I Hope You’re Milking Your Own Almonds!

almond milkI live in rural Virginia and around here we milk cows and goats…not almonds.   Although there is a lot of negative buzz about humans consuming animal milk, I don’t buy into any of it.  After all, when God lead His people to the land of milk and honey it’s safe to assume that the milk came from animals and it was intended to be consumed right along with the honey.

Milk itself is not our problem…it’s what we’ve ADDED to the process that creates the real problem.  The use of hormones and GMO‘s most assuredly cause problems for humans no matter where the milk comes from.  Garbage in…garbage out!

If you are of the mindset that animal milk isn’t appropriate for human (animal) consumption, then you’re likely opting for an alternative like almond “milk”.  Almond “milk” is obviously not a dairy product at all, it is the white liquid that can be made by soaking the nuts in water and then grinding or blending them into a liquid form.

Making your own almond “milk” is not rocket science, however most people don’t take the task on and they opt for store bought processed almond “milk” instead.  It seems a little silly to me to be so dead-set against animal milk and yet so accepting of processed almond milk (with additives) instead.  Hmm.

Every brand of store-bought almond milk has different additives but one additive in particular has been singled out as a carcinogen (which means it is a substance that may directly cause cancer).  This additive is called Carrageenan which is used in the food industry for its thickening and stabilizing properties.  Most almond milk brands contain Carrageenan making them unsafe to drink.

So, it looks like if you want to be on the safe (anti-cow’s milk) side,  you need to get to work on milking your own almonds!  Be sure to buy the healthiest organic nuts you can find, use purified (preferably ionized) water and blend them into your own non-dairy liquid.  If you’re really smart and focused on your health you’ll use Kangen Water® to make your almond milk.  It’s the very best water money can buy and because it has emulsifying properties; your almond milk will actually take on the consistency of real milk instead of just flavored white water.   Nothing else makes a whole lot of sense for the health nuts out there…no pun intended.

I think I’ll stick with dairy products.  If I know where the cow has been and what its been fed along the way its a whole lot safer (and healthier) than processed almond milk with known carcinogens.



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