Maybe You’re Not as Smart About Money as you THINK you are!

gas water

Why is it that people pay a whole lot more for a gallon of water than they do for a gallon of gas but they only complain about the gas prices?

Why is it that the price of bottled water doesn’t dropped with the gas prices even though it takes 3 cups of oil to produce a one liter water bottle and millions of dollars to ship it all over the country for your convenience?  And you thought that the cost of bottled water was mostly attributed to water?  No way! Most commercial water bottling companies don’t have to pay for the city water they tap to bottle your water at all!  Hmm…

When you get tired of paying sky-high prices for water that is known to just be filtered tap water…when you get tired of schlepping cases and cases of water home…when you realize that your handy little plastic water bottle isn’t being recycled at all…let me know.  I’ve got a long-term SAFE AND HEALTHY water solution that will blow-your-mind and you’ll pay just pennies a day instead of $10 a gallon.   Isn’t it time to wise up?



Want more information on truly “SMART” water?  Reach out to me!

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