It’s Flu Season…Help Beyond the I.V. Bag!

fluIt’s flu season…and it’s a bad one.   Though officials want to see 70% of the U.S. population vaccinated for the flu each year, fewer than 1/2 actually do.  It’s shocking to think that the statistics are that high, especially when you consider that the flu shot only addresses the strands of flu known to be a problem in the recent past.  There is no defense again the flu that is raging across America right now; despite the scare tactics used to encourage Americans to vaccinate against the flu and the “I told you so” comments from a large part of the medical community.

“I.V.  bag shortages cause hospitals to get creative”

No doubt the young, the old and the ill are the most vulnerable when it comes to the flu.  Their immune systems are the weakest and they are prone to complications because of it.  But for all the rest of the flu sufferers, treating the flu isn’t nearly as scary as hospitals would lead you to believe as they report “I.V. shortages…hospitals struggling to treat flu”.  I.V. bags make it much easier to distribute medication and address dehydration, BUT THEY AREN’T THE ONLY way, and there’s no need to panic if we’re running short…at least when it comes to people outside of the “high risk” category, that is.

The Danger of Dehydration…flu or no flu!

Setting aside the young, the old and the ill, most people don’t die from the flu…they die from “complications” to the flu, and the majority of the time the “complications” can be blamed on dehydration.  Just as surely as I.V. fluids can hydrate efficiently without the risk of not being able to “keep fluids down”; drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water can too.  When the molecular structure of water is altered (scientifically referred to as dissociation of water) it can be much more easily absorbed into the system and the body begins to hydrate LONG before it hits stomach where “keeping fluids down” is a problem.  Although consuming your own fluids may be a foreign concept these days; it still works IF you consume water that actually benefit the human body and its healing process.  That’s not true for tap OR bottled water….including those expensive “alkaline” or “infused” masterful-marketed and grossly expensive water products on the shelves right now.  If you want Electrolyzed Reduced Water you’ll have to produce it yourself in the comfort of your own home using water from your own faucet.

Take Control!

It’s time to take control of your own health and it’s time to make your own health decisions based on facts and not scare tactics.  Something as “simple” as dehydration can lead to a deadly end if it’s not addressed immediately, but you don’t always need an I.V. bag to accomplish the goal, and you don’t necessarily need to panic if you can’t get one.  Make hydration a priority (every day).  Make water a priority…in AND OUT of an I.V. bag.  If you see the value of having the absolute purest nutrient-enhanced water being fed to you through a tube at the rate of (average) $300 a bag; certainly you can understand the need to drink ONLY HEALTHY water too!

The flu is raging and it’s time to  exercise caution.  Don’t ignore symptoms and don’t hesitate to seek medical care if symptoms are severe.  Stay away from close quarters if possible.  Be sure to wash your hands…especially after touching surfaces in public places.  Since the flu is air-born, avoid being in crowds if possible throughout the peak flu season.  Lastly, make hydration a priority every single day and consider drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water to sustain AND to regain your health.

Changing the way the world looks at water…

One drop at a time!

If you’d like to know more about Electrolyzed Reduced Water and the importance of daily hydration; reach out to me!


About the writer:

“I’m an environmental advocate, specializing in water.  A “mini Erin Brochovich”…but instead of fighting for justice; I offer solutions to businesses and families.  Families like the Bill Gates family, the Donald Trump family, the Oprah Winfrey family, the Jennifer Lopez family, the Chuck Norris family, the Seattle Seahawks families, the NY Yankees families and a host of others and I have a solution for YOUR FAMILY TOO!”




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