Football…Play at Your Own Risk!

footballAlthough football may be considered the “All American” sport,  playing it comes at a high price in more ways than one.  There are major, long-term health consequences that come with the territory.   If football is in your future,  keep in mind that the consequences are easier to avoid than you might think.

 Head Injuries and Dehydration 

Recent studies show a direct correlation between the degree of dehydration and the change in ventricular volume (fluid cushioning the brain).  With changes in the volume of the brain (from chronic dehydration), an impact to the head will result in the brain traveling further within the cranium before it meets the skull.  This higher velocity increases the likelihood of concussion.  When the brain is hydrated, this is far less likely to happen.

According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine:

This change in fluid volume in the compartments within the cranium puts ALL athletes at risk of head injuries.   Some sportsmen and women, such as boxers, rugby players and football players are especially vulnerable to serious head injuries due to dehydration

The body is 70% water…the brain is 80% water.  If you want to avoid injury, to the brain and otherwise, stay hydrated.  Nothing replaces the body’s need for water.

The Plot Thickens

Head injuries aren’t the only high risk for football players. A new study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital states:

College (and high school) football players may be at risk for high blood pressure just like the pros

High blood pressure is prevalent among football players and this condition also comes with long-term health risks like heart disease and diabetes.

Apparently this  high blood pressure problem has the pros perplexed.  Even though test results show low cholesterol and blood sugar levels, hypertension is still a big problem (and a bigger concern).

Why do football players have high blood pressure?  If you ask me, overdosing on Gatorade has a lot to do with it.  There is no doubt that football players lose a tremendous amount of fluids while playing (and practicing).  When you’re dehydrated,  you need WATER…not Gatorade that is SUPER high in sodium.  Players should be getting enough salt in their daily diet to satisfy the need for salt.

Gatorade (and other “sports drinks”) are highly acidic.  Acid deprives the body of necessary nutrients needed for cell rejuvenation, hydration and stamina.  So why are we pouring Gatorade down the throats of our professional athletes when it actually DEPRIVES the body and inhibits hydration that leads to increased brain injury?  The answer lies within a  $500 million sponsorship jackpot.

In an interview with NFL Rush, Steve Antonopulos, Head Athletic Trainer of the Denver Broncos and “Gatorade® Hydration Specialist” for his team says this:

NFL Rush:  How much Gatorade does your team drink?

Our team drinks about 25-30 gallons during a game.  Plus, 7 cases of 20 oz Gatorades® are consumed before and after each game.

NFL Rush: How does Gatorade® hydrate better than water?

Gatorade® has better flavor and more salt.  I encourage our players to drink more and more.

Is there any doubt in your mind that drinking massive amounts of fluid filled with sodium is the culprit behind high blood pressure on the football field?   I think teams need a new approach to hydration.  Gatorade is a killer…no matter how much they pay teams to say otherwise.

The Solution

There is a solution to this dehydration crisis in the NFL BUT it will cost them $500 million in sponsorship in trade for healthier athletes…Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water provides NATURAL electrolytes, but more importantly, because this  water as a smaller molecular structure,  it transports electrolytes into the cells six times more efficiently than Gatorade.  Since restructured water is absorbed into the body at a rapid rate (even before it hits the stomach), athletes can consume much more water without cramping.

It’s time to educate your athlete.  Following-the-leader might get them the big bucks one day but without healthy choices they may not live to enjoy it.

Where can you get your hands on Electrolyzed Reduced Water?   I can help you with that.  The leading manufacturer of Electrolyzed Reduced Water has been providing devices to hospitals and physicians (outside of the US) for the past 42 years and many of our USA professional athletes are already on board!   You’re just one step away from having your own device that generates an endless supply of Electrolyzed Reduced Water right in the comfort of your own home.

Bottoms up, athletes!



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