there’s no such thing as cutting corners.  There is never a good enough reason for me to “go cheap” and there’s no room for knock-offs.  My family consumes only the best… I recommend only the best, I share only the best and I represent only the best. 

Want to see for yourself?



To learn more about the journey of water and WHY you should think twice before drinking it read Toilets, Taps & Trash CLICK HERE

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About the Author:

“I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water…a mini “Erin Brockovich”… instead of fighting for justice; I offer solutions to businesses and families.  Families like the Erin Brockovich family, the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Oprah Winfrey family, the Jillian Michaels family, families of the NY Yankees and the Seattle Seahawks and a whole lot more, and I HAVE A SOLUTION for your family too!”

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