“Death by Adderall”…The Price Some College Students Pay For Good Grades

collegeApparently we’ve taught the next generation very well; at least when it comes to a “quick fix” and immediate gratification we have.  We introduced them to microwaved meals, drive thru windows, prepackaged/processed foods, high speed Internet and we’ve shown them what it looks like to cut corners in every sense of the word…including what it takes to be healthy and happy!


The wave on college campuses all across America is taking  Adderall® (not prescribed to them) to stay focused for classes and during peak exam time. The newfound freedom, a hectic class schedule and the tendency for late nights comes with a price for most.   Don’t get me wrong, if someone has been prescribed Adderall® by a medical professional, that’s one thing, and I’m not judging medically prescribed use of this drug.   I’m referring to college students obtaining Adderall® by whatever means possible, because they have discovered that they can remain “more focused” than they can without it.   As if this isn’t enough to blow you away, I have yet to hear of a parent who is against it!   In fact, I’ve spoken to a parent or two who have actually assisted in obtaining Adderall for their college student to help them stay more focused.  But there are more and more parents burying their kids every single year because Adderall lead to death by suicide.  For those cheering their kids along because of good grades while overlooking the use of Adderall®, perhaps you need to speak to a Mom or Dad that were forced into trading the cheering for mourning.


To make our Adderall® challenges even worse, now we’re being warned of “fake” Adderall with comes with risks of its own.   Fake Adderall® is being sold online and somebody is going to pay the price for it one way or another.   My guess is that a big part of the influx in sales prompting this “underground” online “Adderall”frenzy stems from college students abusing the drug for the sake of “staying focused” and who are not willing to get a little more rest, forgo a few parties or buckle down for those good grates.  They’ d much rather get a quick fix.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some websites are peddling fake versions of Adderall, a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that is currently in short supply in the United States, federal regulators warned.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said it has learned of at least two cases in which people received counterfeit versions of the 30-milligram dose of the drug with the wrong active ingredients — ones that treat acute pain, not attention problems. The fake pill is ineffective and may be harmful, the FDA said.


Our kids may grow up and they move on but they can always use some good advice from the home-front.  Just in case you’re overlooking the good advice your “grown” child may need to be reminded of, here are a few to get you going:

  1.  There are much more important things in life than just good grades and at the TOP OF THE LIST should be GOOD HEALTH.  Without health, we have nothing.
  2. There is no replacement for rest.  Not caffeinated drinks, not energy or sports drinks and certainly not  Adderall® which can potentially rob them of their joy,  it could toss them into depression and could cost them life.
  3. Stress the importance of balance in all things!  Warn them about things like Adderall® and talk to them about the RISKS of this kind of reckless solution to remaining artificially “alert” for their sake (as well as for the friends they might warn down the line).
  4. There’s a slight possibility that your child will get a semi-balanced meal if they are living on campus, but just in case; be sure they have a good multi vitamin too!  Good nutrition is a giant step in feeling good!
  5.  If they want BRAIN POWER, they’ll need to hydrate!  Unless you (or they) are willing to purchase cases and cases of water stored in bottles guaranteed to expose them to things that cause cancer and disrupt hormones,  you’ll need to come up with a long-term, college-size solution for them!  There is NO BETTER long-term solution than hydrating with Electrolyzed Reduced Water!

About the writer:


I’m an environmental advocate specializing in water.  A  mini “Erin Brockovich” …instead of fighting for justice, I have solutions for businesses and families.  Families like the Donald Trump family, the Bill Gates family, the Seattle Seahawks families, the NY Yankees families and familes like yours and mine.  If you’d like more information about the solutions that I have to offer, reach out to me.

Lynn Gardner,  lynn@liquid-assets-usa.com or call 202 241 1542.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yashar says:

    Great post Lynn! It’s a shame that people are prioritizing short term goals like getting good grades through Adderall-induced all-nighters than the long term health of themselves.

    I’m starting electrolyzed reduced water on Monday and excited to see the results! Water makes up most of our bodies and probably has to be the safest brain power booster out there.

    1. h2orevival says:

      Great minds think alike! So glad that you’ll be introducing ERW to your body soon! You will be amazed at what the body can do when we give it what it needs. I’d be honored to walk you through the journey. If I can be of assistance, please let me know.

  2. John Ethan says:

    Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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