Earth Day? Seriously? How Do You Sleep At Night?

bottled water

The average American spends $640 a year on bottled water.  Oddly the price of bottled water doesn’t fluctuate with the price of oil in spite of the fact that it takes 5 cups of oil to produce a single plastic bottle and God only knows how much oil it takes to ship filtered municipal water all across the country.

Do you feel pretty good about carefully placing your plastic water bottles in that nice little recycling container?  You shouldn’t!  Less than 10% of the plastic water bottles ever make to recycling in spite of your good intentions.  Most of the plastic water bottles are buried in the landfills or dumped intentionally dumped in the ocean.  The plastic bottle recycling scam makes Bernie Madoff look like a chump.  How long will you continue to be socially irresponsible just for the sake of your own convenience?

The average plastic bottle is 33 square inches.   Congratulations!  That means that if you consume the same amount of water out of a plastic bottle as the average American, you can proudly say that you’re responsible for covering 1/2 acre of land with plastic…year after year after year.  How do you sleep at night?

If you ever decide to leave the land of denial and you want to be socially responsible for the sake of your children and your children’s children, I’m glad to discuss options with you.   It’s never too late to make changes.  The future generations will thank you for it.

Happy Earth Day, America.



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