Hey…We’re Outliving Our Children! What Are YOU Going to do About it?

Kid ENVIRONMENTAL“Forty-two percent of young children spend at least 35 hours a week in some form of child care. Therefore, creating an environmentally healthy early learning environment is key to the health of our nation’s children. Emerging science is linking chemicals commonly found in child care settings to asthma, lower IQ, and developmental disabilities. Environmental exposures can cause, worsen, or contribute to these conditions. Children are at risk, because their systems are still developing; and, their behaviors, such as hand to mouth and crawling on the floor, increase their exposure” – Children’s Environmental Health Network 

How can you NOT do something about the environment where our children spend MOST of their waking hours?

  • One simple change can produce immeasurable results

  • One simple change can replace your need for cleaning chemicals

  • One simple change can allay your fears about things like chlorine and lead in your water

  • One simple change can provide you with a disinfectant that is 10 times stronger than bleach and yet; non toxic

The Government refers to our children as being “pre-polluted”

What are YOU going to do about it?

If you want to hear about options for your children or the children in your care, reach out to me.  You can GO GREEN in no time at all and our children (as well as the environment) will thank you for it for generations to come!



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