If Alkalized, Ionized Water is a Scam, Then Nature Must be Too!


If you’re inclined to think that ionized, alkalized water is a “scam” then you don’t know a whole lot about nature at all.  Water produced through a quality ionizer is designed to mirror water that’s naturally found in just a few places in the world.  If you think that ionized water is a scam then I guess you think that nature is too.

The Electrical Charge:  Water flowing through the springs at Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico is often labeled “water with life” (in part) due to the negative electrical charge that it gains through its robust journey through nature.  A similar negative charge takes place when lightning strikes water.  This charge gives water incredible healing properties.  This water has “life” that you can’t find in a bottle or a tap.

Water with a negative charge serves to balance the natural voltage of the human body that we lose as we age.  This negative charge is necessary to fight disease AND it serves as the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world!  “Water with life” is precisely what the body needs.  You can’t find that in a plastic bottle or a Brita-type filter. “Water with life” is only available in a few places in the world BUT it can be reproduced with a very high electrical charge through ionization.  That’s not a scam…it’s just replicating nature.

The molecular structure:  When water is exposed to a strong enough electrical charge, the molecular structure is changed.  High voltage electricity produces “dissociation of water” which means that the molecule clusters are drastically reduced from their normal size and they become small enough to be absorbed  at the cellular level.  It’s no wonder that the millions of people who visit Lourdes, France and Tlacote, Mexico each year report (almost) immediate results and relief just by drinking the water.  Nature is NOT a scam.  

The alkalinity:  Water that travels through the earth (or through the glacier mountains) naturally picks up minerals along the way. “Water with life” is high in alkaline by nature.  The right ionizer uses the natural minerals found in your source water to produce pH levels from 8.5 pH to 9.5 pH.  This is referred to as “akalized” (versus alkaline) because the results are produced with electricity. No added minerals are necessary to achieve these levels IF the electrical charge of your ionizer is sufficient.

Adding minerals to get a higher alkaline level is child’s play and could ultimately wreak havoc on your health if you over alkaline the body.  Stay clear of an ionizer that has a separate mineral filter necessary to modify the pH of your water.  Electricity is the key…not mineral filters.

So you see?  Ionization is no more “a scam” than nature is!  All water is not created equal and now that you know the difference my hope is that you’ll choose “water with life” for you and your family.   Drinking ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water could be the very best thing that you will ever do for your health.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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You need water more than you might think!



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