Warning Guys! This Little Blue Pill Could Cost You BIG Time!

viagraApparently men chasing the wiles of their youth are costing the health care system $125 million a year in emergency room visits.  This is a prime example of American’s looking for a “quick fix” to health challenges.

The tiny little performance pill can cause major problems.  You may think that this pill is the answer to your dreams BUT only a nightmarish treatment can remedy the “longer than four-hour” problem that you are warned about in T.V. commercials.  I won’t rock your world with the details of the procedures used to remedy this “problem”  but let it suffice to say that it involves needles and scalpels.  Now THAT’S a tough pill to swallow!  Haven’t you ever wondered why this 4-hour  warning is emphasized in those romantic Viagra commercials?  You should!

There is a balance in life that encompasses the mind, the body and the spirit that works wonders for the entire body if you follow it.   A healthy lifestyle filled with exercise, a proper (and balanced) diet and lots of healthy water is the answer to many things that ail you….including that personal problem that keeps you going back for a little purple pill.  When your body is healthy…when you eat healthy foods, you drink healthy water, you exercise and you get plenty of rest you might be surprised at how well it functions…in every way.

Of course the proper balance and a healthy lifestyle might take a little effort on your part but it sure beats ER visits involving needles and scalpels.  Ouch!



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