Milk That Doesn’t Spoil? Bread That Doesn’t Mold? What Are You Consuming?



The FDA and Dairy Farmers of America are quick to say that “milk sold for public consumption does not contain preservatives” ..but there are exceptions to every rule a never-ending way to dodge the rape tape.


If you’ve ever been known to accidentally bury a container of milk deep within the bellows of your refrigerator for far too long;  you’ll find that the milk hasn’t spoiled even after weeks and weeks of shelf life.  No preservatives?  Think again!  It’s not possible to ship milk all across the globe for human consumption without doing something to extend its life and it’s not “normal” for milk to refuse to spoil.   As we twist and we spin our food supply and we “improve” the system for monetary gain; our food chain is spoiling a lot faster than our dairy products, that’s for sure!


An American company has developed a technique that it says can make bread stay mold-free for 60 days.  The focus of their sales campaign is that by extending shelf life there would be less food waste across the globe.  I find it hard to believe that food manufacturers want to slow sales down by extending shelf life.  After all, McDonald’s isn’t the least bit interested in shelf life and their bread won’t mold even after years on a shelf.

Apparently the bread is zapped in a huge microwave that allegedly kills the spores that cause  mold to grow in the first place.  Since microwaves kill just about everything of value, it’s not hard to believe that these sophisticated microwaves would be able to use radiation to zap mold spores too!

Originally designed to kill bacteria such as MRSA and salmonella this technique is also being “sold” to be used with a wide range of foods including fresh turkey and many fruits and vegetables.  There are much safer and healthier ways to completely eradicate MRSA and salmonella than radiating our food and diminishing its nutritional value!

It’s a scary world out there when it comes to our food and water and it’s time for you to pay attention!  What can you do?

  • Read labels and take the time to understand what they mean.
  • Refrain from purchasing food and water that is known to be bad for your health!
  •  Stop focusing on convenience and focus more on long-term health.
  • Stop believing that things like milk don’t contain preservatives when their “nature” goes against what you’re being told.
  • Buy local and buy organic every chance you get….even if it means that you’ll spend a little more and use a little less.
  • Since water is your biggest need and your biggest challenge when it comes to health; take a giant step to resolve your water problem 

I refuse to allow my food and water supply to resemble a Sci-Fi movie.  How about you?



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About the writer:

“I’m an Environmental Advocate specializing in water…a mini “Erin Brockovich” with SOLUTIONS!  Contact me!  I can help!

202.241.1542 or






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Haden Odom says:

    You can take your weird uneducated anti-science stand, but as someone who doesn’t eat enough bread to beat the mold to it when I buy a full loaf, I would *love* to find some of this magical break and milk you’re talking about. Being able to buy a full gallon of milk instead of half gallons would save me a lot of money.

    So basically: Where’d you find the milk that supposedly beat its best-by date by weeks? Where can I buy this irradiated bread? Or did you make those examples up?

    1. h2orevival says:

      My “weird uneducated anti-science stand” sited personal experience with milk that was left in the fridge without spoiling AND I referenced a WSJ article about “an American company has developed a technique that it says can make bread stay mold-free for 60 days”- I wouldn’t call that science. Lots of our milk is imported from overseas – do you really think it would stay fresh in the process without adding something to keep it from spoiling?If you’d like to do your own bread science experiment buy a Big Mac and let it sit in your pantry for a few months.

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