Hey Moms…Your Desire For Convenience is Killing Your Child!

You just THOUGHT you’ve seen victory in the BPA world!   Not long after forcing the removal of harmful BPA (only to be replaced with BSA, an equally damaging toxin) from plastic baby bottles and we’re right back to where we started from.

That didn’t take long!

Moms, your addiction to convenience is driving the market and it IS killing your child.


Let me help you understand once and for all.  There is NO SUCH THING as a safe plastic.  STOP USING ALL BPA (and BSA) PLASTICS…PERIOD. Not in baby products…not in water bottles…not in canned goods…not in ANYTHING.

BPA is known to cause cancer and it is known to disrupt hormones.  Not “possibly” but definitely.  Too bad Child Protective Services doesn’t check in on parents who refuse to avoid environmental hazards for the sake of their children.  If it were up to me they would.

Recipe for a chronically ill child:

1 BPA laced plastic bottle filled with clear liquid

2-3 scoops of high fructose corn syrup canned baby formula

Mix well with “water” that has been through a reverse osmosis process and that has absolutely no minerals or benefit to the human body whatsoever.

Repeat 3-4 times daily.



CLICK HERE for clean, clear water for your baby


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