NFL Trading Head Injuries For Sponsorship Dollars?

footballThere is a list of thousands of people long who are suing the NFL over the long-term damage caused by concussions.   Although sports authorities claim that concussions are an “occupational risk” and President Obama claims that the “rules need to be re-evaluated to reduce injury”, there is a fundamental problem being swept under the carpet…players are chronically dehydrated and their brain is paying the price for it.  Sound too simple to be true?  Read on!

Contrary to popular (NFL) belief, the human brain is 80% water…not Gatorade.   (Although with 500 million in sponsorship dollars at stake I can see why the NFL would lead you to believe otherwise).  When the body becomes dehydrated the brain loses power AND cushion throughout the cranium.  When the brain loses it’s much needed cushion (divinely put in place to protect from injury); it is susceptible to serious damage from any impact at all!  The problem is much simpler than the lawsuits and the NFL would lead you to believe.

According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine…

This change in fluid volume in the compartments within the cranium puts ALL athletes at risk of head injuries.   Some sportsmen and women, such as boxers, rugby players and football players are especially vulnerable to serious head injuries due to dehydration

Gatorade (and other “sports drinks”) are highly acidic.  Acid deprives the body of necessary nutrients needed for cell rejuvenation, hydration and stamina.  So why are we pouring Gatorade down the throats of our professional athletes when it actually DEPRIVES the body and inhibits hydration that leads to increased brain injury?  The answer lies within a  $500 million sponsorship jackpot.

In an interview with NFL Rush, Steve Antonopulos, Head Athletic Trainer of the Denver Broncos and “Gatorade® Hydration Specialist” for his team says this:

NFL Rush:  How much Gatorade does your team drink?

Our team drinks about 25-30 gallons during a game.  Plus, 7 cases of 20 oz Gatorades® are consumed before and after each game.

NFL Rush: How does Gatorade® hydrate better than water?

Gatorade® has better flavor and more salt.  I encourage our players to drink more and more.

There are many sports drinks allegedly used to replenish electrolytes but they’re leaving our players chronically dehydrated while incidents of brain injuries are off-the-charts”.   There is a solution to this dehydration crisis in the NFL and one that more and more professional athletes are (semi privately) embracing BUT it will cost the NFL $500 million in sponsorship in trade for safer brains…Kangen Water.

Kangen Water provides NATURAL electrolytes, but more importantly, because Kangen Water is ionized, restructured water it transports electrolytes into the cells six times more efficiently than Gatorade.

Kangen Water — the finest water in the world — goes deeply into the fluid surrounding the cells leading to efficient hydration…quicker recovery… increased stamina and extended energy.   What’s not to like about that?  Oh yeah….500 million in sponsorship dollars.  I guess we DO put a price on good health after all.





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