This Pit Bull With Lipstick says “STOP Preying on Our Kids”!

Kid ENVIRONMENTALCompanies have been preying on our kids for years and we’ve let them.  McDonald’s has been a market leader by directing their advertising campaigns toward young children through Happy Meals.  They go for the toys and we get the check.  It wouldn’t matter WHAT the food was like…when the kids push for the toys in the Happy Meals box; we go weak in the knees.  The rest, as they say;  is history.

Bottled Water

Coca Cola and Pepsi reinvented themselves to capture the multi-billion dollar bottled water business and, although they don’t “trash” their core high fructose, high aspartame products as part of the campaign, they DO mislead us into believing that if we were good moms and dads we’d feed our kids ONLY bottled water.  Garbage!  Even the U.S. Government warns in the “Reducing Environment Cancer Risk” 2008-2009 Cancer Panel report that it is FAR better to drink filtered tap water than commercially bottled water.  Apparently we don’t care if we’re feeding them petro in a bottle, if the advertising agencies push our buttons hard enough we’ll put nipples on recycled water bottles and start them out on bottled water from birth.

Sports Drinks

And then there is the unconscionable campaign against our own children for sports drinks.  Do you really believe that by drinking Gatorade your kid is going to slam-dunk, pitch a no-hitter or tackle a little harder than the rest?  If you do, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona that we need to talk about.  These companies are trying to convince you that the liquid in their product will help re-hydrate the body after exertion.  Impossible!  If you read the ingredients instead of the advertisements you’ll see they are very similar to soft drinks.  For instance, Gatorade has high fructose corn syrup, sucrose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors.  It also has a pH level of 2.9…you might as well be drinking battery acid.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that Gatorade will kill the enamel on those pearly whites that you just paid thousands of dollars in orthodontics for?  Just an added benefit in case you missed it.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks?  There is something dramatically wrong with this message to young people.  Energy drinks are just a death-sentence waiting to happen.  It is unimaginable to think that parents will rush to the dugout between innings just to pass a Red Bull on to Johnny so that he has a massive dose of caffeine to finish the game.  Let me tell you, if Johnny can’t complete a game without the benefit of a risky caffeine overdose then Johnny shouldn’t be on the field at all.  Perhaps he needs to be home getting a little more rest.

The ONLY Beverage That Makes Sense

What we’re doing to our kids is a slow version of the Guyana cool aid episode and it has to stop.  Turn off the TV and start thinking for yourself again.   The healthiest hydration option on the planet is PURE water. It may not win any advertising awards but the benefits are everlasting.


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  1. Dave Dongieux says:

    Hey hey hey 🙂
    Typo in there.
    The healthiest hydration option on the
    “Planet” ~~~ it reads plant.
    Thought you’d like to know.

    Great post

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