You Just THINK You Don’t Use Splenda! Think again!


People like sucralose—the artificial sweetener marketed as Splenda—because the human body can’t break it down and use it. That means the substance has almost no calories and makes it a popular ingredient in everything from cookies to diet sodas.  Unfortunately,  wastewater treatment plants can’t break down Splenda either.   Don’t look now but although flushing the toilet make things disappear from site, it doesn’t mean we won’t be reintroduced to it later when we drink water from a municipal system.  Recycling sewage is no easy task!  Yum!

Samples of wastewater were taken from seven wastewater-processing plants in Arizona. For at least 48 days, the water was run through both anaerobic and aerobic biological batch reactors, systems designed to use natural processes to break down wastes. None of the samples showed a significant decrease in the amount of sucralose aka Splenda present.   Based upon these results, you can bank on Splenda being present in bottled water too.   Water bottling companies get their water from a local municipal water source and they don’t come close to filtering tap water to this degree!

So, it looks like you get a little Splenda (right along with a multitude of other chemicals and prescription drugs) whether you like it or not!   “Cheers” to your mystery fluids!

I wouldn’t drink tap water or bottled water (aka tap water by a different name) for all of the money in the world.  My family drinks ONLY electrolyzed reduced water and I sleep a lot better KNOWING that they are getting the healthiest, chemical-free (Splenda-free) water on the planet.   Nope…its not cheap….but neither is the health of my family.  I took care of our water needs once and for all.

I don’t cut corners when it comes to my most precious and prized  “possessions”.    I don’t even want to know how many thousands and thousands of dollars I spent on toxic water in a bottle before I invested in my own ionizer.  Now THAT’S a scary thought.

How about you?  Will you continue with the “out of site, out of mind” mentality OR will you do whatever it takes for the sake of your health?   Think about it the next time you flush.



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Watch below!  The most impactful video you’ll ever see!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. George Taylor says:


    Appreciate what you are doing, saying, and writing. Thanks, George

    1. h2orevival says:

      Thanks, George. I appreciate what you do too!

  2. Do you have any tests to show your machine can remove Splenda?

    1. h2orevival says:

      We would never have cause to remove Splenda from our water. Our units hook up directly to the water source (kitchen faucet) and first filter out 98% of the contaminants/chlorine/fluoride/etc from the water and THEN the work begins. The water is then ionized and alkalized with 276,000 electrolysis units to create water that mirrors that which is fond in Lourdes, France (and a few other places in the world. Just say “no” to Splenda!

      1. One of the points of the recent articles is that Solenda is being found in the water supplies of most cities now. The extensive, multi-million dollar processes that they are using, do not remove the Splenda that has entered the city water supplies. I was wondering if your breakthrough technology, that apparently mimics water touched byt he Blessed Virgin Mary, is able to remove the Splenda in the public water supplies.

      2. h2orevival says:

        Splenda needs to take a number behind all of the prescription drugs, etc., that aren’t completely removed either. It’s a scary process. The filtration process of our water systems will take us a huge step closer to removing all chemicals (almost 100%) but I can’t say whether they remove all of anything. No system in the world can say that at this point but we’re all taking steps to limit exposure in every way we can.

        No disrespect is intended when I refer to the healing waters of Lourdes France. I am a woman of Faith myself. BUT there are a few other places around the world that have the same medicinal properties of that found in Lourdes, France. Clearly the structure of the water is very different than the average water. God made it that way. We mirror the physical structure of these waters found are abound the world.

        A friend of mine took our water to her dying mother who had gone on pilgrimage to Lourdes the year before. She didn’t go into any detail whatsoever with her mother…she just gave her the water. Immediately her mother said “this tastes just like the water I had in Lourdes!”. There is a huge difference and I’m proud to be able to share this water with people across the globe. Something as simple as changing your water can profoundly change your life.

        Thanks for writing!

        Cheers to your health!

  3. Typo: rather than Solenda, I of course meant to type Splenda in the top line.

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