When Aspartame Kills…Paying The Ultimate Price For Toxicity

Scales_of_justiceTwo of the greatest gifts in this life are health and freedom.  This is a story of two victims.  Toxicity cost one of them life.  Toxicity cost the other freedom.  I am advocating for the freedom of the latter.  It is my deepest desire that you learn from these two victims and that you’ll be inspired to make a difference.

Victim #1 – Chuck Fleming, a 43-year-old male driven to be the best and willing to sacrifice to maintain his youthful looks.  He consumed 6+ cans of diet soda (sweetened with Aspartame) every single day  for many years.  He worked out obsessively and consumed Gatorade by the quart for hydration.  He “never” drank water…”he didn’t like it”.

To bulk up  he added Creatine to his protocol 2 days before he died.  He mixed Creatine into his Gatorade instead of water as recommended by the manufacturer.  In fact, Creatine users are issued a serious warning to consume large amounts of water while consuming this product.  Chuck ignored these warnings; instead he traded water for diet soda and Gatorade.  Chuck also consumed alcohol at the rate of 2-4 drinks every day which, of course, he mixed with more diet soda.  Chuck apparently had no concern over his health in general or his family history of kidney disease.

The day after he  introduced Creatine into his protocol, Chuck became very ill.  He was dizzy and vomiting and when he started to lose clarity his wife called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital.  He was diagnosed with metabolic acidosis.   Due to his chronic state of acidosis, the hospital introduced sodium bicarbonate and Herparin.  Chuck swung from a dangerous state of acidosis (7.07) to a dangerous state of alkalosis (7.63) within a matter of hours.  He slipped into a coma, his kidneys failed, his brain haemorrhaged and he was removed from life support within 48 hours of being admitted.

Victim #2   An autopsy was performed and the coroner reported methanol poisoning.  Aspartame converts to methanol but instead of scientifically considering the toxic condition of Chuck’s body due to a deadly (self-induced) combination of chemicals, the coroner claimed foul play and all fingers pointed to Chucks wife, Diane Fleming, (wife/mother/Sunday School teacher/friend to the homeless) accusing her of poisoning her husband.  The police did not believe there was any justification to bring charges against Diane Fleming.

Diane was so distraught over the loss of her husband and the charges filed against her that she was prescribed Zoloft to calm her throughout the trial.  Her “zombie-like” state didn’t bode well with the jury.  They were never informed that she was being medicated for her emotional state.  When later polled, the jurors said that knowledge of Diane’s medicated state would most definitely made a difference in their decision.

Investigations discovered an opened bottle of windshield washer fluid found in the Fleming garage with “6-7 ounces missing” which was targeted as the poison and Diane was accused of adding it to Chuck’s Gatorade laced with Creatine.   The Gatorade had no odor or color from the alleged addition of windshield washer fluid.  Science later proved that the properties of the Gatorade laced with Creatine can create results “false positive” for methanol.  Lastly, 6-7 ounces of windshield washer fluid would not have  proven deadly…even for a small child.

At the time of trial Diane Fleming didn’t have the benefit of scientific testimony sufficient to examine and to adequately evaluate the biological results of mixing all of the chemical components mentioned here.  She was found guilty of the murder of her husband and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.  She has served 14 years of this sentence so far.  She has no possibility of parole.  She is no more guilty of murdering her husband than I am.  Chuck Fleming died of causes brought on by his toxic lifestyle.  Diane Fleming is an innocent woman paying the ultimate price for her husband’s toxic choices.

Chuck didn’t die of  methanol poisoning (although excessive use of Aspartame does result in methanol toxicity).  Chuck had lactic acidosis and/or alcoholic ketoacidosis.   Chuck died at his own hand through a chemical reaction associated with bad choices as follows:

  • Chronic alcoholism (2-4 drinks daily for many years) in combination with near fasting conditions caused alcoholic ketoacidosis.
  • Excessive polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingestion from a range of medications, abetting lactic acidosis and altering the pharmacokinetics of Creatine.
  • Creatine overdose interfered with Krebs Cycle (aerobic sugar metabolism),exacerbating  hypophosphatemia and leading to a shift in energy metabolism to glycolysis and fatty acid catabolism, causing lactic acidosis.
  • Daily ingestion of muscle building supplements, containing aspirin, caffeine and ephedra (now banned), contributing to heart irregularities and kidney damage.
  • Shift in metabolism, pH and ATP distribution caused wild swings in heart rate and blood pressure, contributing to brain swelling and hemorrhage. Chuck already suffered organ megaly of heart and brain due to chronic corticosteroid ingestion to treat rosacea.

I share this information with you for a number of reasons:

First, let this be a lesson that what you do to harm your body can result in death.  Chuck fought to maintain a thin, youthful body and threw caution to the wind in terms of his health.  It cost him his life.

Second, ignoring what your loved ones do to harm themselves can have lifelong consequences for you and your family.  Diane is being held responsible for the actions of her husband.  She lost her husband, her freedom, the opportunity raise her children, she has lost both of her parents during her incarceration and; without a miracle (I’m fighting for one) she will die in prison.

Third, I hope that you’ll read the case history and supporting science that has been made part of the request for pardon for Diane Fleming.   I believe that we can all learn from this case and the consequences associated with unhealthy choices.   We all know a “Chuck” that may be paying the ultimate price in the quest for perpetual youth.

Lastly, I hope that after you read the request for pardon that you’ll join me in the fight for Diane Fleming’s pardon and immediate release.  Her prison cell (and the tax dollars used to house her) can be put to better use on someone who is actually guilty of a crime.

It’s too late to help Victim #1 but we can still “save” Victim #2.  

Will you join me?

Pardon Request Document (includes scientific support documentation) http://vblaw.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/webstartheredianeflemingcaseforpardon.pdf

Free Diane Fleming NOW!   Email Pardons@governor.virginia.gov




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    So sad

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