Getting on The Environmental Bandwagon…And STILL Missing the Boat!

There’s a whole lot more to “going green” than taking steps toward water conservation and energy efficiency; and its never too early to teach the next generation about being good stewards of our environment.  Our children are at the greatest risk of environmental exposure due to their body size and the state of their  development. The environmental “damage” being done to the next generation makes the damage being done to our environment look like child’s play; and the consequences are just as long lasting as the years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose.    Learning disabilities, autism, asthma and cancer are all off-the-charts, and the problem isn’t stemming from efficient energy solutions or water conservation.  The biggest threat to our children comes from environmental TOXINS instead…and most of THAT problem can be directly attributed to the water they’re exposed to everywhere they go!


While Sustainable childcare facilities  is a great step in the right direction, the efforts fall short in protecting our children, because they are designed to protect the environment itself instead.  No matter how much water we save, or how green our building materials are;  if the water our children are exposed to contains toxic chemicals, lead, pharmaceuticals and other things already proven to be dangerous to their health; conservation measures are far too lame to make a difference in their lives environmentally.

green childcare facility


National Geographic recently came up with their own list of things that anybody can do to help ease the load on our environment…recommendations that include everything from ditching straws to eating ice cream out of a cone instead of a cup.   National Geographic is known for sharing the world WITH the world through award-winning photography and words; but they’re sure not up-to-speed on recycling if they don’t know that LESS 20% of our “beverage bottles” are ever making it to a recycling plant.  All those pretty blue recycling containers, and all the well-trained Americans can’t change the fact that there is little to NO market for our plastics these days.  From blue container to landfill!


Even the National Association of Realtors is getting in on the environmental game; a change driven by the demands of the consumers they represent. The real estate industry “solution” comes in the form of an optional “Green Designation”.  Twelve (12) hours and $300 later, and the agent can become a “Green Expert” ready to assist buyers and sellers understand things like the benefits of energy-efficient homes.  While its commendable for real estate professionals to spend the time and the money to be sure that they’re more prepared to represent their green-minded clients; their knowledge falls short in  understanding things much more damaging to the home buyer AND the environment, and it’s time for them to wake up too!  An independent group lead by real estate industry “gurus”  is making great strides in the “movement” they refer to as “Taking a stand for the land”, and they don’t mind reminding the real estate industry that it’s time to care just as much about what’s IN the land, as they do about what’s (built) on the land.   With a Lobby presence as powerful as that of the real estate industry; don’t be surprised to see more and more real estate offices and Realtors “taking a stand for the land” and they’ll be making a big difference in the environmental problem while they’re at it.   Who better to take a stand for the condition and well-being of our land that those making a fortune to represent it?

Although some might argue that the real estate agent “isn’t responsible” for understanding the condition of the water coming into the home, that’s not a position easily defended when they have already been plunged into a world of “exposure” issues over things like lead-based paint, asbestos and mold; and they found themselves forced into full disclosure while doing  their part identify (and mediate) potential problems for their clients and customers.  Today,  WATER is leading the way in terms of exposure and the destruction of health of ALL homeowners (and renters) because the problem in Flint, Michigan isn’t limited to Flint at all.  I’d say “taking a stand for the land” is a pretty good idea for all license-packing real estate agents!  After all, social responsibility begins at the top!


It’s nice to see the world taking steps to protect our environment before it’s too late.  But there is nothing more valuable than human life, and nothing more important than health.  Water is a major commodity, and as Mark Twain once said “Whiskey is for drinking;  Water is for fighting over”.  It’s time to fight for clean, safe and HEALTHY water for all of our children, and it’s time for every home, homeowner and childcare facility to do their part to be sure that the water environment is as good as it can be…a minor detail with major consequences and one much MORE important than conservation.

If you want to learn more about what YOU can do to be sure that your family has access to water that is actually GOOD for them instead of damaging to them; reach out to me.  I’m an environmental advocate…dedicated to protecting our children from unnecessary environmental exposure…AND I’m a “water expert”.  You worry about the doors and windows and reducing the amount of water and energy you use, and let ME worry about the quality of your water!





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