Are You Abusing Your Pet? Probably so…

dog and cat

I know people who would race to the rescue of an injured pet but would think twice before they would step in to aid a human being in distress.  It’s sad, but it’s true.

Some people put pets at the top of their list above all else.  In fact, some consider their pets to be their “kids”.  Having raised 4 kids and countless family pets, I can tell you there is no comparison BUT they do bring a lot of joy to many lives and for that; I’m grateful.

Most pet lovers are tuned-in to the “right” diet for their animals.  When in doubt, your veterinarian or favorite pet supply store can help you along in deciding what’s best to feed your furry friend.  Pet owners are pitched on every state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic procedure and preventative vaccines. They are also encouraged to have their pet’s teeth cleaned on a routine basis…something that most humans don’t even do for themselves.   The pet business is BIG business and there seems to be no end to the “quality” care that animal  lovers will embrace regardless of price.

With all of the focus on healthy pets, I am shocked at the lack of attention we give to the quality of water they offer their pets or the importance of hydration. Water is THE KEY component to health for humans AND their furry pets.  If you sincerely care about the well-being of your pet; it’s time to address the water you offer them.

Chronic dehydration leads to just as many ailments for pets as it does for humans and yet; (just like their 2-legged friends) pets don’t get the amount of water that they need for good health.  From joint pain to diabetes, from kidney stones to UTI’s; chronic “conditions” can be made better (if not reversed) just by drinking enough healthy water.  It’s only when we understand the importance of water that this makes perfect sense for you and your furry friends. Neither one of you can enjoy truly good health without efficient hydration…and that’s a fact.

You might be under the misconception that when your dog is thirsty it will instinctively drink.  Although it’s true that they WILL drink before they’ll die of thirst; they won’t eagerly and willingly drink water that they know to be bad.  If you’re dog isn’t drinking much water; there is a very good reason for it.

Some pet owners are so clueless about the importance of hydration that they withhold fluids during the day while at work to avoid accidents (something that your local animal protection agency would frown upon). while some pet owners think that giving their dog “wet food” compensates for the need for fluids.  Is that the way you address fluids for yourself?  And you wonder why YOU have health problems?

Did you know that dogs have a sense of smell 40,000 times greater than their human friends?  Just imagine how your chemically enhanced, chlorinated tap water smells to them!   If you’re one to purchase bottled water for your furry friends, don’t you think they recognize the smell of plastic or that they’re aware that it is lacking in minerals?  Believe me, if dogs can sniff out drugs and disease, they “see” your water for what it really is.  The fact that they don’t drink much (if any) water has nothing to do with their preferences or needs and everything to do with their good sense (no pun intended). Nope… I don’t think your pet is as clueless about hydration as you may think they are. Perhaps they’re just avoiding your water until it’s time to “drink or die”.

If you love your pet as much as you say you do, you’ll pay as much attention to the water they’re drinking as you do the food that they eat.  Offer them healthy water and you’ll see their water habits change immediately!   When in doubt test this theory for yourself.  Place a bowl of the water you’ve been trying to get your pet to drink next to a bowl of healthy water.  You’ll see your furry friend head for the healthy water and she’ll drink more water than you may have ever seen her drink.   Let your pet speak for itself.  You’ll be amazed at just how much your dog really DOES like water.

Change your water for the sake of your pet (and the rest of your family) and they will ALL love you for it!   Your veterinarian might not be so happy since you’ll be spending a lot less on veterinary bills; but there are plenty of other people with chronically dehydrated pets to  keep them busy (and rich).

Here is a challenge (I hope) you can’t refuse.  Try healthy water for your pet (and yourself) RISK FREE  for 30 days and then YOU decide if water is “just water”.  When you see for yourself how much more water your furry friend is drinking and how much better they’re obviously feeling; you’ll make sure that you have an endless supply of the healthiest water for you and your pets for years and years to come…I’m sure of it.



Ask me about Organic Water for Pets!

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