Moldy and Toxic…One Cup at a Time!

kuerigIt never ceases to amaze me at how drawn to convenience Americans can be.  No matter the price, no matter the dangers, no matter the impact on the world around us; we continue to want a push-of-the-button lifestyle come hell or high water.  We justify our small part in destroying the environment and we willingly overlook health risks just to fulfill our own personal desire for convenience. What looks like an innocent (and very convenient) cup of java comes with a huge price to pay in more ways than one.


Problem #1 – Mold states, “Once your Keurig home brewer has been primed, you cannot empty the water from the inside. The internal tank of the brewer cannot be drained.”  

Wherever there is standing water, warmth, no light and no air circulation; there is mold. Any coffee maker, appliance, or ionizer that doesn’t provide for an opportunity to drain and/or clean the reservoir is a breeding ground for mold and microbes.  If you take the water chamber out of your Keurig coffee maker and you attempt to clean it; you’ll be sorry.  You’ll likely find a microfilm similar to shower scum that will surely turn you off on coffee from any coffee maker for a while.   A little mold with your coffee, sir?

Problem #2 – Aluminum


Like it or not, there are traces of aluminum in each cup of your Keurig coffee. The individual K-cups may be “sealed for freshness” but each time a single serving cup is punctured in the process of making your individual cup of coffee;  a tiny bit of aluminum sheds off the Keurig cup and into yours. It’s a good idea to avoid aluminum at ALL COSTS due to the correlation being made between exposure to aluminum and Alzheimer’s, anxiety, depression and autism.  A little aluminum with that coffee, sir?

Problem #3 – Plastic

Those cute little K-cups filled with your favorite flavor are DISPOSABLE but not recyclable.  How can tossing a tiny little Keurig cup be a problem, you ask?  It is reported that over 8.3 billion Keurig Cups a year are discarded, enough to circle the earth 10.5 times!

John Sylvan, inventor of the K-cup has this to say “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it”.  Why? “Because the K-Cups are bad for the environment” said Sylvan.  Sylvan sold out his design for K-cup for a mere $50,000.  I wonder if they’d look so bad for the environment in his eyes if he’d not sold himself out of the profits?  Hmm…

Being part of the problem is being part of the problem. You have a role to play in the bigger problem with the toss of every little K-cup and every plastic water bottle. 

When will you decide to take control of your own health and be socially responsible for the next generation?  Just askin’.





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